>PUSHING FOR WWIII: U.S. military-industrial complex continues to escalate conflict with economic sanctions


NATO’s relentless push for anti-Russian hatred across the global economy could force China to retaliate if its own businesses end up getting punished in all the fray.


CNBC‘s Eunice Yoon joined the “Squawk Box” the other day to talk about how China is being backed into a corner amid escalating sanctions against Russia, which are also impacting other nations that do business with Russia.


The United States military-industrial complex, which includes media, religion, the technology sector, and of course the government, are all now engaging in open xenophobia against Russia in response to the Ukraine invasion – almost like they are all reading from the same script.


Despite the presence of Pentagon-run bioweapons laboratories throughout Ukraine, and the constant encroachment of NATO towards the Russian border over the past several decades, we are all somehow supposed to believe that Vladimir Putin is the bad guy in all this for basically protecting his own borders.


The U.S. could learn a thing or two from Putin about the importance of protecting one’s own borders, it turns out, but I digress.


“The Chinese foreign ministry said that if the U.S. sanctions Chinese companies that China would respond ‘firmly and forcefully,’” Yoo explained during the CNBC segment.


China also warned that the U.S. is operating “dangerous” biolabs in Ukraine, calling the corporate-controlled media machine in the U.S. an “Empire of Lies.”



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