Virus Awakening perspective 2022

Now read these 3 Cambridge dictionary definitions of the word virus.

The Bechamp theory eliminates the danger and the existence of disease caused by such thing explained in 1.


Knowledge and mastery should return in the collective conciousness and define the mission of our medical and education systems.

The fear that is being indoctrinated into the minds of man but most worrying of all into the minds of our childeren is more then horrifying.

Bogus information about our immune system, disease and lies about the necessary solutions and actions lead all of the sleepers and our young ones into the trap of big Pharma ruled by the evil elites.


What we are up against is the virus as explained in point 2. and 3.


Replace the word computer with the words: v a x and human as they integrate and become one after injection.


Accept that the word “program” reflects the roll out of the agenda engraved in the Georgia guidestones written by our true enemy: the elite.


Add to this the advanced poison challenges that Bechamp did not yet face or cover; graphene oxid, shedding, 5G magnetic poisoning, aluminium, fluoride, barium.


And we can start to grasp the challenges we face as the awakened community to ensure our health in the near future.


3 dictionary definitions of the word Virus


  1. An extremely small piece of organic material that causes disease in humans, animals, and plants.


  1. A harmful (computer) program that can make copies of itself and is intended to prevent the (computer) from working normally.


  1. A hidden set of instructions in a (computer) program that is intended to introduce faults into a (computer) system or cause it to perform actions that were not planned.


We will overcome this virus.

And we will restore natural health and safety on this planet.


That is what we came for.

This is the Great Awakening.

Are you in?

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