OBAMA ( the real Deep State Shadow President>>) knew about virus ( Covid 19/SARS) created and to be released after his presidency..So in his time as president he created an Internet Kill Switch..Which can also be activated by the CDC..This internet kill switch could/would be used in a time of a Pandemic. A time when the Public would  >Start to resist the NARRATION of the CDC/NIH/NIAIH/PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION that would be connected to an outbreak that would cause a Pandemic.

>OBAMA knew, FREE flow of information through internet networks could break the Narrative of a Fake/FALSE pandemic..And the only way to keep the NARRATIVE/FEAR MONGERING going was to shut down the internet!!! Replace with martial law and complete control through only DS news media that could control all air waves and satellites/))

(>Trump created The Space Forces Intelligence Agency to counter these moves> _ MiL. Ops will take place within those dark days.

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