Behind the scenes:; From China to [DS] U.S. October Plans.

_The arrest of XI by [DS] MSM news was a counter measures ( flash flag ops news event) to try and hide the the Arrest of CCP officials that were planning a coup again XI. ( I had previously stated in WIRE’S> XI was safe and in protection)//// _Its now clear the Military Brigade that entered Beijing was there in defense of XI and surrounded him for protection. And SEVERAL CCP members were Arrested and executed.


>The attempted MILITARY COUP was staged by ROTHSCHILDs/ ROCKEFELLERS/ VATICAN/ BLACKROCK/ DAVOS GROUP. ECT ECT. in hopes the Military Coup over XI would stop the backing of FULL Russian Alliance and the annexation of UKRAINE. The second reasons for the attempted coup was to take over BRICS momentary reserve system that half of the world currency has moved too.


_The [ DS] agenda for October in the U.S. is to final charge TRUMP with Freefall crimes sand hopes to put him on house arrest and stop the Rallys he’s been hosting. These changes will connect to treason against a sitting current U.s. president ( Biden) for the Jan 6. And current Statements Trump has made at Rally’s on Election fraud and for help fund Election turnovers through Save America PAC. ….


( Don’t be discouraged to this news… Of you been following closely the past years you should understand by now…. TRUMP is not alone but placed by HIGH LEVEL CLEARANCE MILITARY COMMANDERS AND WHITE HATS INTEL ALLIANCE)///… All this is setting a STAGE for [ DECLASS ] and opening doors military intervention.


_[ DS] is currently trying desperately to activate 25th amendment and remove BIDEN and stop U.S. Elections through the confusing moment,.. ( the whole BIDEN with dementia and acting out in public strangely had always been a scapegoat event by the DS to use)///




>AS EU. NATO UN DAVOS GROUP KAZARIAN push for FULL war with Russian to help facilitate a MAJOR FALSE FLAG EVENT to bring in U.S. MILITARY into open war with RUSSIA this could help halt U S. ELECTIONS


_DNC now looking to OFFICIALLY BRINGING THE U.S. INTO WAR AGAINST RUSSIA…. This would bring legal Arrests of U.S. citizens who side with RUSSIA as treasonous actions. This would also lead to Censorship of U.S. citizens who speak out openly against the Current. Administration. ( EU Aliso looking to creating new laws on the same subjects…. States of War and New Emergency powers )//








Their final ♠️♦️ cards are being played….


As EU collapses …. Hungary , POLAND.. ITALY


Begin silent manoeuvres to help EXPOSE the weakness of the EU system and have their own October surprises in store.


Don’t be dismayed by the news here I write..


I WARNED you all these EVENTS were coming long long ago….. And NORTH KOREA WILL get ready to make their move!!!!! ( as PUTIN and Kim Jong-un met yesterday… WIRES: are buzzing)//

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