How many times has the Pope said they are going broke?

Lin Wood brought it up too. Everything has been seized and taken from there.


New complete bibles have and are being made. 777 books that were stolen from humanity and stored under the Vatican along with all the Precious Metals.


What is the Head Of The Snake?




False Prophet? Vatican – Jesuits/Popes.


AntiChrist = Zion. The ones who hate Jesus. Anti God. The ones who love Moloch the Transgender Goat.


See Alister Crowley.


The Vatican Raids started in Mid 2019 and 50,000 Troops descended on Rome on St Patricks Day 2020.


What did St Patrick do? He chased the Snakes away.


The Russian Spetznaz played a big part.


How did Q know 2/3 years before that the Black Pope Superior General would die in May?


Written down as dead May 2020 in Tokyo.


Why was there so many deaths in Rome at the start of Corona or Operation Defender Europe?


You saw the military there with assembled Coffins in the streets.


Yes there was a big shootout with Mafias etc. You seen all the Cardinals/Bishops etc die in this period last year.


You seen all the European Royal Rona deaths too.


Just to confuse you they did the same thing in Brazil with Military & coffins but they were empty coffins.


You saw the IRON BRIDGE in Rome burn down & collapse on the same day as Julius Caesar (October 3rd)

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