_In 2021 Whistleblower came forward and EXPOSED the poisoning of Infants through baby formula.


>The FDA received a whistleblower report in October 2021 alleging   Abbott officials falsified records, released untested infant formula and hid information during a 2019 FDA audit. Officials didn’t interview the whistleblower until late December and didn’t inspect the plant until Jan. 31, according to U.S. lawmakers.<


:WIRES; report a mass extinction EVENT was averted using deadly baby formula to target infants. This [ DS] EVENT would coincide with blaming the unvaccinated spreading the virus to infants or animals spreading a pathogen to infants.


The MILITARY White HATS Alliance stepped in and ordered all destruction of the baby formulas and current Military investigation and indictments see made and ongoing////

Through the law of WAR.>>> GOVERNMENT power was handed to Military Sector’s on January  21, 2022


Law of War , Continuity of Government and DEVOLUTION PLAN currently in EFFECT


Covert and Overt OPS


Military is the only way

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