Patriots and Frog Family

During my red pilling sessions, these words were repeated to me on a regular basis:  “Think Logically!”  At this point in the mission, those words are so very important because we need to remember we are at war…yes this IS a movie but we are still at war and must play our parts. Ok Mar how the heck can that be logical?  Ok here goes…yes, Q told us this is a movie because all the major evil players were taken out (military tribunals, execution or gitmo-forever-more) before most of us got involved.  As in every war, there is cleanup and that is what we are watching happen now.  But….. what about the movie?  Well the movie needs a plot, main characters and an audience so they are eased into total understanding why this was played out behind the scenes.  That is where we came in as Flynn’s digital journalists….as Flynn’s F.R.OG.s!!!  We started our campaign with the most powerful piece initially…our #SaveTheChildren campaign.  Once we awakened many on that, we showed them who, what, when, how and why our children needed to be saved.   From there we moved on into more detailed information exposing adrenochrome, red shoe club, black eye club, pizza club, cannabalism etc. and because of getting that info out to the public, we were able to enlist more frogs to assist us.  We exposed the politicians, hollywood, sports and music elite etc. as our team of frogs grew dramatically.  We became the news.  Then we became the digital journalists that others trusted for the truth.  The enemy never saw us coming.  They were confident that the majority were completely brainwashed.  We surprised them.  The silent majority got off their couches and joined us.  Do NOT let anyone tell you we are NOT the majority now because we ARE!!!  Yes, many are still “sheep” but not because they haven’t heard the truth. They are sheep because they choose to be.  They enjoy being slaves and told what to do every second of their day.  There are others that also just think we are all conspiracy theorists.  Those people want proof but when we submit the truth to them, they choose not to believe because they don’t want to admit that we have been being brainwashed for decades… so now it is time to “think logically”… stop believing the mainstream media’s reports and bogus covid numbers.  Heck, why are you even bothering to still be watching or reading their crap???   Think logically…Q said disinformation is necessary…an example…When asked, Q said JFK Jr was not alive.  I know personally and without a question that John is very much alive.   Why would Q say he isn’t alive?  You can figure that reason out for yourself, right?  In war, you never give your game plan to the enemy.  Have you noticed lately all the “that can’t be true” news stories happening and the supposed patriots “in fighting” going on?  Think logically.  Sometimes a distraction is necessary to keep all eyes on one hand while the other hand is getting the job done.  I have been asked if General Flynn is really with Cabal…and if so was I going to have to rename my Signal groups which are all called “Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s”.   Holy crap frogs…absolutely, positively NO NO NO!!!  I actually got to look into the General’s eyes and his passion is so extremely true and loyal to the USA and to its citizens!!!  He is also strongly true to President Trump and the White Hats!!!  Think logically. Think distraction. Think patriots at the top levels that must do a heck of a lot of personal sacrifices for this mission.  Speaking of personal sacrifices, look at all the personal sacrifices  that you, as frogs and patriots, had to go through.  My point here today is that when you hear something that doesn’t quite ring true to you, THINK LOGICALLY and look to see what the other hand is doing.  Just trust that together we are strong!!! It has never been more important than now to research everything for yourself.  You truly need to think for yourself.  You truly need to trust yourself.  Above all trust in God.   Trust in the Plan.

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