“The dragon’s death throes”

First chapter from the Phoenix Journal No. 12, “The Crucifixion of the Phoenix”.



SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1989 7:30 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 137

And the word shall go forth throughout the land and let him who has ears to hear, hear, and him who has eyes to see, see. For in these days man shall be tried mightily. Man does not understand that he can change of his plight if he would but free himself of his shackles. If he would but turn into brotherhood one with another—but man has lost his way. Man has written his own destruction path for it is man who has set forth the prophecies to suit himself—one to gain “it all” and the other to “have not”. This is the time to make of your choices for the time of the opening and closing will not be given unto you.

Who told you that the Messiah would be red or green or black or white? Messiah means messenger—do you not think the messengers are all about you in every color and creed of human?

What of those ones who come forth and call themselves Jesus Christ — returned? The Christ shall bear of a new name and thusly, he who says “I am Jesus Christ” shall be discounted. For I bear a “new” name upon my countenance and I am light. Before the white man I WAS AND I AM. Before the black man–I AM. Before the red man or the golden ones–I AM—-and because I AM and I WAS—YOU ARE! He who paints and labels shall be holding of an empty paintbrush—FOR I AM!

The blacks say,–“Ah, the white man had done this unto me.”—Surely so, for the black man has assisted. The brown man says, “Ah, the white man has done this undo me.” Surely so, for the brown man has assisted. The red man says, “Ah, the white man has done this unto me.”–Surely so for the red man has assisted and so it is through all the races. And what of the white races? Ah, the white man has done it unto them also—for they all sat and allowed and assisted. SATAN HAS DUPED YOU ALL. WILL YOU BE READY FOR THE YEAR 2000? WILL YOU BE READY FOR THE PLAN 2000? SATAN THINKS HE IS READY AND HE MOST SURELY IS FAR MORE PREPARED—SATAN IS COLOR BLIND–HE ONLY FEARS THE LIGHT. HE SIMPLY DIVIDES THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN INTO SEGMENTS, PITS ONE AGAINST ANOTHER AND THE HOUSE FALLS FROM DIVISION.

What did YOU do to be birthed black? What did YOU do to be birthed white? Red? Golden? Yellow? And what have you done to become Gray??? You have allowed the Gray Men of the satanic rainbow to hoodwink you and set you against your brother. He caused ones to tempt and act in greed and others to “sell out” their own greed.

You had best stop of your flinging arrows at your brother of various colors and creeds for “tis Satan and the Gray Men who have the plan all but finished–a one world government of such power and destruction that you can not imagine. You are being systematically destroyed if you do not fit into The Plan and it is quite accepted that some will willingly become slaves and some will not–those who will not are to be annihilated, along with those who are considered troublemakers and unwanted.

Look at that which has been brought forth upon the United States–“The PLANNERS” have taken the “manhood” away from the Black man. He has worked on the very “macho” traditions of the Black and Brown tribes. He has thrust him into poverty, kept him from achieving except through crime and drugs. He has given weapons of war that he might kill of his own–gangs. He has trapped the unwary into addiction and satanic worship of the entity and the idols thereof. Then when the majority of the “people” are disarmed and the situation is horrendous—THE PLANNERS will send in the police troops with gear that outdoes the gangs and mow them down like flies on a carcass. The black will lose a generation of young leaders and THE PLANNERS will be safe for a little while longer.

Can you of the U.S. actually accept the deaths of thousands in Panama, because one marine was killed in an altercation and a marine’s wife was insulted? It is because you live in the midst of evil until you as a sweet little person in Timbuktu have become as evil.

You are uninformed and are kept that way. You are more interested in your day-time soap story and sport games than watching your non-news. You have even been told that to relieve “stress”–“don’t watch the news-casts”. You have not only sanctioned, but participate in the evil game of “getting to the top”. You have done it to yourselves.

The white supremists say, “Why don’t all of you who are not white, go back to where you came from?” And the red man says, “Why don’t ALL of you go back to where you came from?” And so it goes. IF YOU ARE TO PREVAIL THROUGH THESE TIMES OF EARTH CHANGE AND ENDING CYCLES, YOU WILL TAKE YOUR BROTHER’S HAND, YOU WILL ALL BECOME TOTALLY COLOR-BLIND AND YOU WILL UNITE AS ONE–OR YOU WILL PERISH AS INDIVIDUALS DIVIDED AGAINST YOURSELVES.

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