Behind the scenes:

As I have told you multiple times of the Las Vegas shooting massacre and how the real story of the FALSE FLAG event staged by DEEP STATE CIA,FBI.MOSSAD to kill > MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ( Prime Minister)… But the Mil. INTEL Connected to TRUMP saved his life and stopped the [ DS] from taking over Saudi Arabia and their Trillions in resources. /// Weeks after the massacre Bin Salman came to TRUMP and pledged his Allegiance and joined the ALLIANCE., soon after Bin Salman arrested his own family who were part of the deep state connected to the cabals/ CLINTONS/ DAVOS ECT. Ect…. He purged his country of the INFILTRATORS and imprisoned hundreds of government officials who were part of the [ DS] plan….. Later on he invited TRUMP to his country and they held a sacred celebratiom and TRUMP was the first White man and Foreigner to ever hold the Sacred Sword of the FAMILY POWER of Saudi Royal family. ( This honor was to let all Muslim nations know Saudi Arabia was loyal to TRUMP…..TILL DEATH…A BLOOD OATH OF FAITH HONOR)


_A few weeks ago BIDEN went to bin Salman to ask for more oil… The Prince had denied invitations to the White House several times to meet BIDEN ,so Biden came to him to ask for oil. The crown Prince agreed to Biden to give him 500,000 barrels per day more .. But after two weeks the Saudi cut off BIDEN and reduced the oil 2,000,000 million barrels a day.


> This deliberate back stab by Bin Salman was directly connected to his knowing that BIDEN knew about the attempted murder on his life in las Vegas in 2017 and OBAMA ( Biden knew)/CIA ect ect green lit bin Salman for death.


_As Bin SALMAN joins forces with RUSSIA and China and gets ready to enter the BRICS system … The CIA BIDENS. Deep State have now put into operations to over throw the Arabian Prince loyal to TRUMP and start military coup in SA.


>>>>>Several counter coup operations are in PLACE in SA as deep state gets ready to make their moves)////// ………….. \\You can bet TRUMP, PUTIN Xi are smiling somewhere as their PLAN unfolds and the deep state is running out of oil and resources and money world wide. PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN


BEHIND the scenes: BIN SALMAN owns over a Trillion$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in SOCAL MEDIA, through several subsidiary companies and hundreds of investors he controls……..I had gave you several DROPS MUSK would buy TWITTER long long long ago and the man pulling strings in the back ground is Bin Salman</////



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