I, Hatonn, Am: Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn / Christ Michael / Aton

I, Hatonn, Am: Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn / Christ Michael / Aton

I write through a “translator”, a device for communication by pulsed shortwave transmission. This is neither telepathic channeling nor hocus-pocus. It is simply pure physics, applied to transmit frequencies, receive the transmission in a receiver, and translate the signals into the English language.


I am the commander of the “Phoenix Project” and serve the command of that ONE whom you call “the Messenger, Christ, God,” etc. The command fleet comes from the sector of the Pleiades, from which your lineage descends. My mission is to prepare for the return of God, who reclaims His property. He has come forth and prepared a safe passage and a place for each of you to seek shelter with Him. The decision to do so is up to each individual, for coercion is not a characteristic of God, and you have your free will in every respect.


Our immediate mission is to create records of truth concerning historical facts, for the planet is ending a cycle and beginning a new and wonderful cycle of experiences. This gives you, the members of the human species, the opportunity to make a change along with the significant physical changes of the planet. Yours will consist of a spiritual change and will include physical ascension as appropriate. Everyone is offered the choice of direction and ascension.


The purpose of these writings and speeches is to enable the truth to reach those who desire to receive it. The “Journals” also serve as a historical record of this period of history in terms of what occurred earlier – known and unknown – for all life forms and generations of some sort that will follow this manifested experience here.


You are now reaching the wall, in a sense, where you all can’t escape crossing the societal inversion boundary point. You will begin to reclaim your rights or you will fall prey to the adversary who, by the way, is obtrusively announcing that he is the Antichrist. You are in the time of Armageddon and its appearance, as it can be recognized by the prophecies.


For me it makes no difference whether you believe this information or not. The truth is there for infinity, and God is not sending us, the Heavenly Hosts, to tease or kibitz you with the facts of this matter – we are here to present to you the situation as it is.


Your “enemy”, meaning the “strangers from outer space” are now all stationed in your orbit. You have no enemies among the brotherhood of space (cosmos). You have enemies in your environment who are very earth-oriented and earthly in origin. All this is explained very profoundly in these writings, while this message here serves to identify me and my co-workers, as we bring information and help in this evolutionary epoch.


We offer the uncovering of what is happening and how it is unfolding on your globe, so that you can be clear about your distress – with arguments and evidence. It is up to you how you respond, but it is up to us to respond to those of you who have asked for support and help. We will DO nothing for YOU; but we will serve you by informing you HOW TO DO SOMETHING as we move through the maze of an incredible deception.


You have NOTHING TO FEAR from us, the members of the Brotherhood of Light of the Cosmos, for we work and operate only within the Laws of God and Universal Creation (by nature). Your would-be “kings” (rulers of the world) have nefarious plans to harm you and then blame it on the Cosmic Brotherhood – and what they will claim is a blatant lie. You are “humanity caught in the lie” and unless you wake up and reclaim your heritage as nations and peoples – you will fall – no more, no less.


Massive efforts are being staged to stop our publications – so be it.


We have nothing to lose – you, on the other hand, have everything to lose, including your soul and physical life. My job is to inform you, and I will do so as best as my granted abilities allow, for I/we are not authorized by Cosmic Law to intervene except in specific and well-described cases that have been staked out in prior, lengthy discussions.


I serve aboard the command ship “Phoenix” and hold the Fleet Command. I am Commander of the United Fleet of the Federation, the Intergalactic Command of the Federation. I associate with other commands, such as the already mentioned “Ashtar Command”, only in case of imminent destruction of the planet, since in such a situation this command has the task of carrying out evacuations of any kind. Our fleet will bring God’s humanity to safety. Towards the “Adversary” and his successors I have no responsibility, and nothing evil shall be brought to the places of the God of Light. Evil is an expression of the “human”, and we do NOT allow ANY evil in our well-ordered, God-centered societies. This, on the other hand, is not to say that those who are still rethinking will not at least be taken to places that will ensure survival of the soul.


I am not here to ask permission for whatever. I don’t care what one or the other thinks or believes. God has given me a mission and I am only looking at it. You can join me or deny me, it makes absolutely no difference to me. I have a commitment, and that is the only thing that matters to me. You can do what you want – agree or disagree.


I advise you, however, to read all of this with an open mind, to acquaint yourself with the “possibilities” it contains, because every aspect of your intelligence is already signaling to you that you are in traumatic times of change – so that for that reason alone you would be well advised to consider that this information is the truth.


I preside over a cosmic council that looks after this sector of the universe here, and I think you will find that I am not outvoted. The one who denounces my person would do well to be careful, for I will meet with any person and/or energy who claims I am insincere. I have noticed, however, that no one ever somehow wishes to participate in this invitation to a confrontation – don’t you find that strange?


You will find that most of the “New Age” groups and speakers are totally in agreement with the “New World Order” and its “World Government”. However, most people will deny this, that they do not notice the deceit, nor how the innocent and ignorant are being made dependent. I advise you to watch out, because you are about to lose your world – not just your freedoms.


I will continue to make you aware of the concealments as they have happened and are still happening. God has not adopted a mysticism or a secret agenda -, God is open, and the only “secret” comes from the fact that you simply do not understand enough – that too. He gives you openly and freely. With Him there are no secret rituals or hidden doctrines, no royal titles and no preferential positions for any elite. If you encounter any of these things in the context of something YOU are following, I would advise you to use wisdom in your decision-making process.


If you give away your power to someone else by accepting their rules, then you have given it away forever. God invites you to accept your power in His name so that you can find unity in His grace and reclaim what is your rightful inheritance.


I think we must begin to publish this introduction of myself and the purpose of my being here, because we are being flooded with new readers, and it is of the utmost importance that you KNOW who we are and what we intend to do – because we are going to devote ourselves to the business of our FATHER.


Once again, by seeking truth and insight, you have nothing to lose, but you have everything to lose – in the physical realm and in the realm of the soul – if you continue in ignorance, you submit to the interests of liars and deceivers who want the truth hidden from your ears and eyes.

So be it. I greet you who accept the responsibility.


I feel sorry for those of you who do not do so and have great pity for them, for we are now moving further into an ever more compressing time as far as your sense of the length of a day is concerned. I offer you my hand in love and in brotherhood, and I give you all that I have and am. Accept my person, or reject it – but I advise you to at least consider the possibility that we bring you the truth, and so you will approach it and understand it.


Not to perceive the greed and exploitation that have already bound and gagged you is immeasurable stupidity. The better part of prudence is to perceive, analyze and then act. Never does God limit your investigation of all facets of truth -, and how does your “minister” behave in this regard? And in general, your hierarchy that controls you? I advise you to think about it carefully.

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