EMS = Election Management Systems.

Betcha’ didn’t know almost all the software/code in the apps/platforms being used to run elections in hundreds of US counties was


  1. Written by programmers from the CCP


  1. Owned by CEO’s running companies with direct ties to the CCP


  1. CCP law means whatever code they write, whatever app they own, any platform, they have a right to take digital information on that app or platform and download it to China because…they own it. It’s theirs. You use a CCP-owned & connected digital highway, any information you put into it can become their property. If you’re on WeChat or Tik Tok…get off. Now.


  1. And since they own the data and it belongs to them, once the data is inside mainland China, they can do whatever they want with it.


  1. It was discovered by Catherine Engelbrecht & Gregg Phillips of True The Vote that China has been downloading some of the data running over these CCP-connected EMS apps and platforms. The detailed Personal Identification Information [PII] from 1.8 million US election workers is just the start of what the CCP considers itself to own.


  1. CCP wrote the code for and manages and operates EMS systems in multiple countries. And it considers all the data it gets it’s hands on via these EMS systems to be theirs and they can do whatever they see fit with it.


  1. This makes removing CCP-controlled and affiliated software apps and platforms from US election systems in hundreds of US counties a serious matter of national security.


The national security agencies of the federal government should have taken action long ago. The fact private citizens are having to expose this CCP infiltration of national security infrastructure and take action while the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, Cyber Command and CISA are either caught napping to this threat or are complicit in covering it up is infuriating and alarming.


  1. People who told you for the past month that The Pit was a big nothingburger didn’t have a clue what was going on. 100+ experienced diggers and researchers like me were brought in, had the Tiger Project explained to us, and then we were asked for help.


We gave it.


And things are never going to be the same once we’re done.


All these CCP-controlled/affiliated EMS apps and platforms are going to be discarded.  The entire country is waking up to the fact our election systems has been corrupted by a hostile foreign power and remedies need to be implemented to root them out and make changes to how Americans  vote.  This includes getting rid of these machines and going back paper ballots.


And you can quote me on that.




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