Telos – The Call Goes Out from THE HOLLOW EARTH and the UNDERGROUND CITIES

Welcome from the Hollow Earth

(Mikos, through Suzanne Mattes)

What you hold in your hands is no less than a collective miracle between WE of the Subterranean Community and the author of this book. It is a miracle of love, dedication, and heartfelt desire between kinsman and family. I am privileged and honored to be able to come forward to present this collaborative effort on behalf of Telos and those of us who dwell beneath the surface on this beautiful planet which you call Earth.

My name is Mikos, and I am a resident of the city of Catharia. I am a Catharian from the Library of Porthologos, located in the HOLLOW EARTH beneath the Aegean Sea. This communiqué is in honor of the publication of the messages from our sister-colony, TELOS.

Our sister city, Telos, has established a long-term link with those of you from the surface. Many of the residents from Telos live and work among you, just as we do — and have done so for a very long time. How very precious is the bond of hearts in the miracle of love!

Each time a noteworthy archeological trek uncovers a part of that which you call your planetary history, WE of the Subterranean Colonies rejoice in knowing that you are remembering a time when many of us regularly and openly lived among you. Each time you realize that all things are interconnected, from the tiniest element of dirt beneath your feet, to the smallest of life forms within the oceans, to the great expanse of the heavens above you that twinkle with billions of stars, we celebrate.

You as surface dwellers frequently believe you are alone, but you are not. We are not only with you, we are like you. Yet do not assume that everyone who shares this place with you looks like you, or represents your cultures, or supports your sciences, religions, and politics. We kindly let this misconception pass silently among the greater numbers of you, as we do not wish to add yet another shake-up to your people, and create a larger span of place and time between us through the perception of our differences.

Each time you forget to be kind to yourself and each other, each time you fight and are hostile and angry, we send more love to you and this planet so that all may live in harmony despite the unique abilities of physical appearance, location and lifestyle.

For us to be with you, in heart and mind, is the greatest gift and honor we may have, now and forever. WE, of the Subterranean World, welcome this bridge we are able to create between your society and ours. All life, and all existence, depends upon this bridge.

Celebrate now with each other, and with us, as you read the messages presented within these pages. They represent the past, the present, and the future — a future highly possible for your children and ours. With much love, respect, and joy, we open the bridge and the doors to the One United Earth-World Colonies for Earth.

A Word from the Author

Having spent most of my lifetime feeling out of sync with the rest of society, I began to meditate in 1989 when I was 50 years old. I had taught school for many years, and even with all my degrees and all my education, I still couldn’t make sense of my life on Earth until I connected with my Twin Flame and began receiving inner guidance. Along with this ultimate connection came the remembrance of who “I AM” and why I am here.

It was a few years after this that I “found” a newsletter written by Sharula Dux, who came to the surface of the third dimensional plane from Telos, an underground city inside of Mt. Shasta. She was born in 1725, and presently lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband.

In Sharula’s newsletter, she wrote about the Subterranean Cities beneath the Earth’s surface, and told about life in Telos. She wrote that Adama was an Ascended Master and the High Priest of Telos. Upon my seeing the name “Adama”, I couldn’t stop wondering about him. One day I was sitting in meditation thinking about Adama, with my pen and notebook by my side, when I suddenly felt a burst of loving and gentle energy go right through me, almost lifting me up into the air. I then heard the words, “I AM Adama, speaking to you from Telos.”

You see, our thoughts go out into the Universe and instantly connect us to whomever we think about. So at the moment I thought about Adama, He received my thought and responded. Our thoughts are Light, and this Language of Light is the universal language which operates from within us at the sub-atomic level, through all frequencies, dimensions, time and space. Wherever our attention is, our consciousness goes. Adama felt my frequency and resonated to it. I then felt his response through the Language of Light, and my brain translated his frequency into thought, images and words.

For me, this was quite a simple process. I was just the receiver, recording the words as they came. My mind was entirely out of the way, neither analyzing nor evaluating nor judging the content of the message.

We each have our own distinct frequency band which identifies us to anyone in the Universe. This is our “signature”, so to speak. All we need to do is think a thought, and it arrives at its destination. This Living Light Language communes between all things, from the sub-atomic to the intergalactic, and connects all of life, everywhere.

Remember, We Are All One. When you think about an Ascended Being like Adama, know that He is instantly aware of your thoughts, and responds immediately. You just have to clear the air waves so you can hear his reply. That is the key.

Adama began to dictate messages to me at scheduled appointment times, and I would write them word-for-word in a spiral notebook. These dictations are still continuing, and I have been guided to compile the messages and have them published. I now understand that as LAILEL (my Star name), I have worked with Adama in past ages, and have lived many lifetimes in Telos and in Lemuria.

A Word About Telos

Telos, a Lemurian colony under Mt. Shasta in northern California, is a city of Light governed by a council of 12 Ascended Masters and its High Priest, Adama. The name Telos means “communication with spirit”.

The citizens of Telos, formerly of Lemuria, are working toward the Ascension. They can astral project to any location, and can telecommunicate to anyone in any locality of time and space. In Adama’s messages of empowerment, he tells us of our goal: “to become a Spiritual Warrior, one who acknowledges the Light within, and to reunite humanity into ONE human family. For once humanity feels God’s Love directly from within, all will be able to understand their purpose for being here on Earth, and will cease to feel the separation of their soul from God’s Light.”

All planets are Hollow, and are inhabited by human life of one vibration or another. The Sun is also Hollow, and is not hot, but cold. Our Earth is Hollow, and contains an Inner Central Sun.

The governing city within the Inner Earth is called Shamballa. It is located inside the very center of the planet, and can be accessed through holes at either the North or South pole of this planet. The northern and southern lights that we see in our skies are actually reflections of Earth’s Inner Central Sun, emanating from her hollow core.

There are over 120 subterranean cities located within the Earth’s crust. These Cities of Light are not far beneath the Earth’s surface. As a grouping, these cities are called the Agartha Network. The INNER EARTH BEINGS are highly evolved beings living on the interior surface of the Hollow Earth. They are mostly ascended souls who have chosen to continue their evolution in the Earth’s inner recesses because of the perfection of conditions existing there.

Although Atlantis and Lemuria have become myths on the surface, the people from Atlantis and Lemuria are flourishing in their underground cities. The people within these colonies are people just like you and me, who are living in the Third Dimension, just as we are.

Our Milky Way Galaxy is divided into 12 sectors. Our solar system is located in Sector Nine, and this sector contains hundreds of other solar systems. The Ashtar Command, also known as the Galactic Command, is composed of millions of starships and volunteers from many star systems and dimensions in our galaxy. The Galactic Command is part of the Confederation of Planets, and protects this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. Their purpose is to assist Earth through this current cycle of planetary Ascension. My twin flame is a member of the Galactic Command, and he guides me in my work of reuniting, through awareness and communication, Earth’s civilizations—both above and below the surface.

Ashtar is the Confederation of Planets commander for our sector. The Silver Fleet oversees our solar system, and has its spaceport inside of Mt. Shasta. Anton, who is from Telos, is the name of the commander of the Silver Fleet. It is primarily the people from the Subterranean Cities who serve on the Silver Fleet.

Welcome from Confederation of Planets

“Know who you are. Know you are on a great galactic mission. Know we all travel beside you as one.”

Welcome from Adama

“Greetings from Telos! We have been telecommunicating with Dianne, giving her messages to publish on our behalf. We urge you to read the messages in our book, for its purpose is to Awaken you to our Existence, to bring to your Awareness the full consciousness of the Cetaceans, and to Sound the Call to Awaken to the world around you.”

“We had journeyed far to reach our goal in consciousness, and had to go into the depths of the Earth to find the true peace we were looking for. Telos is our home, our haven, and we don’t want to leave it, not for very long at least.”

“Travel with us, on the Divine path to God, acknowledging your Divinity every step of the way, as we step together, One step from Below and One step from Above, in the Divine walk through life, meeting as One in the Stars.”

Our Lemurian Past

Greetings from Telos! I am Adama, Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos, a subterranean city beneath Mt. Shasta in California. I am dictating this message to you from my home beneath the Earth, where over a million and a half of us live in perpetual peace and prosperity.

We are human and physical just like you, except for the fact that our mass consciousness holds thoughts of only Immortality and Perfect Health. Therefore, we can live hundreds and even thousands of years in the same body. I, myself, have been in the same body now for over 600 years.

We came here from Lemuria over 12,000 years ago, before a thermonuclear war took place that destroyed the Earth’s surface. We faced such hardships and calamities above ground, that we decided to continue our evolution underground. We appealed to the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet for permission to renovate the already existing cavern inside Mt. Shasta, and prepare it for the time when we would need to evacuate our homes above ground.

When the war was to begin, we were warned by the Spiritual Hierarchy to begin our evacuation to this underground cavern by going through the vast tunnel system that’s spread throughout the planet. We had hoped to save all our Lemurian people, but there was only time to save 25,000 souls. The remainder of our race perished in the blast.

For the past 12,000 years, we have been able to rapidly evolve in consciousness, due to our isolation from the marauding bands of extraterrestrials and other hostile races that prey on the surface population. The surface population has been experiencing great leaps of consciousness, in preparation for humanity to move through the Photon Belt.

It is for this reason that we have begun to contact surface dwellers to make our existence known. For in order for the Earth and humanity to continue to ascend in consciousness, the whole planet must be united and merged into ONE Light from below and ONE Light from above. It is for this reason that we are contacting you; to make you aware of our underground existence so you can bring the fact of our existence to the attention of our fellow brothers and sisters above ground. Our book of channeled messages is written to humanity in hopes that they will recognize and receive us when we emerge from our homes beneath the ground, and merge with them on the surface in the not too distant future. We will be grateful to you for the part you play in helping us broadcast the reality of our existence.

Q: How old are you now?

I am from Lemuria, an ancient civilization. At the time of Lemuria’s height, I was an Initiate in the Temples that were prominent at that time. After the destruction of Lemuria by Atlantis, I went underground with thousands of others, to establish Telos.

I am no different from you, although I am hundreds of years old by now. So, I have had the benefit of many lifetimes all woven into ONE. This has given me great insight and great wisdom, which most people don’t begin to gather until the end of their short life span.

Living so many years definitely has its benefits. For me, I can astral project to anywhere I desire. I can also telecommunicate to anyone in any locality of time and space. These are all things that everyone in Telos can do because we’ve had the benefit of lifetimes of practice. So I am not so different, just more experienced in how to use life’s opportunities.

Q: How did your Justice System evolve?

We are here with you in great numbers, over 25 million in all, from all the Subterranean Cities of Light. We are all unified into one great network of Light, called the Agartha Network. This network is vast in its scope, and is responsible for our safety under the Earth. We attend great conferences, convening under the Earth, where our laws are discussed and weighed in the Light of God’s Divine Code of Ethics for the Earth. We are a selfregulating “government”, formed on the basis of Justice and Equality for all life, whether under or upon the Earth’s surface. All cases are weighed individually according to their specific circumstances, and all are judged by God’s Light and God’s Divine Code of Ethics so that all parties receive the greatest justice, and so that all parties benefit.

Our justice system is millions of years old, based on the original Lemurian system that was used when we lived on the surface in homes and communities similar to yours. We took this form of democracy with us when we decided to go underground 12,000 years ago. Our knowledge is vast, since our lives are long. We still have people alive who are 20,000–30,000 years old, and who, because of their lengthy age spans, remember “all that was” when we lived on the surface. These souls are wise indeed, for they have conscious access to all accumulated knowledge from that time forward. This is one of the ways we keep our laws pure, for we have the Divine Standard of God to base them on from the past. This was a time when we had reached glorious heights of evolvement.

Fortunately for us, we have been undisturbed beneath the Earth to carry on our evolution in peace and prosperity. Because of this, our evolution on all levels keeps increasing as the years go on. Someday soon, you, too, will be in the position of experiencing life in the peaceful and prosperous way it was meant to be lived. Then you, too, can gain in strength and wisdom, and evolve into the God Beings that you are.

All life needs peace for evolvement to take place. Without peace, species just struggle for survival, and never have “time” to add to the strength and wisdom that they have accumulated. So peace is a necessary factor for evolvement, and evolvement is a necessary factor for the continuation of a species.

All your brothers and sisters are here with you now; albeit, they are still in the higher dimensions, but they are here monitoring and protecting your planet. They are here to guide you on your path of evolvement to the Stars. So look to us, all of us who are here with you, whether from above or below, and call to us for strength and guidance. For we are all here for you, so that all of us, together, will find our way back home into the higher dimensions of Light.

Q: Did the Lemurians know of Atlantis’ plan for their demise?

Yes; however, we were cautioned by the Spiritual Hierarchy not to intercept or provoke a war because of the severe consequences to the Earth. So we waited and prayed, and made plans to evacuate ourselves to the underground caverns. This we did, and were able to save 25,000 souls. Atlantis did destroy itself in the end. We of Lemuria survive and flourish underground.

Q: Why didn’t the Lemurians return to the surface instead of remaining underground?

Know that we no longer cared to live on the surface because the firmament had been destroyed. We realized we could evolve more rapidly underground, where we were protected from the harsh elements and from marauding bands from other star systems. So we chose to remain beneath ground; wouldn’t you? We chose to remain underground because of the ravages of the surface weather and hostile climate. We have built a utopia underground, where we are free to evolve. You, too, will experience this utopia soon.

Q: Why move into Mt. Shasta, when there was the whole Inner Earth, with oceans and mountains, where you could have lived?

Know that in those days, the Earth was propagated with many Beings from outer space who came and went through the Inner Earth. It was felt by the Lemurians that we wouldn’t have our “privacy”, so to speak, if we inhabited the cities in the Inner Earth. We needed our own space to develop and carry on the Lemurian culture without interference from other cultures — and especially without interference from roving bands of renegades from outer space.

Although the Subterranean Cities are confined and restraining, for us they serve as a great protective barrier. Their limitation is our protection, and has allowed us to flourish these past 12,000 years without any interference at all. Mt. Shasta has been our “bubble” of protection, and provided us with the privacy to grow into our evolved race of Superior Beings, while still being able to remain on Earth. Notice the fragmentation and division that occurs in your cultures that are situated on the surface. They are open to all sorts of invasions, and not just military. Your whole surface society has been vulnerable to the whims and fancies of surrounding cultures; and whatever evolvement there has been, has crumbled due to the encroachment of others.

Therefore, in light of all this, our confinement has served an evolutionary purpose, enabling us to strive for and reach heights of accomplishment that we would never have been able to obtain had we remained on the surface or moved into the Inner Earth.

There were so many factors involved in our decision. Our survival was primary as to why we chose to protect ourselves on all sides by moving into Mt. Shasta. This has proven, beyond a doubt, to have been a wise choice, since we’ve been totally free to evolve into the Spiritual Warriors of Light that we now are. Someday soon, you, too, on the surface, will have the freedom and protective environment necessary to allow you to evolve into the Light Beings that you are. That is what the Ascension is all about.

Our Galactic Connection

You on the surface are situated ABOVE us, and BELOW the Galactic Command. You are receiving Light from above and below. You are between two great Forces of Light. We here in Telos watch over your surface population very carefully, monitoring your movements and reporting back to our councils. We know all that occurs on the Earth’s surface.

We embrace the light as it dawns each day, and bless the darkness as it descends on our homes. We bless all of life’s activities. We bless this great planet and all its life forms.

We are grateful to be a part of this grand experiment. We are grateful to be a part of the Earth’s great training ground, where we are all being schooled in life’s evolutionary process. Someday soon, we anticipate your journeying forth to visit us here in Telos, and we anticipate our emergence onto the surface, also. We await this time. We pray for this time when we can be reunited with our brothers and sisters again.

Know that in Telos, we see the light in all its diversity, and we use the light’s energy to travel in our astral bodies. We use light in all its ramifications to create and develop our civilization underground. For although it may appear dark to you, in reality the underground is quite lit up! Even the tunnel passages glow softly with our crystal light technology.

When we’re underground, we are aware of all that takes place in the Universe. We are connected to all star systems in our galaxy via our computer lines, similar to your world wide web network. We have a world-wide star network that connects all solar systems in our galaxy. We know what star systems all our brothers and sisters are located in, and know their current state of evolution by tuning into them on our computers. We know all our past lives through our computers, which register all pertinent information through all lifetimes. Our computers are privy to the Akashic Records, and they convert them into readable data.

Once we merge with your surface population, we will bring our computer network system to link you up to the Universe. Then you, too, can study your past lives, and learn and understand the reasons so many things seem to happen to you in this lifetime. Knowing the past explains the present, and enlightens the future.

Q: Why have our subterranean brothers and sisters abandoned us all these thousands of years and not come to our aid?

I will explain the position we hold here in the subterranean cities. We came here to evolve unencumbered by negativity. We chose to remain silent because we have seen and experienced the bands of marauders from other star systems, and we wished to be isolated from this so that we could evolve more quickly. We chose our present environment for just that reason. We did not want to expose ourselves to the negativity on the surface.

Ours was an experiment, too. An experiment to see how much and how far we could evolve if we were isolated from war and poverty. Coming to the surface, and intermingling with you, would defeat our existence underground. We would then be bringing these negative energies back underground with us, only to infiltrate our subterranean system. Do you understand this?

Even if we did surface and bring you our teachings and technologies before now, it would have been in vain. For your mass consciousness was not ready, and would have rejected our teachings, and us, as being from the devil. Know that we could not come to your aid because we, ourselves, would have been destroyed by exposing ourselves to the surface population. So therefore, we remained in the subterranean cities; waiting for the time when the mass consciousness could safely accept our teachings, our technologies, and us. Now that the Lightworkers have awakened, and the general population is becoming more aware and more sensitive to the Earth, we can safely bring everything to the surface that we’ve been guarding for centuries.

We have had enough wars and strife, and we needed to just concentrate on our spiritual growth, and hold the Light securely in place for the planet. We felt this was the best thing we could do, considering the conditions on the surface. Do you understand, now, the reason for our isolation and silence? We did it for our own protection and for yours. Had we not, our home, and teachings, and lives might have been destroyed by now if we had ventured forth to help a sleeping humanity.

We know the dark forces have invaded the surface, and are carrying out abductions underground. We know all that occurs on, and in, the planet. But had we exposed ourselves, we would have been victims, too; leaving no one to guard our teachings and technologies or to carry the Light.

We grasp the seriousness and depth of your concern regarding this issue, and we wish it could have been otherwise. We wish we could have been on the surface helping you and protecting you. But because of the circumstances, it would have been very unwise to do so. Now that the mass consciousness and energies on the planet are changing, we can (very soon) come to the surface and merge with the Lightworkers for the final stages leading to the Ascension.

We are here to bring you glad tidings of the forthcoming waves of Ascension that are soon to hit your Earth’s surface.

These waves are being generated from the Creative Force of the Universe, and are in unison with God’s Divine Plan for the Earth. You are all receiving higher levels of energy, and your bodies are adapting to these higher wavelengths of frequency. Soon a great wave of energy will descend on your Earth’s surface, bringing all life forms into a higher level of consciousness.

We, here in Telos, patiently await this time of increased energy. For it is this elevated consciousness, on your part, that will allow us to surface. There is a Divine Timing involved here, a Divine Time Frame, so to speak, that will allow us to emerge from our protection under the Earth’s surface. For until now, we have been Divinely protected in our homes beneath the Earth’s crust. We await the directive from the Galactic Command that will put our plan of full emergence into effect. This way, we will be fully protected when we do surface and contact you above ground in our physical third dimensional forms.

Our Merging Civilizations

First Message Received from Adama

Greetings, my Brothers and Sisters of Light! I am Adama, High Priest of Telos, and I am here to bring you greetings from your fellow citizens who dwell in Telos — your fellow brothers and sisters of Light, who are here working toward the Ascension just as you are. Know that we do indeed exist, and many of us have already surfaced.

We invite you to converse with us telepathically, for the merging of our two great civilizations is imminent and necessary for the ascension of the whole planet. You can ask to come to Telos before you go to sleep at night. You can call on Adama to receive you. This is all very exciting, for we have waited a long period of time to contact you on the surface. Now is the time, for the Earth is changing rapidly, and great cataclysms are in store for the surface. You will need to stay very grounded, very centered in your Being, and you will need to call on your Mighty I AM Presence to fill you, to stabilize you, and to connect you to the Earth, where you are holding the Light.

I thank you for making this connection with me, and for inviting me to speak to your group. I will be most happy to speak whenever you wish, whenever you call upon me, for I am here to serve along with you. Blessings; I send you blessings and greetings from Telos. I am Adama.

An Update on Our Emergence Plan

(Adama, through Aurelia Louise Jones)

It is my great pleasure to communicate with you at this time to remind you of our love for all of you, and to give you a little update on our emergence plan.

We in Telos are noticing with much delight the rapid changes that are occurring within the spiritual grids of our planet. We also perceive the amazing awakening that is taking place within the consciousness of humanity. Dear ones, as much as you may not yet see the full picture of this wondrous progress from where you stand, we in Telos have the necessary technology to be able to not only see this progress, but to make daily graphs of it on our amino acid computers. We can chart the progress made by mankind day by day in any area of your surface.

Each day we notice more people awakening to their divine purpose and mission, the very fact that there are so many of humanity that are now awakening to a better understanding of their Divine Nature. We also know that this awakening is no longer reversible, and your victory is assured. It is only a question of how many Earth-years it will take to reach critical mass. We can honestly tell you that it is happening even faster than ever expected by the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.

We in Telos, and all your brothers and sisters of the Earth Within, which is a very vast empire of many civilizations, are watching this expansion of consciousness with great joy and anticipation. We are supporting you with our Love and our Light. We are almost like children who are counting the number of days before Christmas; the “Christmas” of our uniting in Love and Brotherhood as one big Earth family. We are watching with delight and wonder the awakening taking place each day, and we know that the time for the uniting of our two civilizations is finally coming very close, after so many years and centuries of physical separation.

The moment of our emergence to the surface will be a time of love and great rejoicing for the many, particularly for those who are consciously aware of our presence within the Earth and have such a yearning in their hearts to greet us in their homes and finally talk to us face-to-face. The wonders of our great encounter will be even greater than the magic that a thousand Christmases holds for so many of you. Know that we long to be with you physically, as much as you long to be with us. Because we are family, it is a mutual desire.

We are also watching the Lightworkers who have embodied at this time, accomplishing this wondrous mission, and leading the way for this grand awakening. You are like brave warriors of Light, and we are holding you so preciously in our hearts. It is with gratitude and profound love that we salute and honor you.

The time of our emergence is no longer in the far-away, distant future. It is almost at hand, dear ones. We are no longer looking at decades, but just a few short years at the very most. We cannot give you dates, as we are not the ones who are deciding the exact time or date of our emergence. We will come when the spiritual awakening has reached critical mass, not sooner. Shortly, however, we will be granted permission to once again start mixing with a limited number of surface people. This exchange will begin to open the pathways for our eventual emergence to the surface, joining both civilizations as one big family of children from the Earth Mother.

We are beings of love, we live a path of love, and we want you to know that we have much love for all of you. When we come, we will be able to teach you a way of life that will help you establish very quickly the foundations for a permanent golden age of enlightenment, love, peace, beauty, and prosperity for all on this planet. We will assist you in ushering in this golden age that you have been longing for, for so very long. Just prepare, dear ones, by loving each other more, by seeing each other more like brothers and sisters. In your mind and heart, begin to be receptive to allowing us to become your guides and mentors, and I can make you the promise that you shall never regret it.

For the last 12,000 years that we have been living underground, we have established a foundation based upon the consciousness of Love and true Brotherhood in the subterranean cities, and in Telos. Over these thousands of years, we have been refining the structures of our societies to become more and more in resonance with Divine Principles in every aspect of our lives.

Beloved ones, we have witnessed your pains and struggles long enough. It is with much gladness and expectation that we wait to come out and show you the way to manifest this wondrous reality in your world, so that never again will there ever be any more suffering on this planet for humanity or for any of the other kingdoms evolving here.

It will not take 12,000 years to accomplish this with our help. We already know how. The melting of our energies through the magic of love can and will bring these wonderful changes to you. Be willing to open your hearts to us, and trust that we are not only your friends, but your brothers and sisters of long ago. On a soul level, we all know each other very well. We were all family at one time on the continent of Lemuria, and it has not changed.

We send you much love from Telos. Love is in great abundance here. We have no problem generating it, and it allows us to live in great opulence. We hold you dearly in our hearts. Until we meet, keep practicing the art of true love, which starts with loving yourself. Our preparations are now 90% completed for the great day of our emergence. May you all love each other and all of creation as precious jewels and expressions of the Love of the Father and the Mother. (end of Aurelia Louise Jones’ channeling)

Mother Earth’s Sacrifice

My Light shines forth from Telos, its beam directed into your heart space, conveying joy and well-being to you. We wait until we receive your vibration, and then we beam our consciousness to you. Telepathy is very simple once you know how to make the connection. We, here in Telos, await these exchanges when we connect as one across the span of Earth, and through the Earth, to meet you in your heart space — the place of love, joy, and well-being.

I dream of the merging of our two civilizations; yours from above, and ours from below. This merging will be the culmination of a great plan that we developed eons ago, before you incarnated on Earth. At that time, we laid out our strategy and plans for this moment in history when the time would be right to merge our civilizations. We have been waiting many thousands of years for this precise time on Earth when we could finally begin to implement our plans for the ascension of planet Earth, and the ascension of all its life forms above and within the Earth.

Our technologies have been guarded all these eons, waiting for this propitious moment to bring them forth to you, our brothers and sisters, who are selflessly waiting also on the outside of this grand Earth. Our Mother Earth is a great Being who has sacrificed her precious body to be a host to life on her surface and below her surface.She has sacrificed her well-being so that her children could learn their lessons of evolvement on the Earth plane in an environment of love and abundance. She has waited patiently, for millennia, for humans to evolve and recognize their God Selves and the divinity within themselves. She has waited through wars and famine, and abundance and glory, as this cycle repeated and repeated itself, as all life slowly evolved in consciousness on her surface and below her surface.

She has sacrificed a lot, and now her time of sacrifice is over. It is the time for all life to recognize its God Self and move into the Light of greater understanding and self worth. She is a patient Being, perfectly timing her transition into Light to correlate with humanity’s transition into Light; the same Light, the one Light of the Perfection of All That Is.

We, in the subterranean cities, have focused our Light on you, our brothers and sisters, hoping to stimulate and guide your emergence into the Light where we will all meet in the fifth dimension of God’s Love.

We salute you for your endurance and stamina in the face of the chaos and discontent you wade through in each of your days. Soon there will be no more wading, for you will be above this vibration and floating in a higher vibration of God’s Love where all is peace and joy, and well-being. I will meet you there. The time is quickening and the plans are in place, and all is in motion for your emergence into Light. I salute you for your bravery

Surface Destruction and Government Cover-up

Chemical and Biological Warfare

I bring you news of the Ascension as it rolls across the surface. We are all united as One. Our consciousness is united on the Inner Planes. All Beings On, and In, the Earth have agreed to unify and bring the Light in.

We send forth our love to you through the Earth’s crevices, where it reaches you instantaneously as you go about your business on the surface. We know about the surface conditions, and the biological germ agents that are being spread across the surface. We are aware of all that happens, and we look around dismayed at the horrific magnitude of chemical and biological warfare that is taking place without the inhabitants’ conscious knowledge. We pray for Light to cover the planet and blanket it in peace and well being. We pray for our emergence into the Photon Belt where only those souls who are of the Light will tread.

Our hearts are heavy with grief to see biological germ warfare spreading across the planet. We are horrified to see the same things taking place that took place when we once were living on the surface with the Atlantian civilization. We are horrified at the prospect of humans repeating this tragedy of desecrating the Earth and destroying its civilizations again.We are doing all we can to avert this. We pray continually to God for ways to come forth and rectify these conditions. Don’t fear. Just tune into the higher energies and move your vibration up the scale, and you will be unharmed. For once you’ve reached a certain vibratory frequency, your body will not be affected by third dimensional, dense plagues and diseases. You will be beyond their reach. It’s the only way out.

Mines Planted on the Surface

We will talk about the mines that are strewn all over the surface of the planet, planted by warring nations in their total disregard for humanity.

Humanity has fallen asleep, and in their sleep, they have let despots rule and coerce them into a life of terror and poverty. We, in the subterranean cities, are aware of the location of these mines, and when we surface, one of the first things we will do will be to remove and dematerialize these weapons of destruction. We will be working in unison with the Cetaceans, who will also be guiding the Confederation in their search for buried mines in the oceans. So this will be a two-way plan of removal of all mines from Mother Earth’s body. This can, and will, be quickly done so that we can get on with the Photon Belt preparation.

You on the surface, and we beneath ground, work together in many ways. Although you’re not consciously aware of it, you and we are working together at night on the Inner Planes, where all operations for entry into the Photon Belt are planned, prepared, and discussed. This way, when the time arrives, all will be in place, and you will intuitively know what to do and how to do it. All information will “surface” to your consciousness when the time comes for you to need it.

We will greet you on the surface in a new time frame, for which all on Earth have been waiting eons and eons. This is the purpose of the Mayan calendar. It’s to acquaint you with the new Mayan time frame that will make your entry into the Photon Belt harmonious and smooth. So, start today to adopt this new calendar and new way of looking at your days and your time; for your synchronicity with the Galactic Core will be necessary for the Photon Belt passage through the stars.

Q: When can we come to Telos?

We are stationed here beneath your Earth in full deployment for the time when we can safely surface. We wait underground as you wait above ground, for the energies to rise, for people to be in a higher state of consciousness before we surface. These increased energies on the part of surface folk are our protection; for we are as vulnerable as you since we have the same third dimensional body.

When people evolve in consciousness to the state where they will accept us, we will surface. We await this time. You can help speed up this process by sending Light to all humanity, and blanketing them daily with love. We in the underground are stepping up the energies we send to the surface to more rapidly bring about the time of our emergence.

If surface folk were to come to Telos now, their beliefs would interface with ours, creating a distortion in our mass consciousness that we hold regarding immortality. That’s why we must wait until your consciousness level is evolved enough to be in harmony with our beliefs of immortality.

You on the surface are kept in the dark by your government about us in the underground. They indeed know of our existence. They know we are here and they work with the dark elements here. Yes, there are cities of darkness below the surface, too, just as there are cities of darkness above. So your government is aware of our existence, and they keep it “top secret”. We expect to see this change soon, as our Light is growing stronger and stronger every day. Soon our existence will be known by all on the surface as the Light spreads across the planet. I will always be here for you. We are ONE — ONE heart and ONE mind working for the ONE Creator. My love ever flows to you.

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