John Malone … One of TRUMPS long time friend who just Bought CNN and planned publicly for months to restructure CNN had already began firing people through the Agency and removing CNN host and their daily shows.


The CNN restructuring has the BOARD MEMBERS on edge since Malone aquired the network, and the Board members have been very difficult to work with as [they] have back channels> to the FBI. CLINTONS , SOROS [DS] LEADERS who are pressing the BOARD MEMBERS to stall Full transitional Restructuring of the world CABLE NEWS NETWORK ( CNN) .


As the Mil. Alliance works on obtaining the old DEEP STATE CIA power structures (MOCKINGBIRD OPERATIONS}








_ The next plans are to Remove the BOARD MEMBERS legally as they are protected by Power houses of High Elite attorneys who have direct ties to U.S. Attorney General’s and Federal court Judges who take direction from the Globalist Elites >including ROCKEFELLERS<.


_ The only forward (PLANNED long ago) in the operations is to seize FULL Control of CNN and [ EXPOSE] The deep state ties and all the SERVERS/ computers/data/accounts that hold all the keys to FBI. CIA .DOJ Illegal Ops in the CNN world networks connected to World >MONEY LAUNDERING< /INSIDE TRADING/BRIBERY/ COLOUR REVOLUTIONS ( How many countries do you think CNN took part in to start CIA propaganda to over throw Governments?)////


The PLAN of seizing CNN and bringing in TRUMP to sue the network and removing top board members and Leaders through the CNN World Networks has always been the PLAN.




like I have said before > Expect CNN to push for TRUMP in 2023


And start a world campaign to giving amazing DROPs! .. And get back to real journalism.


(Don’t be fooled if Malone and Trump come into a public dispute


…. It’s all for effects )

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