TRUMP Retruths Q Post #11



MSM NEWS on SEVERAL stations have meltdown as Trump Retruths over a dozen Q followers and then ReTruths Q Post directly to his page…..


Very important post



_this post is connected to Military take over of FBI CIA NSA …..


Laws of WAR chapter 11


_________________The REAL POTUS is letting you know what’s happening behind the scenes. And letting you know >Q is REAL<


The military operations are REAL


How the Storm works/>

There is a beginning of a STORM  ( The start of the journey through the storm)


The Middle of the Storm ( the calm in the middle of the eye of the Storm)


Then the second part of the STORM .. THE HARDEST PART OF THE STORM<


Last year was the calm in the middle of Storm when it felt like Trump was gone in February and March ( when ANONS lost hope…. But I was active letting you know what was going to happen)


We have now past the eye of the STORM into the Second part of the Storm

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