Without the release of Tesla tech and other means, zero oil=zero economy.

The leveraged deal was this.

Kissinger essentially said “Hey, we have this worthless paper not backed by anything so we’ll offer you guys our military protection (most advanced at the time) in exchange for you making every nation pay for your oil in US dollars.”

Thus, the petro-dollar was born and becomes the “world reserve currency”.

But now, Saudi is gearing towards backing their oil instead with a gold-backed currency, the Chinese yuan.

China and Russia made a deal a while back, Russia’s oil for the Chinese Yuan.

Remember what the Rothscilds did to the Romanov’s and Ras-Putin for rejecting their central bank?

See why they want us to fear Putin?

Don’t just follow the money, follow the gold specifically.

9/11 was a gold heist (WORLD TRADE center, lots of gold in there).

Biden is now calling for Sanctions on Russian gold. 🙂 Feeble flight Icarus.

The two biggest suppliers of oil (Saudi and Russia) are both looking gold backed, meaning if any nation wants an economy they’ll need to use a gold-backed currency to get it oil to run their economy, at least until zero-point/clean energy tech is fully disclosed. Therefore, a global gold-standard is imminent and no matter where you go, gold is gold is gold implying a full currency reset back to a 1:1 exchange rate globally. Meaning those Zimbabwe notes that have been hyperinflated (say the trillion dollar Zim note that barely covers their monthly food bill) will be worth, a lot….. An unfathomable amount, along with the Iraqi dinar, Russian ruble and other currencies. The meek shall inherent the earth at that point. Third world countries are only poor because they have the most riches and have been oppressed, pillaged, plundered and stripped of them by the Khazarian-Roman-British empire’s dominance that has created a system of usury which in modern times hinges on the US dollar existing.

There are humanitarian trusts that have been hoarded for longer than we’d ever guess. Birth bonds backing them (strawman bonds). Lucis trust, Saint Germain trust and Cestui Que Vie trust all compiled, pending to be redistributed back to the world’s population after the global currency reset takes place.


Right out of the gate I saw the Zimbabwe movement after CERN flipped back on. That’s what inspired me to post this and synthesis all of these points. Took it as a sign. Even if you haven’t invested in one of the “hot currencies” all will be covered and cleared. The trusts belong to the people, citizens have just been ciphoned off of and have largely forgotten their true worth, which is far beyond a price tag.

I’m not here to tell you what to think about CERN, for it’s up to us to choose our own timeline. If you’d rather percieve it as “bad” then that’s up to you and fine by me. Beyond it being good or bad (duality) it’s incredibly powerful. We can all agree on that.

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