Watch the water _ Q


I was told long ago this correlated to Heavy Water used in NUCLEAR BOMBS and this EVENT_ would connect North Korea … Or China .. And would connect to a BROKEN ARROW


But today Watch The Water is used for everything that happens that connects water to events around the world, Floods, bioweapon snake venom in the world water sources, .ect ect ect ect ect……


In the crazy times of tens of thousands of missing NUCLEAR War Heads or bought in black markets.. Anything is possible…


At the same time….. There are videos of nuclear bombs exploding and destroying everything in sight ( houses, buildings, cars, …. Everything is annihilated!!!!! …..>Except the video camera and the building holding the camera? ( The camera recording doesn’t even shake or get static transmission or disruption from the NUCLEAR blast)////


It’s been said by several leaks around the world… Most nuclear blasts were staged events that were actually Tons of dynamite in the old days?




The news is fake.. The war is real.

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