FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1991 9:56 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 337

FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1991

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This is a subject of so much controversy and as many answers as there are persons who experience; so, if you have a method that works–why fix something which is not broken?

Meditation is the key that will open the door to your inner-Self wherein lies all the true power for material manifestation, for, as sound springs from silence, so does positive action come from inner KNOWING.

It has been said that one must lose one’s life to find it. Applied to meditation, it means that one must forget one’s mortal body in order to become aware of one’s immortality. That is exactly what happens when we seek the Light of Self-illumination in our eternal Selves. The great glory of existence is reached only by Mind-awareness. You can only reach supreme heights that way. In that ecstatic existence is the seed and Source of all-power and all-knowledge, which is yours by desiring it.

It is not easy to acquire the meditative state all at once, even as carefully as these writings will tell you how to acquire it. It is perhaps too simple and ones are seeking too much of a “change” of beingness. What you are actually doing is moving into a personal state of hypnosis wherein you are setting aside your sense awareness/ consciousness. Almost ALL misunderstand that which is “hypnosis” and, therefore, I am going to have to share a dissertation of what hypnosis IS! Dharma, I ask that we take the explanation tape from your set and herein reproduce the lecture regarding “hypnosis”. We will make decisions regarding inclusion of the audio tape later. I do not want, however, to include a thing in tapes which is not duplicated in printed form–of this nature. I would suggest, however, to the Publisher, that to accompany this volume with a couple of pre-planned tapes would bring incredible results. People simply work too hard at a thing which is as simple as relaxation and you cannot attain it by written instructions. May we please conference regarding this matter, soon?

Acquiring “contact” comes a bit slowly if you are working without benefit of support from an audio source which can allow your mind to simply follow” and your desire to commune MUST be present. First comes desire for change and only then can change be accomplished. There is no other way! You must either desire to live in the sensed body of Earth or in the Light of the Mind-kingdom of heaven. That is the answer to those who say they try to meditate but find that they cannot stop thinking to “get into that state of Mind.” To those who are thus troubled in making the transition, we would say that if you desired to talk to the President of the U.S., your Mind would be centered on the reason why you desired to talk to him.

Exactly the same procedure takes place when you wish to talk with God. Your Mind is centered on your desire. You could not possibly think of other things, nor could your thinking wander aimlessly. Concentrate hard upon your desire if you wish to, or just breathe your desire softly, or just write it upon your heart wordlessly. Perhaps your desire has no definite objective other than to find the peace of heavenly companionship by dwelling in the love nature of your Self and God.

It makes no difference what your desire might be, or whether your approach is in deep concentration upon some specific thing, or in dreamy decentration upon some nebulous idea–or upon nothing at all. You cannot concentrate long in any case, not more than five to ten minutes, before the reaction of decentration replaces it. Gradually the inspiration you ask for will come to you. Before you can realize it, you will find yourself sort of “stepping in and out of the body”, so to speak, in that alternation which always takes place while losing your sensed-awareness. Gradually you will completely forget your body and have full awareness of the Light of knowing, which MIND IS.

What I am asking Dharma to place herein is an explanation regarding hypnosis. To do this work we trained her by a Master Teacher of the subject and she is brilliantly qualified in hypnotherapy. I can only urge you to read most carefully this explanation of hypnosis and walk with her through the relaxation techniques and into ability at self-hypnosis–for this is a most private within Mind experience–to be shared only if desired. There is nothing more personal than your communion with God–NOTHING!

Learning is not enough, however–you must then follow-on, after several practice sessions with the self-hypnosis training tape, into the tape prepared for her use in “clearing”, asking in the higher Presence and giving permission to the sub-conscious to function physically by enabling you to remain in a state of relaxation but giving you ability to write as response flows. It is an excellent tape to utilize as you retire and allow that sub-conscious worker-bee to sort out the problems overnight. At first your responses will likely appear most silly to you–write what comes at any rate–often the higher energies will be testing to see IF YOU WILL ACCEPT THE MESSAGE–REGARDLESS OF CONTENT. You must learn to receive as given–not as YOU EXPECT OR THINK IT SHOULD BE IN RESPONSE. If, however, you get dark input–demand instant removal of all dark energies who are NOT IN DIRECT SERVICE OF DIVINE GOD SOURCE AND THE LIGHTED BROTHERHOOD. DO NOT ALLOW FAILURE OF IDENTIFICATION IN THIS MATTER–IF YOU PICK UP GAMES ABOUT IT-IT IS NOT OF LIGHT! GOD’S WORKERS IDENTIFY WITH GOD INSTANTLYBUT YOU HAVE TO ASK, FOR THE ADVERSARY WILL LIE TO YOU EVERY TIME AND HE IS ALLOWED TO FOOL YOU IF HE CAN–YOU MUST TAKE CONTROL!



There are so many misconceptions regarding hypnosis that we will herein correct any misinformation regarding this wondrous tool. We will allow you to see how and why the method works.

In order to fully benefit from use of the tapes it is extremely important that you understand exactly what it is you wish to accomplish and how the goal can best be accomplished.

It is most important that you understand what is meant explicitly, by the term “hypnosis”, and to also have understanding of how the Mind functions.

Ones attempt to change bodily functions and replace negative habits over and over to only end in failure. Perhaps you are efforting to build better self-image and esteem and/or be a better spouse or parent and simply cannot reach through that barrier of the conscious mind. Ones work hard at being a better public speaker and/or better relate to the opposite sex or generally with all others. We most often seek greater self-worth–the list seems to be infinite in length. You spend millions upon millions of dollars, each and every year, on self-improvement programs and countless diet plans, seminars and even seek psychiatric assistance to hopefully fulfill the dream of a magical result.

How many times do we decline to GROW within our careers or participate in social situations because of our own feelings of self-dislike and feelings of personal unworthiness? Failure then becomes our subconscious goal instead of a goal of success, riches, good health, social poise and confidence. We continue on and on forever reinforcing the feelings of failure until surely enough, failure results.

You no longer need to move toward failure for we can show you how to move only toward success in your life. The miracles follow and success must result for you will confront the problems and bring forth the solutions at a level of mind-control wherein the problem is recorded. You can now have the method THAT WORKS.

There are several parts to the human mind, two of which I am going to speak of in this discussion, and we will deal with them in order to achieve the use of the tool available to you. One is the “conscious” and the other is the subconscious”.

The conscious mind is that portion of the mind of which you are fully aware. It is the “me” when you think of yourself. Now it appears that this is the portion of the mind that makes all of your decisions and directs your activities. This, however, is NOT TRUE. The other and larger part of your mind is the subconscious.

The subconscious is the REAL YOU. In actuality the conscious mind is ruled and directed by that subconscious mind. We all have “free-will” to do anything which we desire and our decisions are based on the strength of those desires.

The subconscious desires ALWAYS dominate the ones which are conscious. Let us use an example; A man may consciously wish to stop drinking if he is an alcoholic. He consciously regrets having the loss of love and respect of his family, which usually happens. He may also be watching his career being destroyed due to his drinking. Yet he will continue to drink to excess in spite of his “conscious” desires. The subconscious mind will continue to direct the person to drink in excess until such time as the idea within the subconscious mind is changed or replaced by a different idea.

Although our conscious mind has the ability to reason and decide upon a course of action which would be far more advantageous to us, it cannot put that decision into action until such time as the subconscious mind agrees–and then must direct its energy toward the implementation of that decision. Our source of energy stems from the subconscious mind and no amount of WILL-POWER exerted by the conscious mind can override it. This is the reason “will-power” in the long-run will almost always only make a temporary dent in any surface physical problem. Habits will continue to dominate until the subconscious mind is changed.

The subconscious mind works exactly as a computer works in that it will respond only as it has been programmed. Much of this programming took place long before we were old enough to choose between ideas helpful or hurtful to our very own welfare.

The subconscious accepts only what the conscious mind believes at the time a suggestion is offered. If that suggestion becomes embedded in the subconscious and the conscious mind changes its opinion, the subconscious will CONTINUE to respond as originally programmed until such time as it is reprogrammed. After a NEW IDEA is PROGRAMMED and accepted within the subconscious, however, it then becomes accepted and is the idea upon which the individual will henceforth function. It now becomes apparent that if we wish to attain self-mastery in any situation, we must program and/or reprogram (as the case may be), our subconscious mind. Once this is accomplished we then CONSCIOUSLY direct our activity toward any goal desired–be it toward good health, happiness, financial success or success in any endeavor chosen.

Since the subconscious mind is our driving force we always do what IT believes and wishes us to do. Since it will believe anything it is told to believe we can reprogram it if we only bypass the conscious mind–set it aside–and then we must replace the old program with new and constructively positive ideas instead of the existing negative ones.

These new ideas then must be continually reinforced until they are totally entrenched habits of thinking and acting. It becomes obvious, therefore, that we must temporarily set aside that conscious critical mind, so that reasoning from a “false premise” can be stopped, thus allowing us to substitute a correct premise for the false one that we have stored within the subconsciousness.

This is accomplished most efficiently and rapidly through hypnosis.

As part of the beginning to make changes within your subconscious mind it is necessary to understand its nature and its function. The subconscious is designed to be YOUR SERVANT and act upon orders given to it by your conscious mind. Since it was designed to serve, it makes a very poor master, indeed. And yet most of us allow it to continually control our entire lives. It consists of your desires, whims and emotions and the energy that drives you to satisfy them. What your subconscious believes, is the difference between good health and sickness, happiness and unhappiness, success and failure.

The subconscious mind has several vital functions. It regulates and controls involuntary functions within the body such as breathing, blood circulation, digestion and elimination. Stress and tension inhibit these processes and are therefore responsible for ALL phychosomatic illness symptoms. The subconscious mind is the seat of the imagination.

Many people will say they have no imagination. But of course they do, although they may have effectively suppressed it. Even against their own well-being and best interest they can always seem to create a negative response.

The subconscious mind is a memory bank very much like a computer. Everything we have ever done, seen, heard, smelled, tasted, felt or experienced in any way, is permanently stored in a maze of memory patterns which feed back the information to the conscious mind, when activated. Nothing is ever erased from the mind–except through injury or removal of a portion of the brain itself.

The subconscious mind is the foundation of our emotions. This accounts for its domination of the conscious mind. Since emotions govern the strength of our desires and since our desires govern our behavior, we are actually at the mercy of our subconscious mind–UNLESS WE LEARN TO CONTROL IT. The subconscious is incapable of discrimination and will believe anything it is told. It carries out our habitual conduct, it manages and controls the activities we have reduced to habit; such as dressing oneself, eating, walking and so on.

It is the generator that directs our energy. It is the energy that drives us toward our life goals. It, automatically and constantly, uses this energy to proceed toward a goal; therefore, unless you set a goal for it to achieve, it will either choose its own goal, or proceed toward a goal someone else has suggested. Without your direction and demand it might very well strive directly and unerringly toward negative and self-destructive goals. As I said before, it has no capability of choosing a proper goal.

The subconscious mind is not supposed to “think”, but rather, only to react to the thoughts you feed it and then to carry out your direct orders. It was intended that YOU be the boss and it be the servant and it is time you started giving the orders to push you on to success and happiness and bring you into communion with your higher beingness.

Any person who succeeds in his business or in his personal life, and anyone who is making large sums of money, has simply chosen success for a goal and given that direct order to his subconscious mind. This can be by conscious choice or by having had the idea implanted within his mind at some point in his past experience.

The subconscious WANTS to receive guidance from your conscious mind for that is the way Nature intended it to be. It will do exactly what it is told because this is its Natural function. You can direct it toward anything you wish and it will achieve it for you even though you consciously may even forget what it was you requested. Once an idea becomes fixed in the subconscious it feeds back into your daily behavior and causes you to be that which you are. So it is up to you to direct it to work for you instead of against you. Through the use of hypnosis or self-hypnosis you can easily learn to control your future by channeling your energy constructively.

We must clear up some misconceptions regarding hypnotism. The average preconceived ideas about hypnotism are so far from the actual truth as to be totally absurd and ridiculous. There is NOTHING MAGICAL OR MYSTICAL about hypnotism. There has NEVER BEEN A DOCUMENTED CASE OF HARM COMING TO ANYONE AS A RESULT OF ITS THERAPEUTIC USE.

Although its benefits are well established, it remains a much misunderstood and oftentimes frightening subject in the minds of the general public. This stems from the natural fear of a powerful force that is not understood.

This force, however, stems entirely from your own subconscious mind–and if you don’t bring it under your control it will most surely control you. It has that option. The greater danger is in not understanding the source of this power. Almost all physical and emotional ailments result from this uncontrolled force working against us when we should be using it to our best advantage.

Fear of hypnotism is, thank goodness, being gradually replaced by acceptance of its use. Even in medicine, doctors are finally accepting it as a viable and valuable treatment of emotionally caused diseases. Psychiatrists are beginning to supplement psychotherapy with hypnotherapy which dramatically reduces the time need (and also indicates why it is not more readily utilized–time is money for the physician and hypnosis is FAST, effective and inexpensive) for the therapy process. Dentists, too, are using hypnosis in order to relax patients and in that process are finding they are needing far less anesthetic or none at all, for painless drilling or tooth extractions.

There is a question which is always asked—“How does it feel to be hypnotized?” And this is a most important point. You will feel the same while hypnotized whether by a professional hypnotist assisting you or your doing it yourself–provided you have some audio assistance for otherwise you have no relative comparison.

Every muscle in your body becomes pleasantly relaxed and all tensions disappear. Every muscle in the body becomes relaxed as every nerve becomes calm. This happens in various degrees from one hypnotic experience to another until it becomes an established habit pattern, after which you are able to completely relax within just a few seconds. After the nerves and muscles relax the mind also lets go and–although you can and will remain “aware” of the noises and activities around you–they simply do not disturb your tranquility. You are able to think if you desire to do so, but only an emergency will trigger such a desire. You simply prefer to continue enjoying the pleasant relaxed feeling of complete security and contentment. It feels almost like being awake while sleeping. Perhaps a better description might be like watching yourself sleep in “mind’s eye”.

Any and every person goes into and out of hypnosis many, many times each and every day. It’s the abstract state you are in when day-dreaming and you become unaware of your surroundings. Or, when you are driving and drift off into thoughts so that when you look around, you realize you have reached your destination without realizing it. You will not pass out nor will you EVER become unconscious. In fact, the general reaction by most people after coming out of a hypnotic trance is that they don’t believe they have been hypnotized. They say they enjoyed the experience immensely but they had expected something much different.

You may remain conscious of where you are and what you are doing but you simply feel too relaxed and comfortable to give it thought. You can, however, return to complete awareness at any time that you choose to do so–it is especially so when in a self-induced trance for you still have the total control of the suggestions. NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN UNABLE TO COME OUT OF A HYPNOTIC TRANCE and the sensational stories you may have heard regarding hypnosis are simply untrue and are propagated by stage presentations which are intended to produce exactly such an illusion.


During a trance both your body and mind become revitalized and you will return to your full awareness feeling physically refreshed and emotionally calm and serene. Your energy will be renewed and your tensions will have dissolved. You will look forward with eagerness to your next experience because it is a very pleasant experience.

One reason people may have difficulty at first, in learning self- hypnosis, is that they don’t know when they are hypnotized. Because they EXPECT something much different they believe they have failed when actually they have succeeded very nicely.

There are various “depths” of trance which can be achieved and as you practice you will find yourself at various stages during different sessions until you become conditioned to the point where you can choose the depth.

While in trance you will probably experience a floating or a detached feeling–like your limbs are detached from your body; or perhaps your entire body may feel as if it is floating. It is an extremely pleasant sensation. With practice you can go into any depth of trance at any time you desire, in a matter of only a few seconds.

The light trance is the easiest level to achieve in self-hypnosis and is more than adequate for reaching and planting suggestions into the subconscious.

The medium trance is a level necessary for anesthesia and age regression.

The deep trance is the deepest level and appears to be, but is not, deep slumber. Hypnosis is a “type” of slumber but is not sleep” as experienced when asleep” at night. Anytime the term sleep” is used in my tapes or instructions it is only a directive to the conscious mind to turn loose in order to bypass directly to the subconscious mind.

Now that you understand the power of your subconscious mind and the role of hypnotism in reaching it and influencing it–the next step is to learn to hypnotize yourself. The tools you will use are suggestion, concentration and imagination. If you have a good imagination you will find it extremely easy to learn self- hypnosis. Even if you don’t, it is not difficult. It is, however, of utmost importance that you DO NOT “TRY” TOO HARD. Because if you try” too hard, you will become tense and this is the opposite of that which you are attempting to accomplish.

If you take a skeptical “prove-it to me” attitude, you will also impede your progress and that is not what we are about at any rate. Just cooperate and you will get your proof” soon enough.

You must absolutely avoid an analytical attitude–analyzing will only keep your conscious mind alert and the whole object of hypnotism is to relax that conscious mind. Analyzing also breeds doubt as to the effectiveness of each step. Since hypnosis is a conviction phenomenon, doubt will surely slow your progress. We are assuming that you desire to hypnotize yourself or you wouldn’t be making all this effort.

(Editor’s Note: Please be reminded that this is a literal transcription of the first audio tape in a set of seven.)

You CANNOT go into hypnosis against your will so you can’t do it unless you follow the instructions. You must avoid over- anxiety and skepticism and simply cooperate with the ideas suggested. If you follow those ideas, relax and just let it happen, it will. You are going to have to, however, practice. You are given herein a “Learning Self-hypnosis” tape on the reverse side of this discussion. Use it alone for five to seven days. This will enable you to instantly respond to the subsequent inductions on follow-on tapes for programming or meditation. You MUST be able to rapidly and successfully get yourself into hypnosis prior to moving on to programming tapes in any of our sets.

A programming tape must then be played from 21 to 25 times to thoroughly entrench a new idea. Don’t switch to different programming tapes on different days at random. Continue with only one program for several consecutive days and with the sets for appropriate problem solving, you will be given instructions for multiple use of the program at point. This is so that you don’t confuse or overload your subconscious mind as to exactly what goals you are attempting to achieve. Don’t TRY to concentrate on listening to the tape(s), just simply relax your mind and allow it to drift as you listen. Your subconscious mind will absorb the taped message. Don’t try to analyze the contents or verbiage of the tape and quit asking yourself questions while you are in a state of hypnosis–prepare those questions prior to beginning and feed them in with instructions to attend them.

You will find that a few of you will experience positive results beginning within a day or so–perhaps one time through the session. The largest numbers of people experience success beginning around the third or fourth week with the planned programs. Ten to twelve percent will show results only after 45 to 60 days with self-hypnosis for some set up unintentional barriers which are not present in therapist assisted sessions. Don’t be discouraged. Less than 5% report only minimal changes and, without exception, those who experienced only minimal results–FAILED TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROPERLY. WE HAVE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO ONE REPORT A TOTAL LACK OF POSITIVE RESULTS–EVEN IF IT IS ONLY TO GET A WONDERFUL SLEEP SESSION.

Since in this context you will only be working with meditation tapes it is suggested that you only practice in a state of rest and NOT when doing another task. Programming tapes can be played while doing other things but–especially for beginners– serious accidents can occur should you drift off to sleep, etc. Never use the “learning” tape except when lying or sitting comfortably with intent on utilizing the instructions.

Don’t excuse lack of trying this method of relaxation because of ANY past experience. If you wish to have success–begin right now and forget that which went before–we are not interested in that which did not work–AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU BE.

Each and every one of us must change mental programming if we intend to change our life style or reach any goal. You can begin immediately to changing those failure patterns into success blueprints. Success and happiness is your RIGHT, you are a perfect creation and you deserve the things you desire and the ONLY ONE STANDING IN YOUR WAY OF SUCCESS IS YOU, YOURSELF!

From this time forward the term “failure” can be removed totally from your vocabulary–forever, as well as from the domination of your life in this physical experience.

Those who reported the most rapid changes and success, played their tapes several times a day–so be patient, but in order to move along toward better results faster, I urge you to use the tapes as many times a day as you can make the time to do so.

Comment: The remainder of the taped message is specifically for the self-esteem tape set and is not applicable to this volume. However, it is really a boost to use that learning tape several times until you are proficient and then move on to other resource tapes.

The most successful time for listening to and experiencing the tapes is at bedtime when retiring because you are already anticipating relaxation and rest and this leaves the remainder of the night to allow the subconscious to sort and absorb the input.

Don’t be concerned if you feel as if you have drifted off to sleep, even with the programming tapes–if you rouse up to the click of the player or become aware that the player is silent–YOU HAVE BEEN SUBCONSCIOUSLY TUNED IN TO THE MESSAGE AND YOU WILL HAVE HEARD IT.

If you wish to return to sleep after playing any tape simply give youself instructions to do so, rouse yourself enough to turn off the equipment and return to bed and you will return to sleep almost instantly. If you get up to go about your activities, give youself input that you are refreshed and feeling wonderful in every way, count to five and say that your eyes will be open, you will be alert and feeling good in every way, and do so.

You can create your own miracles and change your image in the total privacy of your own mind! Thank you.


Germain to return. Thank you for sharing and we will work out accessibility to the tapes in some manner best left to the publisher. It is the information regarding hypnosis which I particularly wished you to have.


Mostly, the question is, “How can I decentrate into that stillness of the meditative mood? The more I try to stop thinking, the more things I keep thinking of.”

First: Desire to be in the Light. Say to youself wordlessly, “I want to be alone with God.” If you want to be alone with God, there is a reason for it. That reason is that you NEED GOD. You have a desire you want fulfilled–a problem to solve–illness–misfortune–financial loss or need–an idea for invention–a conception for a work of art. No matter what it is you need, whether knowledge, power or inspiration, no matter what it is, DESIRE IT IN YOUR HEART WORDLESSLY. Do not talk to God in words. Talk to Him in essence. Know Him. Do not Think of Him and thus make Him objective and apart from you. Be Him. Let your Soul touch His Soul. Seek His ecstasy of Mind. When you find that ecstasy, you will know that He is One with you.

Second: Your desire is written upon your heart. It is registered in your Soul. It is no longer your body’s desire; it is your Soul’s desire. You are in communion with God about it–not in words but in Light. You have an increasing sense of joyousness. Your desire is written into the universal heartbeat rhythmically. You are responding to it rhythmically. You are no longer just body–you are Soul–slightly aware of body–slightly aware of Earth and the heavens above, and of creating things. You are not thinking of extraneous things. You cannot think of objective things of Earth while you are in the Spirit.

Third: You are in a contemplative mood. There is an indescribable peace in its rest. Your Soul sees the beauty of the flower you are passing. It is not your eyes which see that beauty, nor your ears which hear the silences from which the sounds of Earth spring. You are in the rhythmic world of imagining–the world of inspiration–the world of the high heavens–the formless, indescribable world of the high heavens. You become less and less aware of your body as you become more wholly Mind. You “dream” rather than sense.

Fourth: You are in communion with God. You are ONE with all things. All things are ONE. You KNOW all things as ONE. You KNOW the Light which all things are. You KNOW the love nature of God and of all things. You Know God as love. You KNOW yourself AS LOVE. You KNOW the ecstasy of love. You know your Self. The mortal YOU has become the eternal YOU.

Fifth: That which you desired to know, you do know. That which you desired to have, you now have. You have always known–and always have had that which you have but now desire. You have always known it in spirit for you are the Light of all-knowing, which spirit is. God does not give you knowledge of power. He gives you an awareness that you already have all-knowledge and all-power that He has, for He makes you comprehend your oneness with Him. When you actually KNOW that, you can then say, “My Father and I are one.”

Neither does God give you material things without your equal regiving, for that is the inviolate law regarding all material things. He gives you the seed but you must unfold the seed. He gives you His body to fashion into the form of your desire, but you must give equally of your body to fashion it. God gives you the tools you need, but you must use them. God manifests the spirit of His nature in His own body by creating His body in the image of His Self. You must manifest the spirit of your nature in your own body by creating your body in the image of your Self. God will forever work with you, but you must work with Him.

Sixth: In meditation, you have stepped out of the material into the spiritual You. You have stepped out of the body of yourself into the Mind of your Self–out of the manifestation of reality into reality. You have stepped out of the conditioned universe of divided and unbalanced things into the unconditioned and undivided universe of balance which controls unbalanced things. You have done this because you had desire in you which must be fulfilled.

Your desire has been fulfilled. God has illumined you with the knowledge you desired. You have become inspired. Conception of idea in spiritual form is now in you–but can you now come back into the physical world and transform your conceived image into a material one? You now know CAUSE. You have acquired that knowledge from the stillness of Mind-knowing. Can you translate it into effect by making a body for your conception? God has given you what you have desired–but now comes the important question as to what you are going to do about it. How shall you use it? Have you the moral courage to use it or are you still a weakling, preferring to suffer the effects of your ills rather than remove their cause? Will you work with God and arise, or against God and fall?

Your body manifests your Mind. It will do what you command it to do. Is it ill? If so, it is out of balance. Restore its balance by balanced thinking. Balance is in the eternal YOU–now extend balance to the mortal you. Whatever your problem was, it has been solved in the spirit of you. Can you now manifest it? Can you now give it a body? Can you now extend your spiritual balance to your unbalanced physical body to stop the wreckage of your business–or heal your body–or regain a lost friendship?

Dharma–Dharma, respond to me, please. The computer is going to destroy our work. We must close it out. Did you not see that which it did? I must ask you to remain a bit more alert for it was just now hit with a strong blast and I must have you pay more attention. Please let us leave this room. We can finish the subject at another sitting. I believe you need to check on the meeting probabilities, also. Thank you, chela, for a long session. I will stand aside.


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