The Violet Flame of Freedom and Transmutation, A Seventh Ray Activity

Excerpt from Telos – Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation

Adama and Master Saint Germain

Adama speaks to us about the Violet Ray, the Ray of Trans-mutation, accompanied by Master Saint Germain. A wonderful meditation is offered instructing us in how to use the Violet Flame on our personal path to mastery.

Aurelia – The Violet Ray resonates with the energy of change, alchemy and freedom. I wish now to invite you to open yourself to heart-to-heart communion with Adama and Master Saint Germain. Adama is quite the heart doctor, as is Saint Germain. As he speaks, Adama addresses your heart directly, activating its healing power. This is some­thing Adama likes to do. He is the one who can help you embrace the higher vibrations of Telos.

Group – Could you explain who Saint Germain is for those not familiar with this alchemical master?

Aurelia – Master Saint Germain is and has been for eons of time the guardian of the Violet Flame. Within the Spiritual Hierarchy, he holds the position of the Chohan of the Seventh Ray. This means that he is the guardian of the Violet Flame of Freedom and Transmutation for the planet.

In one of his many previous incarnations he was Joseph, the father of Master Jesus, who lived 2,000 years ago. He also incarnated as the prophet Samuel, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon, the true author of the Shakespearian plays. He was asked once why he gave the plays to Shakespeare instead of taking the credit for himself, and he replied, “Karma balancing.”

Last, but not least, he was very well known in France, prior to and during the French revolution, as “The Count of Saint Germain.” This immortal being lived and was seen regularly by many for over 300 years, always maintaining the appear­ance of a 40-year-old man. He was called “The Wonder Man of Europe,” who spoke all languages, played any and all mu­sical instruments and demonstrated, in front of his friends, many activities of alchemy. He was known for his ability to materialize in one place, dematerialize in a few moments and reappear several hundred miles away a few minutes later. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is exception­ally articulate in words, especially in the English language. Saint Germain has always been a real delight to my soul whenever I have had contact with this beloved one. To hear or mention his name makes my heart sing with gladness.

The great Master Saint Germain is the one who has kept the Flame of Freedom alive for the planet for over 70,000 years. He is an awe-inspiring and beloved master. As Master Jesus was the great Hierarch of the Piscean age, Saint Germain is now stepping in, for the next 2,000 years, as the great Hierarch of the Aquarian age. He is fully supported by Jesus/Sananda and our Lemurian family of Telos, as well as the spiritual hierarchy of this planet and this galaxy and universe. Some masters hold certain offices for a length of time and then move on to another post. Their former post is filled by someone at that level of attainment willing to be trained for new planetary service.

Group – Was he also embodied as the great Merlin of Camelot?

Aurelia – Oh, yes, he was Merlin in the time of Camelot in England. Merlin was a noble magician, a great master alche­mist. Unfortunately, he has been depicted in many books and movies as a wizard of some kind, with a dubious reputation. That is not the truth of who Merlin was. In truth, he was one of the greatest alchemists of all times, and one of the greatest masters in service to this planet since its inception.

All other masters honor him greatly for the service he has rendered humanity by maintaining the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is one of the most important flames for re­demption, transmutation and freedom. It is like a fire of love that cleanses. Saint Germain said once that if he were to talk about the Violet Flame for a whole month, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he could not cover all its benefits. Let’s hear what Adama has to say.

Adama – Good evening my beloved friends, this is Adama of Telos. Tonight, as always, I have my regular team of twelve masters with me. We enjoy the great pleasure of hav­ing Master Saint Germain present with us as a participant. Although I am talking through Aurelia, the energy of Saint Germain is blended with mine. This is such an honor for us, because Master Saint Germain is so deeply loved on the in­ner planes and so highly respected by everyone throughout the entire cosmos. He spends a great deal of time with us in Telos, as we all work together to bring forth the energies of ascension for the planet and for humanity.

I would like to begin by giving you some explanation about the Seventh Ray. If you have questions, feel free to interrupt so we can create more of a dialogue.

The Violet Flame is a combination of the blue and pink rays; it is not one ray by itself, but a combination of blue for power and pink for love, uniting the energies of the divine masculine with the divine feminine through the action of spiritual alchemy. The primary role of the Violet Flame is transmutation, an alchemical term meaning to create positive change. For example, by invoking and working with the Violet Flame you can transmute karma or misqualified energy from this or past lifetimes into pure positive energy. As you lovingly invoke, with intention, the attributes of the Violet Fire, the energy is transmuted. You never have to deal with it anymore in your present life because these energies have been erased and forgiven into love and joy. As you work with this energy with the love and fires of your heart, the Violet Consuming Flame dissipates and dissolves unbalanced energies in your subtle bodies. It can heal the many conditions in your lives needing re-alignment.

The Violet Flame can dissolve karma once you fully understand your past experiences and the energy patterns you created. With its energies you can also create wondrous beauty because it is composed of power and love energies. Also included in the Violet Ray activity is the flame of forgiveness and compassion, which are relevant to creating harmony and manifestation in your life.

Other attributes of the Violet Flame include the energies of comfort, of diplomacy and of ceremonies. These are all Seventh Ray activities. Whenever you create comfort, no matter what form it takes, you engage in a Seventh Ray activity. We also call the Violet Flame the Freedom Love Flame. What kind of freedom are we talking about? We speak of spiritual freedom. When you gain spiritual freedom you become limitless and all attributes of your divinity are at your command. This is the kind of freedom you all yearn for; total freedom. The Violet Flame is a vital tool for your spiritual progress and evolution.

Aurelia – What exactly do you mean when you talk about the process of spiritual awakening? How can we begin to use the Violet Flame to heal ourselves and to heal our lives?

Adama – The Seventh Ray can assist in the purification of the substances and the energies of life. There are many ways you can use the Violet Flame constructively and effectively. You can use it in your prayers, invocations and meditations. In your meditations, you can visualize yourself receiving an infusion of this energy throughout all aspects of your being.

Breathe it into every cell, atom and electron of your body. Allow it to cleanse and purify every thought and feeling in your auric field and your subtle bodies. Be creative and begin formulating your own prayers and invocations to the Violet Flame. When these come from the fire of your own heart they are more powerful than those written by others. Prayers written by others can be useful, but they are more suited to those who wrote them. Work with it each day and begin creating miracles of love in your lives.

Invocation to the Violet Flame

As an example, “In the name of the I AM of my being, in the name of God, I now call forth the action of the Violet Flame of transmutation, compassion and forgiveness in my auric field, for the cleansing and purifying of every thought and feeling in my solar plexus and in all of my chakras. I ask the action of the Violet Fire to permeate every cell, atom and electron of my four body systems at this moment and at all times each day of my life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the healing of all distortions in my energy fields from past and present misunderstandings. I ask the energies of the Violet Fire to heal all distortions in my physical, emotional and mental bodies. With much gratitude, I now ask for the action of the Violet Fire to manifest in my energy fields in full power. And so be it.”

You can use this kind of invocation and create your own as well. Sit quietly as you visualize and breathe it in. Using the breath in a conscious and sustained manner brings it into your auric field in a more tangible and creative manner.

Then you can ask the Violet Flame to sustain this activity for the rest of the day and it will continue its action while you perform your other activities. The action will continue uninterrupted as long as you remain in harmony. Whenever you invoke any flame of God and you ask for its momentum to be sustained, its activity will continue until you engage in disharmony in your feeling world. That vibration stops it; when you make peace within yourself, invoke it again. As long as you stay harmonious in your thoughts and feelings, the flame will continue to work. If you find yourself in disharmony, invoke it again to assist your return to emotional balance.

The more you visualize it, while staying in your heart during your meditation, the more action is building. There was a time with earlier dispensations in the last century when people were not very willing to meditate. So we formulated a series of decrees through which people invoked the Violet Flame or the flame of other rays daily, sometimes for hours and hours. Unfortunately, for many people, this type of devotion became a mental ritual, lacking the real fervor of their hearts.

Though these people meant well and were sincere, it is best to say a decree or prayer only once with all the fervor that the heart can muster, taking the time needed to create the alchemy of love. When you make an invocation or prayer, allow yourself to feel fully its energy in your heart and charge it with love; then allow the energy to do its perfect work.

There are several thousand people in the last century who ascended by invoking the Violet Flame every day for years and years. They invoked it with much love and fervor in their hearts without ever really knowing for sure what they were transmuting. They allowed all their shadows to surface into their awareness, without judgment, and transmuted the energies by bathing them in the Violet Fire. These dear souls did not have access to all the tools and information you have at this time. For them, through faith and consistency they continued until they breathed their last human breath. By this gradual process they changed all the negative energy from many lives, past and present, into pure golden liquid light. When they passed on to the other side of the veil they made their glorious ascension without delay. Today they are among us, wearing robes of Light and enjoying all the glory of the fifth dimension.

Aurelia – Do we have to be consciously aware of what we are transmuting?

Adama – It is good to know in some cases, but it is not always a requirement, as long as you pour your love into it. It is always the love, the forgiveness and the compassion poured into a situation that transmutes it into something better, by changing a negative situation into a positive one and by gaining the wisdom these energies have to teach. If you have a problem with someone, send waves and waves of Violet Flame to him or her. As you send waves of love, compassion, forgiveness and blessing to a situation, it becomes impossible for it to remain the same. Universal law requires resolution for whatever receives love and blessings.

The activity of blessing is also a form of

transmutation, a Seventh Ray activity.

As you begin blessing all that manifests as less than divine perfection in your lives, you are transforming or transmuting situations that appear to be negative into something far more positive. You create the divine solution and the win-win situation for everyone eventually manifests, for this is what transmutation does. It creates a transformation that makes everyone a winner.

Aurelia – How would someone having a problem with a spouse or boss or friend use the Violet Flame to transmute or heal their ill feelings?

Adama – First of all, remember that you have to be detached from the outcome. If you desire to make changes or bring about a specific outcome you may not be successful. This is why it is always more appropriate to ask for the perfect divine solution. If you desire to be specific about the outcome you wish to create, it is important that you “allow” a different outcome to manifest by adding to your prayer or intention, “this or something better, according to divine will.” Your Higher Self sees and knows the bigger picture that is veiled from you. Let’s say a marriage situation appears to be ending. At the time you say, “Oh, my gosh! I prayed and I invoked the Violet Flame for that situation. I did all I could to be loving, compassionate and bring resolution with love and forgiveness, and now it seems I have a more challenging situation.”

Now contemplate this: ask yourself if the ending of a marriage is a failure or a spiritual victory. I say that if you have done your very best and a situation does not end the way it was hoped, perhaps it was a karmic relationship that had reached completion. Perhaps your Higher Self is now ready to open your life to something much more appropriate for your happiness. The marriage was certainly a spiritual success, not a failure. Because of the quality of inner work done, the right to move on to something more fulfilling has been earned. The feeling of the loss or sense of failure is but a temporary human illusion.

Two years later, you find yourself in a wondrous new relationship in which you are so much happier and there is much more affinity and harmony. Will you remember then the pool of Violet Fire you previously invoked to create this new avenue in your life? There are times when karmic situations are resolved and it’s time to move on. This is the way your prayers are answered. You are now “free” to experience something better versus staying in a relationship that has reached completion. Many times it is important to let go of situations that no longer serve you. The divine solution may not always, at first, appear to be what you want, but whatever is created will always be for your spiritual advancement and will bring the best result. The Violet Flame is also known as the “miracle worker.”

When you bless the person you have a problem with, let’s say a spouse, a neighbor, your boss, someone in your work environment or a relative, visualize her/him bathing in the Violet Flame of love and transmutation. Desire for that person to become free of his/her own burdens and awaken to their full potential. Do this with compassion and forgiveness. Use the flame of diplomacy in all your interactions with others. This is all part of the Seventh Ray activity. If you begin using the Seventh Ray with its many attributes and have no personal agenda other than wanting the best outcome in alignment with divine will, you will be amazed at the miracles that can manifest in your life and in the lives of others around you. This is how peace on Earth will be created.

Aurelia – I know many people are going to find the part about not having a personal agenda difficult because they also want it their own way.

Adama – Most of you are so focused on the end result of what you want that you tend to lose sight of what you have to release in order to let go and let the God within do its perfect work. All the various flames of God contain divine intelligence and consciousness. They are aware of the bigger picture and they know what is best for you. There are guardians, literally hundreds of thousands of masters, working with each flame.

Wanting it your way is like saying: “Well God, I want this, but I want it my way, even if it is ultimately not for my greatest good.” If you insist, don’t be surprised if you receive what you asked for. God always wants to give you the desires of your heart, and you may soon realize this is not what you needed. These flames bring forth the most magnificent outcomes in your life, but if you are determined to have it your way, your way will often manifest. When you are so determined to have it your own way, you may discover later that you missed something much better.

We see this happening all the time on the planet. People are very afraid to let go of their personal agendas and allow the wisdom of their higher selves to come forward. They are afraid to trust God or the masters. They have become comfortable in trusting the misaligned human ego instead of a higher intelligence.

Remember, lack of trust was the energy of the original fall of consciousness of mankind. Your experiences with that lack of trust have been very painful, indeed. The need to always be in charge, instead of being “in allowance” has created much disharmony. The higher aspect of “You” loves you totally and wants nothing but your happiness, enlightenment and mastery. This higher aspect of “You” knows exactly how to bring into your life the initiations and circumstances that will open wide the “Door of Everything.” Your constant resistance to clearing your fears from your path has created blinders that stop you from perceiving that wondrous doorway that has been available to you all along. Even if you have to go through many dark nights of the soul, surrender to the Divine Will, my beloved friends. Let go of fear and trust the process.

People are afraid to experience the dark night of their own creation. What got people in trouble in the first place was this lack of trust. When people decided that they no longer wished to trust God to feed them three times a day, and decided to get their own food instead, a misalignment was created. When they stopped listening to the voice of their own spirit, they separated themselves from the flow of the Divine. Now, several thousand lifetimes later, there is no trust in the union between Divine Spirit and Will, and nearly everyone lives in fear and lack of some kind. Now is your time, through experience and acceptance, to regain and relearn that energy of trust, in spite of appearances. Through intention and release, through allowance of all that is, the “obstacles” you created which block the access to the “Door of Everything” will be dissolved, and you will be free to “step in.” You will finally be home!

Aurelia – Is this the “bottom line” with respect to the healing that needs to take place in all our hearts and souls?

Adama – Exactly. Soon humanity is going to learn their lessons in much more dramatic ways. Events will transpire on this planet and people will have to make choices, the most important choices of many lifetimes. Your Earth Mother will soon no longer tolerate the type of separation that has transpired here. People will have to shape up or ship out. The new world order for this planet is not what your world leaders are projecting. Your Creator has projected instead a life of union with the GodSelf, with Earth and with all Life. Divine order will be soon restored.

Events that appear to be unjust or unfair are usually mirrors of the consciousness of the people involved. They are always created with the energies of the collective consciousness. For example, in your country many people do not like your government; they don’t want to become involved in any political activity because it is perceived as too negative. You have many books and websites describing all the wrongs and corruption of your government.

Although what is written and presented to the public is usually true, as your government is corrupt to the very core, you need to remember that your government always mirrors the “consciousness” of the people. When the people collectively raise their consciousness into higher integrity, they no longer attract the kind of government you now have. This is not only for the U.S., but applies to most countries on the planet. When a cataclysm occurs, the same is true. Cataclysms are nothing more than nature’s way of cleansing the imbalance or toxicity created by the consciousness of the collective. You do not honor the Earth. You trash her body, create pollution and use her resources unwisely. In so doing, you create large pools of unbalanced energies that must be released and cleansed through these cataclysms sooner or later.

When these balancing cataclysms manifest, they are charged with wave upon wave of Violet Flame, full of God’s purifying fire. War balances a tremendous amount of personal and planetary karma. Greater understanding is achieved. It may not seem apparent to those who still strive to control your free will. True, many people have suffered, but they also rebalanced their own personal karma in the process. After World War II, when so much karma was balanced on the planet, it opened the way to the expansion of new technology and the greater ease you enjoy today. Although life may still be difficult for many of you, it is easier than it has been for thousands of years.

Aurelia – Do you mean that everything we experience in our most personal relationships, as a society, as a culture and as a country are all mirrors created to reflect self and the collective consciousness?

Adama – Everything that happens, be it on a personal or global level, whether it is a volcano erupting, an earthquake, a riot or a war, always reflects the unbalanced or repressed energy people hold within themselves. It reflects the anger, fear, deception, greed, human injustice and other grief that people hold within their souls. They are all mirrors, nothing more than mirrors of what is out of alignment at the personal level.

Aurelia – Most people do not understand how we create our reality. They say that if they created their own reality, they would create the perfect body, house, mate, and abundant money, etc.

Adama – The problem is that people have not yet understood or realized how they create. Also, their creation does not necessarily come from this lifetime alone, and “karma” or lack of understanding has to be cleared before a new way can be manifested. People create constantly through their moment-by-moment thoughts and feelings, their words and actions, and the internal dialogue they conduct within their mind during waking hours. People may say, they want the perfect body or marriage, but the thoughts and feelings they entertain most of the time do not support their desires. If someone were to show them, moment-by-moment, what their thoughts and feelings have been, and how unbalanced they are, they would understand why they do not have the healthy body they desire, or the relationship or abundance they want.

To create the reality you want, you must become conscious of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Words are very powerful, and they constantly reinforce the energy of your feelings. Yet words do not always match your feelings. You may say, “I want more money,” but inside you feel poor. You want to be involved in a better relationship, but inside you feel you do not deserve it and you are not willing to weed out the garden of your soul in order to attract that perfect mate. You say, “I want a perfect body,” but inside you do not love yourself. You do not love your body as it is, and you are not in acceptance of the lessons you are learning with your body in its present form.

The body thrives on love, but nearly all of you do not love or take proper care of that body like we do in Telos. Very few of you love yourself enough to nurture yourself and your body properly or consistently. Most of you do not give your body the proper nourishment it needs to rejuvenate and radiate perfect health. How then do you expect to create a perfect body for yourself? You are constantly reaffirming what you do not want.

You live in a house of mirrors and the universe gives you back what you create through your thoughts, feelings and words. When you decree “I’m sick and tired of this or that,” you create very powerful affirmations that return the energies you just named. You constantly create affirmations of what you do not want. Be consciously aware that the universe hears you and honors what you say. “If she says she’s sick and tired, and keeps affirming it with so much strength and power, it must be what she wants. Let’s give it to her or him.” So you get the opposite of what you say you want. The mirrors keep reflecting.

Aurelia – Now in terms of using the Violet Flame to balance karma, how do we learn the lesson if we use the Violet Flame to get rid of it?

Adama – The Violet Flame will not “get rid of” karma. That is not its purpose. The Violet Flame will assist in balancing it as well as teach the lessons you need to learn in a more gentle way. If you resist the lessons and understanding your challenging situations teach you, the use of the Violet Flame may not bring the desired results. It cannot be misused to prevent you from the experience and gaining the wisdom that ultimately are the true meaning of karma.

There is a big difference between learning a lesson in a gentle way by heeding your inner guidance, or learning through a painful experience to receive the same understanding. Do you see the difference? The Violet Flame provides a more loving and gentle way of learning lessons with ease and grace. Lessons do not have to be as painful or difficult as most of you are experiencing at this time. Your resistance in opening yourself to higher ways creates the harshness in your lives. In fact, all the Flames and their individual attributes can assist you.

Another Invocation to the Violet Flame

Here is another way to use the Violet Flame as an invocation for the world around you: “In the name of the great I AM, I call to beloved Saint Germain, the guardian of the Violet Flame, to saturate the world with waves upon waves of Violet Fire, to infuse every particle of life, every man, woman and child on this planet in an auric field of Violet Flame to protect and to awaken them. I ask that this action be sustained until perfection is restored. And so be it.”

You may invoke this in your daily prayers and call on the millions of Violet Flame angels that are waiting to go to work. Send them everywhere in the world and fill the world with Violet Fire. Understand that angels are not allowed to interfere in your world unless the call comes from your plane. Send them to work; they are waiting to answer your request. Violet Flame angels can literally flood the planet with Violet Fire and diminish much pain. In your daily life, ask them to flood your personal world with Violet Flame energy. Many forest fires have been stopped because a few people invoked the Violet Flame to intercede.

Aurelia – It seems important to send the energy of the flame out to every man, woman and child on the planet, and through our hearts, flood the Earth with this energy.

Adama – Yes, and don’t forget the animals, the trees, the elementals, the nature spirits and the plant kingdom. The elementals are very often in need of your assistance, your love, your support and your invocations to the Violet Flame to be able to maintain balance on the planet. They need it now more than ever during this time of transition. The elementals are very involved in assisting the evolution of the planet into a higher octave. They are your helpers. The more Violet Flame and the more love they receive from humanity, the smoother the transitions are going to be for the Earth herself and for all kingdoms living on her body.

Aurelia – Adama, do the Lemurians use the Violet Flame in Telos to maintain the level of perfection you all experience there?

Adama – You bet we do. We use the energies of the Violet Flame constantly. In various temples in Telos, the energies of the sacred fires are perpetually invoked by the members of the priesthood and by many volunteers as well. In our main temple, the temple of Ma-Ra, we have an area consecrated to each one of the main sacred flames. Our people take turns tending and nurturing these flames around the clock. We live in the consciousness of these flames, and we constantly embrace their energies. In turn, we are blessed beyond measure by life.

Outside of Telos, in the area of the fifth dimensional Lemurian Crystal Cities of Light, we have temples consecrated to each one of the main sacred flames. These temples are quite large as a rule. The beings living in these areas tend and nurture the flames with their love, devotion and invocations around the clock. The fifth dimensional population is quite large, and the masters and angels of the sacred fires, as well as the priesthood of these temples, take turns tending and invoking the qualities and attributes of these flames. They do so in their own lives, as well as for the planet and for humanity. Their attention supports the energy required to maintain the level of perfection of the dimension they live in.

This type of ritual, dear ones, is done in every dimension. Angels of the sacred fires and angels from various choirs join in to support the many sacred flames we nurture. This is what makes the higher dimensions so beautiful and wondrous to live in. This activity went on in all temples in the time of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and in all civilizations of previous golden ages.

It will soon become important for you on the surface to involve yourselves in the nurturing and expansion of these flames, for yourselves and for the planet. We have done this for ourselves and on your behalf for a very long time. Soon it will be required that all those living on the surface aspiring to ascend into a fifth dimensional state of being step into a more evolved level of spiritual maturity. You will be required by Divine Law to bring your own personal contribution to these flames, for yourself, humanity and the planet. It is a requirement in the fifth dimension for all those abiding there. Are you ready for a meditation now?


Journey to the Violet Flame Temple in Telos

I ask now that you center in your heart and state your intention and desire to be filled with the wondrous energies of your divine presence. You may do this in this manner:

“In the name of the I AM that I AM, from the Lord God of my being, I ask now that every cell, every atom and every electron of my four-body system, all my subtle bodies, every particle of life that I am in all dimensions and states of consciousness, be filled with the wonders and the miracle energies of the Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love. I now ask to be filled again and again, 24 hours a day, each day of my life.” (Keep breathing it in.)

As you are being filled with the Violet Flame energies, set your intention to come with us on a journey with your higher self to the beautiful and wondrous Violet Flame Temple in the fifth dimension inside Telos. This temple has an etheric, fifth dimensional physical structure, and our people have access to it at any time, as you can, in your light body. In this temple, the Violet Flame burns perpetually, nurtured by the consistent love and devotion of our people, blessing all of life, mankind and the planet. This is a place where the Master Saint Germain spends much time with his twin flame Portia and with legions of Violet Flame angels of all the different choirs, recharging and attending the energies of this wondrous flame of God for the planet.

Keep breathing in the energy as much as you can, so you can bring this energy back to your physical body when you return to full consciousness.

Now see yourself standing in a large circular room with a high ceiling, where the Violet Flame is present everywhere. The walls are made of pure violet amethyst and the floor is made of amethyst crystal of a smoother texture and lighter color. Piercing through the amethyst wall you see many violet tone lights that give you the feeling of a mystical starry vision. The room is quite bright and you see dozens of fountains of all sizes and shapes emitting all possible shades of a violet hue, in a magical play of color and tone. Water fairies are having great fun playing with these energies. See them exulting in their playful joy. Flower fairies are also playing games creating beautiful flowers of all shades of white, gold and violet with this light energy. See them throwing some at you as their way of blessing and welcoming you. Open yourself to their joy and bliss. See also a great number of Violet Flame angels tending the Violet Fire with their love and adoration.

This great fire of the Love flame is not hot; it’s on the cool side. There are several chairs in the room, and we ask each of you to choose the one you are drawn to in the area that feels the most comfortable to you. The chairs are made of pure violet crystal, and under each one is a flame of violet rising up to meet and enfold you. As it is burning up from underneath, it is entering and infusing every part of your body through the lower chakras. There is also another flame coming down from above, penetrating your crown chakra and infusing every cell of your body through all of the higher chakras.

As you consciously breathe it into your heart, you are being filled with the Violet Flame of Freedom like never before. There are several Violet Flame angels surrounding each one of you, pouring cups of love and cups of Violet fire into your energy fields and the various aspects of your life needing healing. The experience is different for each one of you. Keep breathing in the energy. Now see the Master Saint Germain with his Lady Portia and the Lady Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and of Compassion, filling you with their love and imprinting your auric field with the flame of compassion, also a Seventh Ray energy.

We now ask you to open yourself to a greater level of compassion for your own healing and for the healing of those you love. Whatever it is you feel needs healing in your life, invoke the energies of compassion and forgiveness and allow the changes you want to take place. Stay in this state of bliss as long as you want. Talk to us, talk to Saint Germain or Quan Yin, the Goddess of compassion, and set your intention to completely heal yourself, including all the trauma of the past and the present. This room is filled with wondrous healing energy. As you sit and bathe in it, feel the waves of dark energy around and within your field wherever there have been problems, trauma or pain begin to lift and dissolve.

Feel a lessening of density. Feel how much lighter you are becoming. Feel the lightness and the sensation of joy infusing your being. As you feel greater joy, you lessen your burdens. Allow this lightness, this beauty, the love and power to nurture you in all ways. Keep breathing it in. Consciously request of the Violet Flame what you would like it to do for you. Sometimes, between your asking and the fulfillment of your request, clearing processes need to take place, but step-by-step you are working toward your victory. Do not feel rushed; take all the time you need.

When you feel ready, you can look around. Notice the guides, masters and angels willing to assist you if you have a query. The angels, by the way, especially those who work with mankind, come here to recharge with the Violet Flame vibration several times a week, or even on a daily basis. The unbalanced energy on the planet contaminates their forcefield, and they come here to cleanse and revitalize. We invite you to do the same. Stay with us as long as you wish. When you are ready, come back to full consciousness. Now, be mindful to not re-create through your thoughts, feelings and words the energies you have just transmuted.

We invite you to come back to this fifth dimensional temple any time you want. The door is now open to you. Master Saint Germain will always be there, and his angels are always ready to receive and love you, to assist you in any way that is needed. It is their great pleasure to lend their assistance.

As we conclude our talk this day in Telos, we honor all of you for your openness, sending our blessings of love, courage and wisdom. We also join our dear friend Saint Germain in sending waves of Violet Flame into the hearts of all those reading this material. And so be it.

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