PUTIN SEIZES OVER 160 OLIGARCHS companies, holdings, assets and properties in a single 24 hour operation sweep in South Ukraine which controls 70% of Ukraine’s shipping industry.


The worlds second largest money laundering operations through UKRAINE oligarchs that control banks, shipping, weapons, foods ( grain), fertilizer took a MAJOR hit as PUTIN seized their ACCOUNTS. Operations, businesses and assets…. The Fall of the DEEP STATE operations in Southern Ukraine is connected to Pelosi, BIDENS , Obama’s, CIA, BILDERBERG ( Roth’s) group companies, subsidiary companies and holdings that invested Trillions (money LAUNDERED ) and still had Trillions invested through these UKRAINE OLIGARCHS companies. Banks. Business’s.


>UN NATO ECT ECT ECT ECT Biden ECT ECT took a MAJOR hit with this RUSSIAN operation



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