Telling them was never going to be enough

Trump knew his warnings wouldn’t get through to these thick skulled lunatics. Hence why we’re in the situation we’re in right now.


Telling them was never going to be enough. Not with the Fake News Media.


Trump knew the only way would be to show them first hand what life is like under a radicalized socialist extremist government. Then, and ONLY then will people wake up and realize how good they had it under Trump’s America.


Then you also have to account for the fact that Big Pharma, Big Tech, Hollywood, the Vatican, MSM, the CCP, Iran, & Compromised DC Swamp Officials all wanted Trump dead.


They wanted him dead so badly that they tried assassinating him more than 30 separate times over the course of 4 years. It got worse once Epstein was in prison. And it got even worse when Trump cracked down on Big Pharma price gouging.


He told us he needed to go away for a while. He told us we won. He told us we will see the triumphant return a lot sooner than we think. He told us how important “Optics” are playing this dangerous game. He told us that we’d be victorious in the end. He told us there’d be a transition into the next Trump administration. He told us how important having faith in Jesus Christ is. He told us the best is yet to come.

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