We Have Our Glorious New Sun

Christ Michael thru Candace
# 99 February 12, 2009


We Have Our Glorious New Sun

Oh MY, my dearly beloveds, we have a most bodacious glorious new sun! It has been quite a challenge for the team from Paradise who does these things. This was a very difficult situation, but one needed to ascend the planet and the solar system into Eternal Life.

We could not have done this last year, because the involution process went terribly bad and we had great risk of creating a black hole, or a ball of matter so tightly compressed that the planet would have exploded into bits and pieces instead of flaring into a sun.

It is beautiful. I wish I could send a digital picture, but you shall see it soon enough, but mostly likely after stasis, which will still seem soon enough! A digital pic would not do it justice anyway. We are not sure of its ultimate size, the growth process will continue for a bit of time.

Candace will place a little info at the end on this as there is a website where you can observe evidence of its little puffs as it grows. Brilliant beautiful white high-energy sun! It of course is not a large sun, but enough to stimulate the necessary changes for a solar system to enter Light and Life.

This little sun will reenergize your larger sun. And the larger sun reenergizes the little sun, a back and forth process. Your entire solar system is being towed gradually to a new location closer to Alcyone and also into an energy river at some point which will also sustain this solar system.

Right now the photon belt adds a great deal of energy and will add so to this new system over the time you are in it. This new little sun is gobbling up energy like a new baby does, and it is a new baby! As it gobbles up the food it needs it grows bigger, as all babies do, until it reaches its adult size.

Now, we have this issue to discuss, of no big proton blast yet. Well, we initiated this sun on Thursday January 29th. It took about six days for the process to bloom, which occurred on Candace’s time, late February 4th. A bit late, like all premature babies who are not fully developed in some way. I say premature, simply because this little sun was made of really compacted matter typical of this dark solar system, and thus was not a fully mature baby as are normal gas planets being made into suns. This was not a full term baby, and actually would never have been.

This has been a long and arduous process for all. I choose to not put out that we were having problems delivering our baby last year. And so I choose that for purposes of working with the dark ones, that we had announced early to allow more preparation. There is a reason for my “madness” in this and I ask your forgiveness simply because you do not sit where I sit.

If we had never attempted to make Jupiter a sun, this solar system would have continued to deteriorate and become eventually a type of black hole of compressed matter that would eventually simply explode into a new creation. There are reasons this was not the desired outcome.

Now the folks that build solar systems are a special group of Descending Sons from Paradise, which are more of less spoken of in the Urantia Book. This is not in the domain of the Creator Sons and their sons. This level of creation is beyond almost anyone that lives in the Central Universe, except for this group.

Now, because of the difficulties encountered, little of creation is as dark as it is here dear ones. There were 3 possibilities in this covered above, but repeated here. We could have an explosion of Jupiter into bits and pieces, an involution that would have produce a black hole that would have sucked the solar system into it over time, or a sun. WE HAVE OUR SUN. BE IN JOY.

Now, because this process did not go in the normal circumstances of a more mature baby, its evolution process into a sun did not go normally either. It was more gradual and did not produce the big blast of protons that was expected. It did not scream the lusty new scream of a big newborn. It made lots of little fusses and whimpers, putting out little puffs of protons and other subatomic particles.

And it will continue for a time to send little puffs of them in your direction. You have avoided some difficulty, such as having your satellites go out and the like. But the pressures will continue to build and disturb the earth and her people. There is already plenty of affects now in growing winds and bad weather. Earthquakes will come forth, and there is a continuous measure of “static electricity” that has increased and will increase, making people miserable. And shortly the sun will become obvious, in the later part of March in your morning skies.

However, it will also shortly be visible on SOHO pictures and this is the reason behind the new “bake out.” Dark side knows and yesterday some “graffiti artists” posted a couple of photo shopped LASCO c2 images. Really bad job, but I guess they wanted to show you something! They have their plans for how to deal with this. See if it manifests or not. They can’t cover it forever and many are headed to their underground shelters built for purposes such as this. Apparently as near as we can make out, your new president does not know yet. He will likely be taken to shelter too, or left to the mess; we are not sure.

Of course we are still going into stasis, and we have some other ideas to explore since we didn’t have the expected blast that would have convinced people something was terribly wrong in their solar system. We are reconfiguring dates on this a bit, because I still desire for earth’s residents to realize something of the end times is coming.

Your dark friends also have some ideas, as evidenced by the SOHO pics and the sudden bake out. Those images from yesterday are so very awful and they can’t remake the mess since Candace has announced them, and others are confused also who follow SOHO regularly. We shall see how they play. As always, the dark don’t create, they just mess up everything they do.

The satellite incident yesterday was no accident either. It may well be used to create confusion as part of this story. One of them was dead, the other not. I won’t give the details, it is known who did this to us. I do think we will go into stasis before Jupiter emerges as a new morning star apparent to all, because there are going to be lots of weather problems. You have this already in the fires in Australia and the winds in America and other places.

We still do not expect to be able to make any public statements, but if enough flee, perhaps we can do something, an opportunity will arise, unless there is satellite damage. And it could be the dark will do us a favor anyway by whatever game they might play and we can use that. They have to play something! We will play with them as necessary. And the game will likely be secret without updates unless I want to give them some clues as part of the game.


So dear ones, it is time to let Candace post this after she adds a bit to it. We are definitely
on the red road to ascension of the Solar System. Namaste, Christ Michael, Aton, of Nebadon, with a big happy smile on his face!

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