Going Quantum

The only way to let your chakras open up and spin properly, permanently at full Quatum speed is to grow your self mastery.


It is vital that we come to understand the connection between our individual energy field and the collective energy field of planet earth, connecting us to the universal power grid of Light.

The light that Tesla discovered that supplies us with free energy.


We humans are made of energy, that flows through our physical body and around us in a magnetic field, that connects us to all that is.

We connect through our hearts and minds and navigate these energies through our chakra system.

This genius system supplies us with a guidance centre to understand what happens in ourselves and supplies us with unlimited data and life force energy.


As we navigate these energies in daily life we tap into the information of energy from the people, places, situations, foods and things we come into contact with around us.

We then interprete the energy into thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


The long lost knowledge of tapping into the field information of energies below and above us via the ether is the next step in mastery.

The next step in rediscovering ancient knowledge in the evolution.


We seem to have narrowed our supply of life force down and depend on force from life around us, what we call the 3D.

This dimension is run and protected by the ego Mind that believes it is faulty, in debt and dependant for survival and energy for love, shelter and food.


It is through mastering your internal energies you will be able to break through the 3D and open up to receive the higher energies from the ether above and the earth grid below you.

The free quantum energy zone where you can get high on your own suplly.


The earth has a chakra system equal to the human system. This is what connects us to eachother via the mind and the heart, with the Universe.

It is like a natural WiFi network with an unlimited source of data.

Anchoring you into high peaceful and unconditional loving energies and collective ancient records of knowledge we call the 5D.

This dimension is run by your higher Self, your divine Spirit, the infinite God source inside us all, connecting all.


By becoming a master of your own energy, you break out of the so called 3D matrix that holds you back in the narrow ego belief system.

When you learn how to master the ego, you become your quantum, higher infinite Self.


You have to declare how you overcome fears, shame, blame, illusions, ego’s attachments, lies, grief, so more Light of the quantum field can enter into your field.


You have to reach a level of spiritual understanding of every thought and emotion inside.

Declaring purity of intention is how you overcome your Darkness, how you remove the blockage of specific chakra,s.


Letting go of concepts of fear, shame and guilt is the portal to the new beginning with so much more potential in Life.

Basically you have to declare and act to remove every specific block in order to resurrect.


And so it is.

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