Telos – Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation

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Introduction and Welcome from Adama

Greetings my dearest brothers and sisters!

It is with great love and renewed friendship that I greet all of you who are about to read Volume 2 of our publications. In Lemuria and Telos we are more than pleased with the overwhelming response and heart openings created by the publication of the first volume. As the patriarch of the vast Lemurian family, I welcome all of you into the embrace of the Lemurian Goddess, the heart of Love and Compassion.

In Telos we knew quite well that, because of their ancient heritage, the French and Spanish populations of this planet would be very receptive to our information. Nevertheless, the amazing response that has manifested everywhere our information has been made available, far surpasses our original expectations. Because of your love and receptivity, we can create and manifest together wondrous positive transformation that will keep unfolding. The wisdom of our teachings will also greatly benefit more of humanity in the years to come and accelerate your evolution.

Many of you are opening your hearts to the memories of your ancient heritage, and becoming willing instruments of a greater acceleration in consciousness on this planet, paving the way for our emergence among you.

We continue to hear so many of you express levels of grief, or sometimes impatience, regarding the time of our emergence. We have noticed the intensity of your yearning for the long awaited reunion. We understand very well what you are going through, and we noticed the tears many of you experienced as you read the first volume. Be assured that as you shed your tears, we supported you with our love and held you in our embrace. Many times we have cried with you, though ours were tears of joy in anticipation of the great reunion to come. Today I ask you to be of good heer. The precious moment of our emergence has, in fact, already begun. Many of our people from Telos and other Lemurian cities are presently physically living among you, preparing the way for the rest of us.

Because of the high level of unrest and violence still present in your world, those of our surface crew are not yet allowed to identify themselves to you. Several of you have already met some of them physically, but they were always “incognito.” A number of our people are living among you now, in several different countries, doing the wondrous work that will ease your future. One day soon, our great light and wisdom will be released into full view for all of you to witness and appreciate. Our channel Aurelia is now aware that she was visited a few months ago in her home by a couple of our “surface crew” incognito. Others of our people have also shown up “physically and undercover” at her public gatherings. This is indeed the beginning of our emergence among you, my friends. Do not despair as it is soon coming! Your period of waiting is almost over; you are now completing the last stage of preparation.

While on this subject, I would like to clarify misunderstandings some hold regarding our emergence. Many of you expect that one day we will come out all at once and find our way to your home to stay with you. This would be quite tricky for all concerned, and not as productive as you might think. Though this could certainly happen in some cases, it would be exceptional. Be also aware that our emergence among you will not take place in a third dimensional vibration. When we emerge, those whose vibration is not raised to a sufficient level will not be able to see us.

Our emergence will be gradual, in accordance with the vibrational shift taking place on the surface and in your environment. We will continue to come out in waves, in small groups, as the people and the planet raise their vibration. Our younger members will be coming first; the elders will come out at a later time. Our present level of emergence has been kept secret and it shall remain that way for a few more years.

We hope that by mid-2006 some of our people will be allowed to contact a few of you in person, having the permission to identify themselves to you. It will be for the purpose of giving you more advanced teachings in small secret gatherings. The criteria for those who will be contacted first remains the same as mentioned in our first volume, and also has to do with the divine plan or mission of each person contacted. Those contacted will have to remain silent about their experiences with us until given permission to share them.

We will first be in touch with those who have dedicated their lives to the service of mankind and consecrated much of their time and finances for the expansion and success of our emergence. Candidates for first contact will be by “invitation only,” according to the quality of heart and love/light frequency maintained on a daily basis by these individuals. Later on, the circle will gradually widen until much of the population will be able to interact with us casually. At all times, only those in resonance with the Lemurian consciousness will be able to see and connect with us.

In the meantime, continue to open yourself to the Divine Heart of Love and Compassion. Study the material we are presenting to you. It contains much wisdom and golden keys to facilitate your spiritual growth and development. Find the areas where the garden of your consciousness needs weeding and fertilizing.

If you read this material only once for the sake of information, it will only serve to expand your bag of knowledge somewhat but will do little for the overall preparation of your ascension into higher consciousness. If you choose to study this material consciously, with an open mind and heart, it will bring much personal transformation into your life. With full intention and determination, you will raise your vibration and then be able to apply these pearls of wisdom into your daily lives. Your efforts will create a flow of positive changes. Much of the material in this book is not so much about information, but about applying the hidden keys contained herein for the ultimate transformation that will lead you to live and walk among us as the masters you are.

I am Adama, your eternal father.

Within each of you rests a Divine Spark.

Invite it to ignite

The fire of your soul once again.

Encourage it to fuel

The passion of your heart

As you journey home.

– Adama

Chapter One

Dreaming a New Dream for the Planet

Once again, warm greetings from my heart to your heart. It is my pleasure to talk with you once more. The topic you have chosen at this time is dear to my heart. I would like to emphasize how important it is for everyone, especially the lightworkers on this planet, to be consciously creating, in their heart and soul, the vision of the new world in which they want to live and participate. If your heart’s desire is to transcend the drudgery of the present-day conditions on the surface and move to an enlightened and blissful way of life, it is now that you have to let go of the old paradigm that has kept you in bondage and pain for so long.

You have all heard the old expression “without vision the people perish.” This is so relevant and timely at the crossroads that humanity and the planet are experiencing at this moment. In Telos and the other subterranean cities, we have kept a vision of the new world on your behalf for a very long time, but understand that we simply cannot do it all for you. By divine law, people living on the surface have to take the responsibility of doing their part. It is time for you to begin consciously dreaming your visions every day, and have them reflected in your aspirations, thoughts, feelings and desires.

At the beginning of the last century, through much determination and dedication, the beloved Master Saint Germain applied to the Godhead and the Galactic Federation of Light for a mighty dispensation. He asked for the “Flame of Freedom” to be released once more on the Earth. After much deliberation and many meetings with various councils of the Godhead, the Galactic Federation of your solar system and several planetary councils, the permission was granted. Freedom is one of the many attributes of the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

Without the return of this flame to the surface,

there would be no way for humanity to freely

choose to evolve out of its present state.

Until that time, the Flame of Freedom, and all of the knowledge and wisdom that comes with it, had been removed from the surface environment for a very long time. This loss of freedom allowed for the limitation you experienced during your many incarnations. The loss of the flame contributed greatly to the suffering experienced by mankind. Because of the karma of the people and the past abuse of this sacred flame, it was withdrawn from the surface at the time of the final sinking of Atlantis.

In your heart, feel the love that Saint Germain has for humanity and open yourself in gratitude for his tireless dedication and service to all of you. In order to secure this dispensation for humanity he had to lay down the energy of his attainment and the pearls of glory of his crown to the Godhead as a security deposit, in the event that humanity misused this flame again. He loved you all so very much that he was willing to take that risk.

It remains your job to create the new dream.

What will you create?

Play your part, dear ones, by actively dreaming a new paradigm for the planet. Envision the type of society you want to live in. Now that the Flame of Freedom has been released, it is your responsibility to create the new world you want to inhabit. Dream your visions of Heaven on Earth and how you would like to see them manifest. Be specific and don’t hesitate to include all the wondrous details. You are all co-creator Gods. The Earth is now moving forward into the fifth dimension. A new world is being created but is not yet fully structured or totally defined. It is awaiting your creative contribution.

Everyone will have a slightly different perception, but as you start dreaming these dreams your energies will blend together and create a wonderful new reality on our planet. It is important that you do not leave this task exclusively to the beings of the Light Realms and to us in Telos. We have already created our world of paradise and we live in it. It is now your opportunity to create the world of your dreams. Your participation as co-creators is of the utmost importance. Creating a new reality for yourselves will allow you to achieve full mastery.

In your meditations and writings, we suggest that you to spend some time every day defining your perception of Heaven on Earth. Figure out what it means to you and start dreaming it. Dream of this new Earth at night as you fall asleep and dream about the new Earth during your waking hours as well. Imagination is the creative spark that fuels your manifestation. It connects you with the fluid reality of the realms of creation.

The more detail you include in your dreams, the more alive your dreams will become. Be as creative as you wish. The more real you make the vision, by investing your energies and uniting with your heart, the sooner Heaven on Earth will begin manifesting. Most of you are much too complacent.

Some of you hope that the Star Brothers

and the Inner Earth populations will

create all the magic for you.

If we did, what would you learn? Be assured that it will not happen this way. We come to assist you and the planet, yes, but it is up to you to do your part. Unless you choose to evolve your consciousness, raise your vibration and manifest greater levels of mastery, we will remain in the realm of the invisible.

Heaven on Earth is, in essence, a fifth dimensional reality. In the fourth dimension, life is much easier than in the third. The fourth dimension is much brighter and more fluid, but does not represent the full reality of Heaven on Earth. Begin with what you perceive to be a fifth dimensional reality, even if you are not quite sure what it consists of. Do your best and your consciousness will soon open to even greater perception and understanding.

Conscious dreaming brings about a progression of thoughts, an evolution that will take you, if you give permission, into this new dimension. The most important thing is to begin the process. Mother Earth has dreamed Her dreams. Now she is asking humanity to dream with Her to bring about the changes that you all yearn for.

Ask yourself these questions: What kind of life do I want? What type of government do I want? What kind of body do I wish to live in and how do I want to look? What type of system of exchange would I like to see evolve on the planet? Do I still want to use money as a means of exchange or would I prefer a more evolved type of barter system? Can I dream of something that no one has thought of before as a new and brilliant kind of exchange?

How would I like my relationships to be in the future? What will the Earth look like? What would the ideal climate be like? What will the animals look like and what will the new relationship between humans and animals be in the new world? There is no limit to what you can create. Have fun creating your own mental movies!

Your imagination is a vast pool of memories

from everywhere you have ever been, from

many, many worlds through eons of time.

Nothing that you can imagine is illusion. The images, for most of you, are remembrances of past experiences stored in an orderly, or sometimes not so orderly, manner. Sort through this imagery and use all or part of it to create your vision of a new reality. Access your deepest passions and your buried remembrances of times and places long gone. Touch your deepest self, and the images and ideas will flow.

The world offers itself to you,

And it is with Divine Love

That you receive this offering.

Your imagination is a conduit

To the part of your soul that

Recognizes and allows this love

To permeate your entire being.

– Celestia

Chapter Two

The Last Wars on This Planet

A Candle of Hope

Greetings, my dear friends, this is Adama.

I am so grateful to be with you again. Tonight, I want to gift your hearts with a “candle of hope” and give you a broader perspective on the conflicts that are taking place on your planet. There are many from Telos joining me as I speak, for the purpose of enfolding you in a wondrous blanket of love, peace and protection.

Many people on the surface live in fear, anger and distress over these events that have the potential to create injustice and violence against humanity. You are wondering why these conflicts could not be stopped in view of the great love offerings, prayers, meditations and peace marches that millions of people have initiated on the planet. You wonder why the diligent efforts of so many brave souls, who have given all they have in an attempt to secure peace for the Earth and Her precious children, have not been enough.

It is not that, as a collective, you have not done enough. Believe me! You have done all you could, and your Creator has heard your prayers and cries for help and witnessed your intention to live on a peaceful planet. Never in the history of the planet has humanity come together in such a grand way to demand Peace for the Earth. All of heaven has been watching in awe, praising your efforts and adding to them energetically. With the love and the solidarity you have demonstrated, you have attracted the attention of billions of space brothers from many universes and galaxies, who have come here to watch you and to energetically support your efforts to create peace on Earth.

In Telos, we have been keeping prayer vigils around the clock with all of you. We have made ourselves available to assist your safe passage into the next step of your evolutionary process in order to ease your pain, difficulties and worries.

Understand that there is a small group of people on the planet who arrogantly believe they “own this planet.” They also believe they can do anything they please, no matter what the cost or how much pain and suffering is imposed on humanity and the Earth. In order to maintain the status quo of manipulation, domination and control, they need to keep all of you in servitude, in whatever manner and to whatever extreme you allow them to do so. They intend to maintain their enjoyment of 90% of the wealth of this planet while the rest of humanity struggles to survive on the remaining 10%.

Those in control, dear ones, have a

personal agenda. They want these

conflicts more than anything else.

The path to power is a strange one. Those who are driven by greed and the need to dominate misuse the Earth’s resources. They ignore the call of the Divine within that guides them to serve the greater good. Their actions spring not from the heart of unity, but from fear and separation of their altered ego.

Those, on the other hand, who view the goal of power as an increase in perception and spiritual awareness join themselves with the flow of God. The more they embrace the unity of all life the more they evolve their consciousness and embody their true Divine Self. From the perspective of the true Master, war is not an option, not as a tool for learning nor as a viable opportunity for growth.

Eventually we will join with you in a more tangible way and the long dark night that has separated us for so long will be over. Together we will create our dream of a new wondrous world where only love and grace reside. Soon, those who hold the reins of manipulative power on this planet will be completely removed. Understand that they are aware that their time of control is coming to an end.

The Creator has already taken this precious planet back into His embrace and you are now under the jurisdiction of the Great Central Sun. These rulers know very well that the decree to end their dominance has been issued from the Great Central Sun. Nevertheless, out of desperation, they cling to the hope that they may succeed in a last attempt for total world control and domination.

Recognize that they are ready to risk

“everything” in an attempt to delay a

little longer their day of accountability.

Without any evidence of crimes, they are still accusing others in order to validate their own actions. Without the support of the rest of the world, they go ahead with their plans; but know in your hearts, my precious friends, the time of ruthless patriarchal dominance is coming to an end. They will soon be accountable for their actions against humanity. Be aware that their fears are far greater than yours. That is why they are so determined to play their “last card.” And I do mean “their last card.” They do not have any more after this.

It is now time for many of your political leaders to start experiencing a serious reduction of their power and tyranny. Divine Law does not allow interference with “free will.” The spiritual hierarchy will allow events to follow the present course until such time as divine intervention is needed. Such intervention will come when the balance of humanity recognizes the choices made each and every moment which, in fact, support the old paradigm and choose instead to embrace a new way. When this shift occurs, “miracles” will take place everywhere. All is in readiness in the Light Realm to assist you in wondrous ways. It is only for you to decide and give permission.

Whatever the warlords ultimately do, the energies supporting their efforts are declining. Be at peace, for their war plans will not escalate to the level of a full world war. You have already laid the groundwork for a greater consciousness shift than even we had hoped for at this time. Each day more lightworkers join your ranks. Each day more awaken to their true nature and finally face the truth of their world. Your time has come, although world events may not seem to mirror this. Do not despair, for all is in alliance with you and your goal of harmony.

In the time of Lemuria we faced a similar

situation when we experienced a long period

of war between Atlantis and Lemuria.

Even in the face of the potential threat of total destruction of both continents, the warlords would not stop. The rest is history, and you all know what happened. You also know that there were no winners, as the wars weakened both continents to such an extent that both perished 15,000 years later. Many of the souls responsible for initiating the wars between Atlantis and Lemuria and their eventual destruction are the same souls presently attempting to do it once more.

This time, however, the situation is different. Your Earth Mother’s time for ascension has come and her wishes will be honored. From this time forward she will cleanse herself. She will no longer tolerate the abuse of Her body and of Her precious children. We ask you to allow Her the cleansing through the Earth changes. The third dimension will eventually roll its energy into the fourth dimension. There will no longer be a third dimension, as you know it today. Your body will mutate to a fourth dimensional body and later on to a fifth dimensional one which will be much lighter, but will still feel as physical. Closer than ever, you now stand at the dawn of a golden age of love and true brotherhood.

In the Light Realms we can now say that these impending conflicts are the last ones that will ever be waged on this planet. The dark forces know that they have reached their very last hour because the bells of accountability have been ringing in their ears for quite some time. They know that their only choice is to align with the consciousness of love or ship out. You’ve heard the expression “the beast roars the loudest when cornered.” The Lightworkers in the United States and many other countries are banding together through the Internet and other means to create a web of light, unity and love. Those who hide in the darkness and veil their actions can see this web of light and love being created across and around the planet.

Your Light has become their greatest fear.

It is their desire not only to control the planet’s oil supply, but also to destroy this web of light and love you are creating together. Their main agenda is to create circumstances that enslave the human race in a cage of fear. They want to keep you in a place of spiritual ignorance, emotional stress and financial poverty. In these ways they have succeeded quite well. Your life on the surface is quite challenging. Their plan is to use a few more terrorist attacks to engulf you in fear and control you for “your own good and safety.”

Be at peace and hear the good news. Prior to your incarnation, your Creator promised that you would be allowed in this very lifetime to embody the fullness of your God Presence and your Christhood. You will be allowed to manifest on Earth, in your present incarnation, the fullness of your divinity and spiritual gifts which have been hidden from you for so long.

Understand that the beings controlling your planet propose to stop this developing enlightenment at all costs since it will bring their reign to an end. As the dark forces strive to bring all of you and the planet into greater servitude and increase your allegiance to separation and fear, the polarity of Light will at the same time create awakening and enlightenment. Even the planetary bodies in the heavens have aligned to facilitate this great surge in consciousness.

Soon those who are destined to form new governments and economic structures will become more visible. They have been preparing for this day and are already living among you. Do not judge them harshly or create expectations about them, for many who step forward may surprise you. Many have masked their true identities from within the very groups they seek to replace. Reach out with your hearts to recognize who your new leaders may be. All new structures will be formed for the benefit of the collective. This is an important key to identifying those who are finally ready to really support humanity. Even national borders will not stop those who support true change from coming together.

These conflicts will initiate an acceleration on the entire planet and assist in awakening millions to a new awareness of their divinity and a reconsideration of new values in their lives. Multitudes will discover new goals and purposes more aligned with their divine nature. As a result of these conflicts you will find millions of people swelling the ranks of the lightworkers and banding together to create permanent peace and a new reality based on divine truths.

These conflicts will also assist in eroding the outmoded patriarchal structures that no longer serve you. Be prepared to experience some sorrow and to witness the suffering that will take place. This will assist in opening your heart and easing your passage into the higher dimension. You will also clear much accumulated karma, making way for the new order and the recognition of your true Divine Self.

Children of my heart, allow the hand of God to wield its magic. Your Creator is watching attentively, protecting the Earth and Her people who have chosen to remain and embrace their new glorious destiny. Instead of going into fear, despair and hopelessness, light a candle of hope in your heart. Know that beyond war, a brand new world awaits. Miracles are just waiting to manifest. The gifts of love and grace from the Creator and your star family will pour down in ways you have never experienced before.

In your heart, light the candle of knowingness that the Divine will prevail and victory is assured.

People on this planet have stood together by the millions and stated their intention for peace, and so it shall be. You are marching across your planet demanding peace, and so it shall be. You have become the focus of the entire cosmos. We watch you, with love, intention and bravery rise up against the tyranny of one world government, saying, “This far and no further; your day is done.” The Creator and all of you co-Creators are smiling, saying, “At last they are waking up; let there be peace on Earth, and so it shall be.”

As the vibration continues to increase upon the planet, so will your responsibilities. We, your Lemurian brothers and sisters, are gathering our teams on the surface to implement our plans with many of you in every corner and country of this planet. Eventually, we will be working in good will with all who desire to serve the greater good with us. Nothing will be imposed on you. Your desire to serve with us must be ignited by the calling of your heart.

If you wish to be of service, our mission will involve great numbers of people. Many wondrous opportunities will offer themselves for those desiring to work with us side by side. You are the way-showers, the nucleus of many small groups that we are nurturing, embracing and cherishing here in Mount Shasta. The time of joy you have been waiting for is just beyond the clouds, beyond the storms of fabricated wars. If you can allow the clouds and storms to play out this last game, this last illusion, you shall never regret it.

Keep the candle of hope lit in your heart, for beyond the dark clouds is joy, ease and grace.

The dawning of a new world of unity and love, where violence no longer exists, is now just beyond the horizon. Take care of each other in times of need. Extend your love and comfort to those who have not had the opportunity to learn what you already know.

Become the pillars of peace for all those in fear, so that they can lean on you for comfort. As others lean on you, we invite you to lean on us for your strength and support. In the days to come, we will be close to you, extending much love and assistance.

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