The escalation of looming NUCLEAR WAR and provocation by the CIA , Biden administration and several [DS] HALF CONTROLLED > 3 LETTER AGENCIES are in turmoil and MAJOR INFIGHTING as the obvious [DS] U.S. Mil. Commanders loyal to OBAMA and Rockefeller regimen blew up the NORD STREAM PIPELINES and this DARK MIL. OPS has divided the PENTAGON. As lead commanders and heads in the Pentagon loudly disavowrd the NORD STREAM Operations.


MILITARY heads in DC also talking openly about the NORD STREAM OPERATIONS and they are tired from all this [ DS] operations taking place, and known.


_Inside>}CABLES; Reveal several Wires> went out to officials through the PENTAGON that gave the Notions of MiL. Interaction being prepared to take place.


>The/ROCKEFELLERS DEEP STATEs plan to take over USSF


through [ INFILTRATION ] was STOPPED! > BACK CHANNELS from RUSSIAN/ CHINA white HATS and ALLIANCE wanted the head of USSF REMOVED AND WANTED >Air Force Gen. Anthony Cotton To lead STRATCOM, which oversees the nation’s NUCLEAR ARSENAL’S


On September 29 , 2022 USSF


New commanders were installed to take the helm of the Space Force and U.S. Strategic Command


>Lt. Gen. Bradley C. Saltzman will command the Space Force, becoming just the second chief in the young service’s history, >Air Force Gen. Anthony Cotton will lead STRATCOM


As the New commanders in USSF take their place, The failed deep State Operations inside PENTAGON has the [ DS] operatives in PANIC as it’s becoming imminently obvious their Will be a >Military coup within a Military coup<




As PUTIN gave his 45 minute speech he did take time to mention Ukraine in great detail but Spent long moments detailing the U.S military involvement with Nord Stream.


He spoke at length of the western CORRUPTION and kept calm as he described the United Satanists of America leading the world into chaos .


>}CABLES: It was important to replace the USSF head in charge of NUCLEAR ARSENAL’S.. This ♟ CHESS Move gave PUTIN/ China reassurance WHITE HATS REMAIN IN CONTROL OF USSF


September 26 ,2022 NORD STREAM ATTACKED


September 29, 2022 heads of USSF REPLACED

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