Brotherhood of the Oak and Sisterhood of the Rose

Excerpt from Telos – Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation

Andal and Billicum

Greetings and blessings to our brothers and sisters of Mother Earth’s interior and to those of you on her surface!

We are Andal of the Brotherhood of the Oak and Billicum of the Sisterhood of the Rose. We come to you today as emissaries of our people, for the purpose of expanding your awareness of another kingdom on the planet about which you know very little. Indeed, we are aware that you have yet many kingdoms to discover on your planet. As your consciousness expands to embrace the vibration of love in greater measure, the discovery of the other kingdoms will bring much joy and new songs to your hearts.

Together, as a very large family, we comprise a gathering of energies that represent both the plant and the crystal kingdoms (including stones and minerals). We are a race of explorer beings, shall we say, who have investigated, stored and dispersed the full radiance of energies and beauty that are to be found in these kingdoms.

Our mission has been in process for millennia, and we have played an active role in the history of this planet since the time of Lemuria. Our existence predates Lemuria, but our awakening into service did not happen until the heart of Lemuria was awakened. We are beings who would appear smaller in stature than the images you have of our Lemurian cousins, but our energy signature is very long. If you were to view us in your realm, we, of the Brotherhood of the Oak, would look very much like your “hobbits” of popular literature. We, of the Sisterhood of the Rose, would look very much like your drawings of fairies.

In the etheric realm, however, the Brotherhood appears as very tall shimmering green beings who exude an extremely powerful energy that connects with you through your third (or solar plexus) chakra, and runs down through your lower chakras into the Earth herself. The Sisterhood appears like pulsing rose pink balls of energy that connect through your heart chakra and flow up to your seventh chakra to connect with Divine Source.

Together, we nurture the energies of human beings who inhabit the surface of the Earth whenever they journey into the natural realms in which we exist.

These journeys can be taken in the physical or the etheric realms. We are available whenever we are called to share with you, and we will imbue your physical and etheric bodies with the radiances of the plant and crystal kingdoms. To contact us and interact with us, simply set an intention to invite us into your energy. This will allow us to sample your current energetic state and provide you whatever is needed to balance your energy fields. We work closely with the consciousness of any crystals that may have within your environment, as well as the energies of the plants and trees that grow around you.

We have spent our incarnations on this planet exploring, cataloguing, understanding and creating various forms and methodologies to support the full radiance of each species of plant and crystal life. Each individual species, be it flora or fauna, rock or ether, has its own color, its own spectrum of radiance, and is aligned with its own ray vibration. Within this set of characteristics there are individual variations, as you move, for instance, through the considerable variety of roses. We have explored all of these and stored remembrances and qualities of all that we have experienced. In effect, we represent the living, breathing library of the plant and crystal kingdoms.

In this respect, we work closely with all the beings of Earth’s interior to balance and harmonize the environments that have been created to sustain them. We also work with all beings on the surface that can and will harmonize with our energies. You know very well one such being, by the name of Edward Bach, from your recent Earth history. His work with flower essences was guided by his interactions with us in the etheric realms. His gardens and woods in the region of Great Britain were favorite places for our invocations for the radiance of the plant kingdom.

Many others have continued to increase his repertoire of essences, which are part of this re-emergence of plant energies and their usage to assist the surface population. Our knowledge of these energies is available to all who wish to experience and work with them. All you need to do is to contact us to receive our information. Indeed, these same energies may be drawn to you at any time, just by calling on the essence or energy by name. The same holds true for the energies and essences of the crystal and mineral kingdoms.

Our work with the guardians of the Inner Earth has been to safeguard these vibrations from the disruptions that have been part of the Earth’s surface evolution. Each of us is a repository for a specific individual vibration. We hold this vibration from the time of birth, and pass it on to another at the time of our transition from this realm.

We exist everywhere on the planet, and we

are part of a network of the Earth’s

interior societies which have existed since

the inception of Earth’s consciousness.

We are in contact with all of these other societies, and we form a virtual university of information, experiences and vibrational impressions for all who wish to explore them.

We live for the most part in a dimension that is slightly beyond yours. As the third dimension transits into the fourth, we are just outside of your vision, so to speak, but can be seen easily by those who already see beyond the dimensional veil. Although we can lower our vibration and appear to you in your dimension with relative ease, we generally choose not to do so because we are part of the taskforce which is working to raise your vibration instead. If all of us in the fourth and fifth dimensions were to appear to you in your current state, there would be no motivation for you to move beyond it. We are in effect dangling a carrot to motivate you to take the steps necessary to raise your vibration and join us here in our dimension.

The Earth herself has taken that very same step of working very closely with us, as She is doing everything in her power to raise herself and humanity to the next level, and eventually to her fully ascended state. It is most important that we all work together toward the same goal to assist her in this awesome journey.

We invite you to call upon us whenever you wish.

You can call in the energies of any flower or tree and ask that the member of the Brotherhood who holds that signature appear to you. The same is true of the energy of any crystal. Simply call in the energy and ask that the member of the Sisterhood who holds that energy appear to you. This may happen on the etheric or the physical plane, depending on your openness to receive, but be assured that the contact will be there. The use of flower and crystal essences will also assist you in making this contact, for they provide a recognizable signature for the physical body to tune into.

We have begun to bestow on each child born on the surface today a set of characteristics that hold these vibrations within their DNA. Your “Crystal” children who are incarnating now hold these vibrations, and in fact, each child holds the vibration of a specific crystal. Subsequent generations will continue to be imbued with the various aspects of this energy until the full radiance of the crystal kingdom is present in the DNA of all people incarnated. Soon the surface populations will become a living crystal matrix of energy that holds the consciousness of the Earth in balance.

Generations of “Rose” children carrying within their DNA the pure essence of Earth’s love are already incarnating on the surface. They are coming to heal the emotional body of Earth and to reinvest Her with the truth of her divine origins. Through this healing, the paradise on the surface you so long for will manifest. After a time, all who incarnate here will carry the full radiance of all of these vibrations, and our time in service on this planet will come to an end.

Those who reside within the Earth have long carried these energies within them. This allows for the creation and manifestation of crystal structures, of glorious, joyful and abundant ecosystems, and balanced energies within all their environments. This type of living will transform the surface worlds when these energies are fully embodied and understood, for the true nature of a crystal is to absorb and hold or act as a generator for the truest expression of Divine Source energy. The true nature of the heart is to create what one loves and love what one creates, without condition.

As your brothers and sisters who live within the Earth strive to help you open yourself more and more to the fullness of your vibration, we work together to provide magnificent tools for your awakening.

Our relationship with the current citizens of Telos is a collegial one. We are here to assist them in harmonizing the vibrations of the surface so that they may emerge in the near future to join the many incarnated Lemurians who live in the Mount Shasta area and across the planet.

We provide our assistance, in part, by adding specific energies to the grid that emanate from Telos through Mount Shasta. This grid is administered by Adama to assist in the re-opening of energies for all who live in the Mount Shasta area and in all areas on the planet where people are ready to embody their full Christed Presence.

This grid has many components and several levels of energy. Many different beings are employed in this work allowing Adama the fullest latitude in the transmissions directed through this grid. The grid itself is multi-dimensional, and indeed the citizens of Telos themselves are part of and transformed by its energies. We are all part of a much greater purpose. This grid comprises one of the many ways that energies are being harmonized on the planet at this time.

Adama, and his team in Telos, who seed the grid with the higher energetic life force necessary to penetrate the denser dimensionality of the surface, use our knowledge and library of vibrational signatures from various plants and crystals. We create an energy wave for each signature that is then sent through the grid so that its intensity may be harmonized to the first available level above the current surface vibration. At times, this wave is sent through at the second level of intensity above the surface vibration. Because these are times of more rapid transformation, two levels above is the highest we can generally transmit this wave so that the majority of surface beings can integrate it.

Our activities extend to all cities of the Agartha network, and also into the Middle and Inner Earth. In Telos, we have contributed greatly to the exquisite beauty that has been created there. This includes the materials used in their extended technology, their various modes of transportation and their food cultivation techniques which feed both the people and the animals. We also assist in creating the wondrous crystals that form the structure of most of their temples, as well as the beautiful stones used to construct their wonderful homes. We are able to work with them closely and assist in creating their miraculous lives because their vibration is one of constant love and harmony.

We share with you the love and support for your journey that your brothers and sisters in Telos do. There are many among us who wish to be among the first wave who journey out from the realms of Light within the Earth to meet with you personally. And this, my friends, we are hoping to do soon. The time has come for all who inhabit this beautiful planet to join together in love and brother/sisterhood as one family. We have already done so in the etheric, and it is time to do so in your realm. Your awareness, perceptivity and willingness is all that is needed to make this happen.

We live in a land of pure magic, the realm where unicorns and dragons roam the multi-hued forests and the songs of birds create pillows on which you can float. We live where you can converse with the clouds that carry your love back to the Source of All. In our dimension, all beings know and trust their intrinsic nature. The glow that is created from our love and harmony forms a blanket of energy that nurtures each one of us. We invite you to visit us whenever you wish and to cultivate the awareness of this realm in your everyday life. We invite you to plant in the garden of your heart, nurture the flowers of your dreams and uncover the crystals of your soul. We honor your tree of life in the forest of us all.

Many, many blessings, and great wishes of joy, for your safe return “Home” to the land of love and magic! We are Andal and Billicum, sharing with you the energies of the Brotherhood of the Oak and the Sisterhood of the Rose.

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