THERE WILL BE NO NUCLEAR WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year in JANUARY 2021 i was one of the first ( besides Juan talking about Cuban missile crises) to let Everyone know we were heading into a global Nuclear STANDOFF (many normies thought I was fear mongering) … But the TRUTH is i was preparing everyone for the EVENTS surrounding the NUCLEAR moment, like the COLLAPSE of the World economy and countries ( i had WARNED for so long about this coming happening, even though MSM kept covering up the COLLAPSE simce last FALL ////


More often I have talked about USSF ( SPACE FORCE) ….

_He’s what’s happening.

>In 2011 in the Nevada nuclear test sites , The U S. Air Force Intelligence leaned to dismantle

A NUCLEAR bomb using Satellites > frequency beams and vibration weapons>> connected to Particle beam weapons///// This weapon changed the dynamics in the way a NUCLEAR bomb starts a chain reaction…. But also directly affects the Frequency of Water.

_ in 2014 in CLASSIFIED experiments in the same locations in Nevada (the then private branch of Department of the Air force that was civilian led Military department within the Department of Defense >>> (later called USSF >UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE) the Air-FORCE intelligence leaned to U.S. 5G Frequencies to dismantle a NUCLEAR bomb again using Satellites and direct energy weapons on board Military ground Vehicles.


Many of the past Solar storms that effected the earth and electronic magnetic storms in past 7 years were connected to USSF (even before they were named SPACE FORCE and becoming a Branch of U.S. intelligence agency and controlling ALL U.S. mil.sats ) who were intentionally disarmimg WORLD NUCLEAR WEAPONS…….. Much of this Military OPERATION was unknown to Other World leading countries who had their NUCLEAR WEAPONS dismantled >SILENTLY///…

_This effect of U.S. military sats using 5G WEAPONS even Took down the CERN OPERATIONS


If a NUCLEAR bomb dors go off in the near future….. Is most likely just large Stockpile of TNT. Bombs/ECT with alot of Green screen Manipulation<


I have been telling you for a long time of the STAGING 🎥 and the

WAR that would go into NUCLEAR STANDOFF …. As we are in RIGHT NOW/////




but these WAR EVENTS happening need to happen… And are real WARS of the DEEP STATES finale battles to create chaos and try to escape their



Behind the scenes;

The ROTHSCHILDS just lost control of the UK and now FRANCE is slipping away from their control as the White HATS military in the France now began dropping DECLAS briefings to large percentage of Macrons Enemies who are now preparing to use the Info to unseat him and bring about changes against this regimen and military [ DS] heads that protect him.


As EU crumbles….. The White HATS military in FRANCE are now positioning them selves to Again work with RUSSIA.

_as Hungary is Already working with PUTIN directly

_SERBIA, Belarus in DIRECT contact with Russian commanders and PUTIN

_The Good Elite ITALIAN families that now control Italy are now making amends with RUSSIA and receiving oil.

( I had told you all last year… Very very Rich BILLIONAIRS in ITALY were taking over ITALIAN regime after they became angry of the bio-weapons released on them first in EU in 2020 ( actually 2019 winter)…. The deaths of their families and kids and lost in Trillions In 2 years brought about a United front to take down the nights of Malta in the VATICAN//////// much will happen in 2023 fall as Italy will have DIRECT open communication and world DECLASS on the corruption of OBAMA and DNC connected to VATICAN satellites and Intell interference in the U.S. 2020 stolen elections/////

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