Explanation of Qdrops

Q is military intelligence (nobody knows who)

Qdrops are coded messages posted over a timeline of 3 years (timestamps, delta,s, mirrors, gemmatria help you decode messages and expected or unfolding scenarios.

Trump and several major accounts tweeted with time stamps relating to events and the qdrops to communicate with the awakened and curious.


Anons are the digital soldiers that did the digging and started decoding and spreading truth over the past few years.


An online army has been causing a ripple effect we call The Great Awakening for the past few years.

Trumps twitter account was deleted in dec 2021 (same night Whiplash and my account and so many others got deleted 😉)

Q stopped dropping in December 2021.

We have been watching a movie ever since.


The time stamp off a tweet relates to a Qdrop you can find on the qalertsapp.

A Delta is a drop from a year or two years a go but same date.

A mirror is the opposite of what you see: Expand your thinking.

Gemmatria codes are used in tweets using the Capital letters.


Anons were trained to question, find, decode, expand, connect dots using symbols, signs, hidden messages and gematria. Using their own tactic against the dark.

This has caused and awakening and expansion of our ability to concur the darkness.


The time has come

Dark to Light

Where We Go One We Go All

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