Your soul knows of that which is truth if ye will be harken

Excerpt from the Phoenix Journal 13 – SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET


SUNDAY, MAR. 11, 1990 8:00 A.M. YEAR 3 DAY 207

Esu Sananda to visit with you ones for a while. The path is filled with confusion and you are not given to see. It is to insure your security that causes you ones of my faculty to be kept in the “semi-knowing”. You shall prevail in the challenge, for man, armed with truth, can come into his own inheritance and march unto his goal. You ones who are in the writing and printing of the word are experiencing the efforts to stop you — even unto the most absurd of manners. This is not of psychic fortune-telling—ye will make of your own fortunes and ye can be in the fore-knowing if ye will but face what it is ye seek and do. No more and no less.

Ones who have been in communication with astral beings are finding, very often, that the beings were not truly of the lighted realms but rather, perpetuators of the false myths. These ones are compelled to do all in their power to dissuade you from your work. As the example with the dear ones from New Mexico. It does not work well to simply denounce—that has proven to gain even more attention to the truth—so, let us stop the writer, is the next (as well as the first) thrust.

As in the instance with the effort at rest and separation from the resource of truth–i.e., sever communications for fourteen days at the advice of some “unknown” entity who calls himself a Master. These energies already know you receive from God and THE Master Teacher so who would have authority to require you to speak not with us? The hope is to pull down confidence within your conscious selves that your contacts are not valid. The facts are, however, that if anyone suggests such a thing—you can be quite positive that your resources are indeed truth and valid and the thrust is to cause you to turn away in doubts.

As the truth becomes more similar to super science fiction, you ones will become more questioning of your own sense of disbelief—therefore, you must have come into your foundation of stability upon the rock, which I am, that you do not break in the confrontation of truth.

I am most humbly grateful for the participation of ones who share the beginning journey with resources upon which the foundation of our work can be begun. I give great appreciation unto one who has allowed the setting up of the institute which can be the heartcell of our work and the receiving placement of the Journal’s rewards to be distributed in ever widening circles. It will allow ones who hold the “keys” of knowledge regarding apparatus to begin to function again, in properness.

The projects already planned shall find fruition for it must come to be in its proper sequence for we plan no communes for ones to sit and twiddle and indulge selfish “me-ness”. Rewards shall be great and sharing shall be the central focus but not as other communes” have structured the socio-political systems. We are about our Father’s work and the system must function in a most human physical world. To mentally dwell with God is indeed fine–but you ones tend to forget–God dwells within thee! That means that as long as you dwell in the human format–God must also function in the physical format for that is His chosen experience.

You need not concern yourselves with the building of anything in the etheric realms—there are billions of energies who construct in perfection in the etheric planes. Why would you appoint yourselves in the density of physical format to presume to build in realms of your total ignorance? You must build and perform in action to impact and requalify the truth of your own experience–a most physical manifestation. It is through your works upon your own placement that determines your progress through the schools of perceived passage of soul journey.

Beware of those who preach “mystery schools” and “having keys to the magic or mystery realms”—God is no secret and God does not give keys unto a selected few—he gives forth and those, who are willing, pick up of the key and open the locks. You have mastered life when the “how-to’s” are irrelevant. You all move forward and the “how” will become evident, but you must be in motion lest the goal be too big or too distant.

Beware of all “secret” so called truths, given only unto the few–for you must realize, chelas, that the “few” have given their own wishes and desires unto self that they might hold of their lofty positions as self-proclaimed. This is why you do not know of this scribe–there are no secrets and she holds them not unto herself but pens the words and they can then go forth unclouded by need for physical ego hoarding. All ones must come into balance with that which we give forth for you have been trained by human ego projections upon you to be tended and ordered about, governed, an manipulated by ones who have “assumed” their placement of power for they have convinced you that you are not capable. Therefore, you do not study nor even object as your very “knowledge” and education capabilities are removed from you–you sit and wait for “them” to tell you what you must do–at the point of a gun. You forget that if you do not start of a journey it is certain that you shall not arrive. Yes, making “no” decision is already having made a decision. And, giving your decision into the hands of another will not be an accepted “reason” at the point of “judgment” of YOUR journey. Excuses will not count when confronting thine own God within on passage day! You will always get exactly that which you expect—good or bad, consciously or unconsciously. OTHERS CAN STOP YOU TEMPORARILY, ONLY YOU CAN DO OF IT PERMANENTLY! It is, however, indeed truth that most ones are willing to work, only if they can start at the top and work up! Little do they realize that from the willingness to start at the very bottom–they are already in achievement of the top.

Heed not those who try and try and try–trying and “effort at” are not the same. Trying provides two excuses–an excuse for not doing and an excuse for not having. There are actually only two things which you have in life–“reasons” or “results”–reasons are most often excuses and therefore reasons are not counted in the ending–only the results and you have no way to measure your success or failure according to the rule stick of God. If you hold back because somehow you feel constantly misled or mistreated, you must know that you are fully cooperating with the treatment and have given over control unto another to do that which they will with you. Further, if you worry constantly about that which might be and wonder and worry over that which might have been—you will ignore that which IS. To break out of your prison, you must first realize that you are incarcerated. The latter is the purpose of the Journals thus far—to show unto you that you are indeed, incarcerated, and begin to allow you to understand that you have the power to escape the bindings.

You can worry until the ending trumpet but you will have missed the point of experience—worry comes directly from the belief that you are powerless instead of all-powerful. If you grow into maturity then you will have come into the realization that you are no longer being deceived nor taken in by one’s self. You will come into honesty with self for the sake and morality of honesty and not because honesty is the “best policy”, for if you base honesty upon being the best policy–then your honesty is corrupt. If you worship at another’s truth then you shall always be separated from the glory of self wherein God dwells. Harken unto the ones who share truth and show the way—pay not heed to those who tell you it IS the way through anything other than the glorious self. The Laws of God and The Creation are perfection, therefore, if you abide by those laws ye shall have perfection for God is within—not without—and therefore truth is brought into balance from within—not without! Listen to teachings always from within thine own heartcell for another‟s truth is his–only that which is yours–is yours! YOU ARE THE ONLY TEACHER YOU WILL EVER HAVE—PONDER THE TRUTH OF IT. If you do not know what direction to take, you have not acknowledged where you are!

Since YOU are the cause of everything that happens to you–be most careful of that which you cause, for in fact, there is no actual right or wrong—only consequences. You can have everything in life that you want–if you will help enough other people get that which they want. At any time in your journey that you care not for the games people play–turn away and make up thine own games–for the winning or losing will be yours to hold, not another’s. Strange things occur during a journey of truth unto balanced passage, one is to realize that you have no choice but to feel what you are feeling–the choice comes in changing the mind regarding it. If you have lived to simply make yourself important–notice how unimportant you have actually become!

If your life is not working the way you perceive you want it to be–look carefully and you will see that you are lying. There are but three kinds of people in the ending; those who make things happen, those who simply watch things happen—and the ones who haven’t the slightest idea what is happening. Learn that which is truly happening and you can change of it. As you go about thine searching be cautious indeed for if you think something outside of yourself is the cause of your problems, you will err in looking outside of yourself for the answers. Dear ones, in the physical life journey you will never “have it all” that would be like trying to eat once and for all. Can you not realize that all unhappiness is caused by perception and comparison? Ye can only be that which ye perceive yourself to be. Your success is measured only by your ability to complete things and the more clear you are on that which you, want, the more power you will have and you must hold uppermost to all thy senses—GOD DOES NOT MAKE FAULTY PRODUCTS. If you have problems, so what, solve them so that they no longer annoy you–confront them in truth, sanity and reason and solve them—they, too, shall pass. Hold my hand and walk with me for I am sent as the wayshower to heal of thine life through showing you the way of truth. I come again as Sananda–healing life-source, that you can be lifted up and walk in wholeness and perfection–you dawdle in the mud puddles when you could traverse the heavens to touch of the stars. Can ye not accept of your perfection?

This scribe nor these bringers of the word of truth set not themselves above or beyond any other–they simply are the couriers of Aton Creator to remind you of your perfection. Ye need of no interpreters nor mediators–your soul knows of that which is truth if ye will be harken, Share of the truth of the word and your heart will blossom into glory for thine brother knows he is sick and weary. You who turn to substances to change and shroud of the mind–when you find that life is destroyed and you can no longer face the addictions or the drugs which you depend upon to hide you from yourself–you will change back into “reality” and remove yourself from the ranks of the walking dead. There is a fine solution and a “bad” solution to every problem–you just don’t keep enough reserves of good solutions in your larder. The choice is always yours! What kind of choices do you make?

If you cling unto the security that you perceive you have, if it be not of God-ness–then ye shall doubtlessly miss the journey into abundance and success–ye shall simply remain clinging to that which might have been for from the cradle unto the grave of physical man–THERE IS NOT SECURITY SAVE THAT WHICH IS OF THE SOUL DESTINATION. ALL ELSE IS BUT A FLEETING MOMENT OF PERCEPTION OF CHANCE AND YOU MUST MAKE OF YOUR CHANCES.

I do not plan to speak in riddles–I do plan to speak in thoughtful truth. I am come to bring my Father’s people home unto him–are you one of mine family or not? The eleventh hour approaches–what is your “happiness” level of measure this day? If it be not full and filled with peace, I suggest you give the Lighted path a chance–what possible loss could you sustain therefrom? Perhaps ye shall gain of the Kingdom!

Beware the secret orders for they are filled with people who lay the rules and limits and then keep the rules from you by their own pronouncements. You need no priests, ministers, lawyers, judges nor go-between interpreters to be with, truth and God–YOU CAN HAVE NO GO-BETWEEN BETWEEN SELF AND SELF–PONDER IT! YOU HAVE BECOME PEOPLE OF THE LIE AND ‘TIS TIME YOU COME INTO THE TRUTH OF THE WAY IT IS AND NOT AS YOU ARE TOLD IT MUST BE! Your journey will be as good or as bad as you make of it for God Creator has granted that reasoning free-will gift unto you–thy measure of the journey is what ye have done with the gift. If ye send out bigotry–ye shall reap of bigotry against thine self. If you send out love and giving–it shall flow a hundred fold back unto self–it is the law of the universe. If ye plant of corn–ye will reap of corn, sow peace and ye must reap of peace–ye have been about sowing of the lie and now comes the harvest thereof–but it can be of the last crop of thistles if ye refuse to further plant of the beast’s seeds. The harvest is at hand–YE CAN CHANGE OF THE CROP. But first, you must recognize of that which has been planted in your fields–did you plant it? Did you allow use of your fields and allow another to plant his own crops in your garden? Perhaps you need to take control of the planting within your own fields lest there be naught to reap at harvest but abundant weeds. Look unto thy European neighbors this day–the larders are bare and half a planet is in starvation of body and soul–what is that YOU sow in your fields–or, do you wait for another to tend of it for you? If you deny truth, then you are thereby denying thine own talents–no decision is having made a decision–unfortunately! So be it–will ye miss of the lifeboat whilst ye await the helicopter? ‘Tis not likely thine salvation will come from the ones who have perpetrated the slavery upon you. The slavemaster and trader are not likely to set the slaves free! So be it and selah for the Word of God is the sword of freedom—I AM THE WORD AND THE WORD SHALL GO FORTH UPON THE WINDS AND WATERS OF THE PLANET THAT MAN CAN CHOOSE!

I release now, this scribe, that she might have rest. I bring the benediction of the Totality of God that you ones might find clarity and sort away the confusion–ask and ye shall receive–seek unto me and ye shall find of the way for I am the Way, The Truth and The Light!


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