When people forget God, tyrants forge their chains

Excerpt from the Phoenix Journal 89 – FOCUS OF DEMONS (REAL GREMLINS IN THE WORKS)


WED., MAR. 23, 1994 1:55 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 219

WED., MAR. 23, 1994

We continue to call these first writings of a journal an “Introduction”. It is misnamed just as many things are mislabeled in your daily progress. I am not “introducing” anything to you in actuality. It is simply a way to “end” a journal. Yes, I said “end”. As the days pass in the writings, we end up at “chopoff” point and herein I am given a last chance to comment. Due to the type of our writings it would more accurately be called “Editorial Comment”; however, even that doesn’t fit because I’ve made so many “comments” as to be totally dull and boring.

Dharma is WAITING–waiting for the next phase, hopefully a better phase, to begin in our work. She is tormented by lawyers, courts, frustrations, personal “withoutness” in a worldly perception, and another journal goes to bed with need of “Introduction” and title. Dedication becomes all but obsolete as I now dedicate everything to the persevering and resolute ones of TRUTH–that you may ever be in opening to that Truth as GOD ordains. Worst of all, however, is the “waiting upon the Lord” so that proper sequence can be the structure of that which we present. The Spirit is willing–the human aspect impatient and often worn for all of you.

You can witness as you go through these journals that the weakness, and the strength, of any society is dependent upon the level and quality of its spiritual life. You can have great industrial wealth and much abundance but you have NOTHING without that which is moral and Spiritually sound. Your WORLD, not just a nation here and there, has become buried in the LIE and Spiritual TRUTH is buried around the corners of the graveyard of a dying moral civilization. All the signs of a perishing civilization are at hand–visible and rolling upon you as a tidal wave washing all that WAS in goodness into the ocean of forgetfulness. It is the awakening which now brings the growing pangs, the heart wrenching pains of hopelessness–but readers, GOD is infinite–only the perception of TIME holds you bound to that which is projected in prophecy or revelation. This too is tampered so that you EXPECT destruction without capable recourse. Within GOD all things ARE–and all is POSSIBLE. Change your minds and you can change the entirety of the world. You who choose to follow Satan’s Drummers–are destined to end up in Satan’s chaos. Follow GOD and TRUTH and you shall cease to march in the band of human deception or in the army of the incarcerators.

* * *

Patrick Henry: “Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is impossible that a nation of infidels or idolaters should be a nation of free men. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupt public conscience, are incompatible with freedom.”

* * *

How do you change? What do you ask of GOD that you might bring reclamation again unto your lands? You stop praying for your own selfish greed of “please God, give me…..!” Can you not humble yourselves in your ignorance and ask that God oversee to the needs of which you aspire? Is there no way to turn within-without and ask God that HIS WILL BE DONE? YOU know so little in this time of so much to know. Even you who would seem to have the answers–cannot have them all, for the world has become the “secret” domain of Sir Evil. Have you forgotten your lessons on how to pray? Did you EVER understand what the great teachers taught in the guidelines of prayer and petition? Shall we make another stab at that which allows God to respond? Shall we remind you that GOD HEARS SOUL–not lip service unto YOUR special needs? Ah, indeed, He hears the personal petition–but only if it coincides with soul desire in giving and regiving. You can only expect that which is good to come unto you IF YOU FIRST SEND FORTH GOOD.

My beloved Father which is Creator of all, please dwell with me in Your omnipotent glory. Your name is Holy, that mine might be recognized within YOU. In that way may I ever be such that Your realm is incarnate within me. May Your power reveal itself unto and within me, on Earth as Yours resounds throughout the heavens AND the earth. May my presence upon the physical journey of life be a reflection of Your WILL, not mine. I need, this day, my daily bread–that substance which sustains me in Your service as You wish me to serve, and thus, let me see and recognize my transgressions and errors as I also come into the recognition of TRUTH. Let me not “judge” any other and allow forgiveness for myself as well, as only YOU can see my soul and guide my feet and heart within Your LIGHT.

Please do not let me fall into temptation and confusion through the putting aside THY WILL in favor of my human ego wants. Yours is the realm within me and Yours is the POWER and the KNOWLEDGE forever–if I but seek it. For, Thine promise is that if I seek diligently in Truth–so shall I find!

Please allow me to reflect YOUR light into the dark corners of the shadowed valleys in this journey. May I example my ways that I show unto others that which You have shown unto me and may I only act unto others as in the gentle and wondrous giving which YOU offer unto me–if I but accept Thine gift.

Be ever constant within me, Father, that I may ever see Your will and serve in Your way for I would live for You if You but show me my path.

May all the Creatures and Creation be blessed by Your Grace and may I ever revere and respect that which is put into my care and stewardship and in this way I shall KNOW that Your will IS–everlasting and infinite as I am allowed, also, to become everlasting and infinite in Your LIGHT, not just within Your universe.

Give unto me the ability and desire to serve my brother and think FIRST upon his needs before my own–but let me know the difference in giving and assuming responsibility for self that I do not give of Thine great gifts into the places of the carnal consciousness. Let me learn clearly how to “receive” that I turn not away that which You have sent unto me. Abundance is Thine; Truth and Love are YOU and I humbly ask that I discern well and reflect each as it is given unto me–in glory and use, not in greed for self.

Please strengthen my commitments that I do not fail in Your generous commissions placed in my care for I AM the reflection of Yourself as gifted unto me–that I may BE, may grow and may BECOME.

I place no “Amen” upon this prayer, Father, that I may be a continuing reflection without beginning and without ending–but residing ever WITHIN Your Grace.

In my impatience let me ever be mindful that “impatience is only brought about by my lack of FAITH”–so, Father, please allow me the KNOWING that my FAITH can sustain me in the waiting upon my journey. Let me understand that the delays are NOT the denials–but only my own perception–for the greater wisdom resides with YOU.

So be it, Dharma, for the soul is restless for its progression and completion and fulfillment of our tasks. Ask not that the way be EASY–only that you be sustained to walk it in any condition which presents itself. If necessary, chela–I am broad of shoulder–enough to carry you ALL upon my own Wings and how much greater are the Father’s WINGS, Creator of all things UPON THE EARTH AND IN THE HEAVENS. You who walk with God and keep HIS covenants–shall FLY WITH US, HIS HOST MESSENGERS, SENT FORTH TO PREPARE HIS PLACE.

As the unfolding words pour from every corner and unto the papers of history–so too is the Spirit daunted by the massive perception of overwhelming structure of the “enemy”. But even that which is perceived as “enemy” is but “teacher” for the earning of your passage as the lessons are learned. There can be no “good” or “bad” in absolute judgment–but there IS “right” and “wrong” as guided by the rules of God and Creation. It is the discipline and KNOWING, without hesitation, those rules in action which merits your “grades”. It is the time of “remembering” of what you are and who you are–a time of remembering your way HOME!

The masses are great, the conspirators few–but your perception only allows you to experience what comes into your consciousness. Can you not allow the allness of GOD to become the power of YOUR expression? No THING physical can begin to so much as touch the tiny-most hem of GOD’s garment if the “greater” would but turn unto the LIGHTED WHOLE.

Will this happen? No, not for long in sequence passage–for so many do not WANT to see and hear. And, you cannot know who is with and who is without–the breath of soul life as offered forth by Creator. Yours is not to change of ANOTHER–ONLY TO CHANGE OF SELF–AND THE REST WILL NOT BE OF YOUR DOING. This is why we offer THE WORD, the Truth–that ones can take or leave of the offering–for ours is not to push–only offer. You search for your friend, your compatriot, your ally–chelas, it matters not if you serve GOD for HE is ally enough. The secrets will “OUT” and the deceivers will deliver themselves if you but be patient and do not stoop to their level of deception. You are SEEING it happen before your consciousness.

Little Crow said, on April 14, 1991: “….Have the bravery and courage to dream your dream in the midst of non-dreamers. Have the courage and conviction to state your principles in the midst of those who have no ears. Have the courage and conviction to draw or to paint and to create for those who have no eyes. Because unless you are doing what you want to do, you are a captive.” My suggestion, however, is that you always WANT to do that which is worthy in the accounting.

By that I mean–may we do that which serves ALL OUR RELATIONS and, in that way, we are truly serving self. Let us never reach a point of insisting that we “die” for a cause–God asks that you LIVE for HIS CAUSE. Are we strong enough to do this? In the answer lies the WHOLE.

You each and together FEAR for your selves, your civilization, your own society, your nation, your world of nations, your planet…. No, chelas, concern over the direction of self, act within the LAWS OF GOD in EVERY action taken, KNOW THE WAY and act upon that KNOWING–and there shall be RADIANCE! FEAR is also a lack of FAITH. FEAR IS A LACK OF LOVE–LOVE IS GOD–SO IF YOU BUT HAVE FAITH WITHIN THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS, AND NOT THE LIE, YOU WILL COME TO BALANCE WITH THE IMPATIENCE OF THE HUMAN. God will show the way to transformation; you need not the lessons of the gurus as to “how” to ascend. How many have YOU seen ascend?? Leave go of it–TRUTH IN GOD GUARANTEES THE PASSAGE!

The bottom line, readers, is that of accepting responsibility, discernment and not “argument”, gaining knowledge and not JUST information, and ultimately taking action in the KNOWING. What you are looking for, you already ARE. What you are seeking, you already own. What you would like to find out, you already know. YOU SIMPLY HAVE FORGOTTEN AND YOU HAVE ALSO FORGOTTEN HOW TO “DREAM” WHILE BEING MORE AND MORE DEEPLY MIRED WITHIN THE NIGHTMARE.

You are presented with a grand and wondrous “challenge”. Are you worthy of the gift? We shall see….


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Servant unto God according to HIS Will.

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