James Comey

> HRC /Obama stooge< ex fbi director who helped set up Crossfire hurricane Operation to crucify Trump in the fake Russian collusion scandal, has a daughter named Maureen Comey who is connected to the lost video of Epstein’s first suicide attempt , she was also a lead prosecutor on the Epstein case…. NOW she is part of the prosecution team on the Ghislaine Maxwell case<<<


>It’s BEYOND fair to say the DEEP STATE CABAL has highly [infiltrated] the GHISLAINE MAXWELL CASE


or perhaps the WHITE HATS have placed all the actors where they need to be..<<<



Very very interesting how GHISLAINE has asked [DS] UN to get her out of jail…

As now known the UN/Clintons funded her child trafficking organization and gave her passports for micronation with immunity by the UN… And her TerraMarrl org. Is connected directly ROTHSCHILDs who owned the property for the TerraMarrl base….


Something strange is happening for all to see……



Your watching a movie


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