PENTAGON [ DS] agencies who are preparing to unveil > ALIENS ARE A THREAT< and [ they] have EVIDENCE ( DEEP STATE AGENDA program/ project bluebeam )

… They are unveiling this AGENDA to start a 2 trillion dollar money laundering system


( As [ they] have lost trillions in UKRAINE./ BLACKROCK / STATE STREET/ VANGUARD and the EU silent removal of the ROTHSCHILDS which is connected to BLACKROCK filling bankruptcy< )




Long ago.. One of the heads of NASA and CIA operative Wernher von Braun a member of NAZI party brought into the U.S. through other NAZI parties that had already INFILTRATED the U.S. system years before > ROCKEFELLERS. ROTHSCHILDS. NASA. U.S. BANKING SYSTEM<


Wernher von Braun had CIA TOP CLEARANCE and was heavily involved in CREATING NASA into a powerhouse of It intelligence operations for the DEEP STATE CABAL ……VON BRAUNs last statements before his death was that The ALIEN INVASION card would be played to bring society under control…. This would happen after a pandemic and after the PENTAGON made Russia the enemy.

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