German defence minister says his country cannot protect itself in war<

German defence minister says his country cannot protect itself in war<

The Germany Defence Minister said the army of his country is understaffed and does not have adequate equipment as it has been neglected from the federal government for decades
☝️ NATO second biggest allies Germany is not interested in fighting RUSSIA

last year I told you.. Germany has made back door deals with Russia…..( And their military white HATS had constantly stopped and halted millions of munitions. Artillery and military missiles and combat vehicles to Ukraine…….) .
///// If you remember German prime minister went on a secret meeting to China to meet XI ….
And in this meeting BRICS was discussed and how Germany WILL create their own GOLD backed banking system that will connect to BRICS trading in 2026…. Around the same time 45 WILL create the U.S. GOLD BACKED SYSTEM………)))/

_WHITE HATS INSIDE NATO (COMMANDERS LEADERS met with several High ranking Leaders inside EU…… AND THE U.S. BIDEN REGIMEN AND OBAMA REGIMEN OFFICERS WERE NOT INVITED…….) Gather in secret meeting in EU and discuss the U.S. ATTACK ON NORD STREAM////
and UN. AND DAVOS REGIMEN. CIA . MI6. As the meeting took place with out them and the Biden regimen//////

Nobody wants to Openly talk about these secret meetings as NATO is becoming unraveled and countries are choosing not to support NATO and want investigation into Biden. PENTAGON.cia ATTACK in Russian pipelines.///

( I have been informimg you the past 1 year and half this was happening inside NATO…. INFIGHTING.)
///… Now as TURKEY plans to leave NATO ( they already have plans with China Russia BRICS … But are PUBLICLY supporting NATO as a final jesture and stalling the inevitable moment they will leave NATO)….. ITALY is against NATO and buying Russian oil.

France is one of Russias biggest costumer in buying food. Grain. petroleum… As is half of EU .

Now Germany is PUBLICLY stating they don’t have the power to fight Russian and the resources…..

5 months ago I dropped the articles that EU. Has no military stock and panic was evident in the European Union as commissioners and public relations openly stated several EU countries have no military stock to defend it’s self..//)

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