These are the Major Scare _EVENTS coming up

>Russia WAR (EU.U.S)





If RUSSIAN FORCES MOVE FIRST THEN CCP FORCES will move at the (near)same weeks/month time on Taiwan and divide U.S. forces. >Russian allegiance in the Middle East will move on countries that are backed by U.S and EU..>India china border will come into Battle,> Pakistan, Afghanistan forces will face off with Iran, Russia , China coming into the Battle,/// the middle east will erupt into Battle. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran Jordan. Will launch battalions against one another..


Almost all countries will STRIKE in the moments the U.S. forces are being divided into conflict<



With GOD WILLING may this WORLD WAR only be a SCARE _EVENT


and the Military of the 30  MAJOR Nations arrest the The Deep State in their own countries in these moments PLANNED….


The world is connected



The Plan to save the world


God Speed

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