Return to 1776

Watch this video to understand the history of Russel Jay Gould, maritime law, human slavery and straw man fraude.


And what the world is about to be liberated of when we return to 1776.


Russel Jay Gould who by divine guidance of God, he recognized a short period of time after the clearing of America’s debt, that we could regain our sovereignty from the British crown slave masters. He planted the true US American flag in the Philly post office as post master general to plant our stake in our own country.


Russel Jay Gould is a shocking, humble, unknown hero of this country along with Trump, we would have once again been quickly enslaved by the British banking and slave system. This man suffered beatings, imprisonment and hunger for the knowledge he applied.


Pray for him as you pray for Trump and Q team. He is a national hero making NESARA / GESARA possible.

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