This book is dedicated to every holistic and/or alternative method of healing practitioner. All of you who have been given a bad rap by the Medical Association and the Conspiracy of Priests in the Temples of Death are herein HONORED. The only way you will or can again contain and control your destiny is to reclaim your rights under the Constitution, number one being your right to LIFE! The same “conspiracy” has taken control of both your physical life AND your spiritual life–your temporary and your infinite–experience.

I offer my hand unto you ones as you struggle in your trap for it will only be through the Christed path in journey with and within God which shall allow the passage. May insight light your perception as you journey through these brief pages.

And to Chief Oren Lyons:

I do not see a delegation

For the four-footed.

I see no seat for the eagles.

We forget and we consider

Ourselves superior.

But we are after all

A mere part of the Creation

And we must consider

To understand where we are.

And we stand somewhere between

The mountain and the Ant.

Somewhere and only there

As part and parcel

Of the Creation.



SAT., JANUARY 11, 1992 7:56 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 148


I choose to write the introduction to the current JOURNAL today because you need explanations in several areas of reference.


The chapters as written will always jump and bounce about quite a bit because we are not writing for literary genius or book structure. We try to stay around somewhere near the focus of subject but life does not function on one subject at a time–this is WHY we write JOURNALS and not novels and/or exposés of massive subject research and outlay. Our purpose is to give you bunches and bunches of facts, references and integrated matter relative to “life” and how it is being lived NOW, how it must be changed in order to survive and other points beyond the visible.

Most of the information has been present for you for over 3 to 5 decades and you have not found it–for the point of the adversary’s plot is to keep you from even noticing the truth of their actions and hidden agendas.


I have waited to write on this subject until now because you ones must be prepared to recognize the names, labels and places from whence comes your so-called “health” care. I refer to the practice of medicine as the “Cut, Slash, Burn and Poison” insult against a living life-form. I call this JOURNALHIGH PRIESTS AND RABBIS IN THE TEMPLE because that is what “health care” has come to represent. The hospital (and research lab) is the “temple”, the practitioners are the priests and rabbis. “Trust me with your life but ask me for no explanations,” is the byline, “…for I am God of your being”. Hippocrates has holes in his coffin from the continual “turning in his grave”. The two main warnings of medicine are both ignored, i.e., “First, gentlemen, do no harm,” and, “Gentlemen–wash your hands!”


Perhaps it is that I don’t like for Dharma and me to have to take all the blame for bringing you truth and opening the can of viperous scorpions. So, even though there are good books with fair exposure of the conspiracy, I believe you should not pass another day without ordering up CONFESSIONS OF A MEDICAL HERETIC by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. (Medical Discloser) and MURDER BY INJECTION by Eustace Mullins, M.T.T.T. (Mad Tattle-Tale Teller). Both, you will find, are filled to overflow with sick, sick humor which should startle you into some kind of reverse behavior from what you have believed if you have been among the “sleeping”. My point is to shock you and then you can get your documented confirmation of this conspiracy of horror and perhaps, at some point, save your life, limb and a precious member of your loved circle.

Is all medicine bad? No. Are all doctors conspirators? No–some are the worst kind of victim of the conspiracy to kill, maim and addict.

For instance, let us say you are diagnosed with cancer of something or other–what are your choices? Do you want to go with the odds of an average of 12 years longer life, or 3? Well, diagnosed but untreated cancer patients have an average additional life expectancy of some 12 years–diagnosed and TREATED victims have an average of 3.

To treat an illness with poison and radiation, which also kills, is somehow the most heinous approach since blood-letting and leeching. It would be ever so much better for the comfort of the patient to simply outright electrocute the patient. But no, you slowly poison and radiate the poor beings to a slow and agonizing death by your “Cut, slash, burn and poison” treatment.

Is cancer treatment improving? No. Is the incidence less? No, it is higher. Can you treat self with nutrition and herbs? No, not if you don’t want to go to prison. When a substance is utilized which is proven valid and curative; it is immediately made “illegal” to even possess, much less utilize. If you offer a bit of hydrogen peroxide for sterilization and good nutrition, you are convicted of practicing medicine with or without a license (depending on whether you are a physician or a layman). Do you realize it is illegal to eat pits from apricots? That is because apricot pits contain laetrile. They also contain bits and traces of arsenic, but then, you must only get arsenic from rat-killers on the open market from the elite chemical houses.

While I am on the subject, also get A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING by Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman, BAD BLOOD by James H. Jones and then try OTHER LOSSES by Bacque. The latter has nothing to do with medicine but outright murder. If you don’t want to read these books then I ask that you trust my scanners and let us get busy and gain control (you never had control) of this insanity. “Regain” would be the term of choice but it has been ever thus.

I will continue here by presenting Dr. Mendelsohn’s “Non Credo” at the beginning of his book for it is a first person appraisal of a very bad situation. Dr. Mendelsohn was, in 1979, Chairman of the Medical Licensing Committee for the State of Illinois, Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and Community Health in the School of Medicine of the University of Illinois and the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in medicine and medical instruction. He right out front tells you how to begin to make your own decisions regarding your medical treatment or “death program”. Handled properly, good medical care can save your life–bad care can shorten and intensify the misery by uncountable measures. Medicine as practiced, particularly in America, is totally dangerous to your health; hospitals are terrible and dangerous places for the sick and infirm and you should always check the status of new car purchases of your physician and/or surgeon. You are probably among the few “lucky” persons if you can’t afford health insurance.



I do not believe in Modern Medicine. I am a medical heretic. My aim in this book is to persuade you to become a heretic, too.

I haven’t always been a medical heretic. I once believed in Modern Medicine.

In medical school, I failed to look deeply into a study that was going on around me, of the effects of the hormone DES–because I believed. Who could have suspected that twenty years later we would discover that DES causes vaginal cancer and genital abnormalities in children born to women receiving the drug during pregnancy.

I confess that I failed to be suspicious of oxygen therapy for premature infants, even though the best equipped and most advanced premature nurseries had an incidence of partial or total blindness of around ninety percent of all low birth weight infants. A few miles away at a large, less “advanced” hospital, the incidence of this condition–retrolental fibroplasia–was less than ten percent. I asked my professors in medical school to explain the difference. And I believed them when they said the doctors in the poorer hospital just didn’t know how to make the correct diagnosis.

A year or two later it was proved that the cause of retrolental fibroplasia was the high concentrations of oxygen administered to the preemies. The affluent medical centers had higher rates of blinding simply because they could afford the very best nursery equipment, the most expensive and modern plastic incubators which guaranteed that ALL the oxygen pumped in reached the infant. At the poorer nurseries, however, old-fashioned incubators were used. They looked like bathtubs with very loose metal lids. They were so leaky that it made very little difference how much oxygen was pumped in, not enough reached the infant to blind it.

I still believed when I took part in a scientific paper on the use of the antibiotic Terramycin in treating respiratory conditions in premature babies. We claimed there were no side effects. Of course there weren’t. We didn’t wait long enough to find out that not only didn’t Terramycin–or any other antibiotic–do much good for these infections, but that it–and other tetracycline antibiotics–left thousands of children with yellow-green teeth and tetracycline deposits in their bones.

And I confess that I believed in the irradiation of tonsils, lymph nodes, and the thymus gland. I believed my professors when they said that of course radiation was dangerous, but that the doses we were using were absolutely harmless. [H: This reminds us of the spring through fall of 1984 when Dharma had surgery for a “Post-bulbar ulcer” with a total failure to hook up everything correctly after rearranging the inside organs and removing half the stomach. Well there were X rays for everything over and over again; then, the entire surgical procedure had to be repeated because it was so botched in the first go–more and more X rays, pain, misery and money–oh dear, was there money at about $35,000 to $40,000 each go at it. When her hair began to fall out she refused more X rays–from teeth to lung scans. She was badgered and denounced (as a heretic) because “there couldn’t be any danger in the dosages of X ray given her–one thing (hair loss) had nothing to do with the other. Ah so–why is it that hair loss is a PRIMARY symptom of overdose? She was a good sport, however, for with only a third of a stomach, surely all weight loss problems would be GONE! Not so, however, for when the stomach didn’t empty–it simply stretched and stretched until it would empty right back to where the “stuff” came from. In addition, with each hospitalization, nutrients were poured into the blood stream directly in calorie counts that would blow a weight-lifter’s figure. Did she know better? Of course, she had worked in a hospital for much of her life and got kicked off every high-level panel because she insisted that good nutrition was mandatory if you expect good health. Why, she had even passed out to her Division personnel, Dr. Mendelsohn’s book (but she almost got fired for that little investment in truth). She would have been fired had there been anyone to take her place in the organization. I cannot stress enough how much value I think you will find in the above listed books.]

Years later–around the time we found out that the “absolutely harmless” radiation sown a decade or two before was now reaping a harvest of thyroid tumors–I couldn’t help wondering when some of my former patients came back with nodules on their thyroids: Why are you coming back to me? To me, who did this to you in the first place.

But I no longer believe in Modern Medicine.

I believe that despite all the super technology and elite bedside manner that’s supposed to make you feel about as well cared for as an astronaut on the way to the moon, the greatest danger to your health is the doctor who practices Modern Medicine.

I believe that Modern Medicine’s treatments for disease are seldom effective, and that they’re often more dangerous than the diseases they’re designed to treat.

I believe the dangers are compounded by the widespread use of dangerous procedures for non-diseases.

I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth–doctors, hospitals, drugs, and equipment–and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial.

I believe that Modern Medicine has gone too far, by using in everyday situations extreme treatments designed for critical conditions.

Every minute of every day Modern Medicine prides itself on going too far. A recent article, “Cleveland’s Marvelous Medical Factory”, boasted of the Cleveland Clinic’s “accomplishments last year: 2,980 open-heart operations, 1.3 million laboratory tests, 73,320 electrocardiograms, 7,770 full-body X ray scans, 210,378 other radiological studies, 24,368 surgical procedures.

Not one of these procedures has been proved to have the least little bit to do with maintaining or restoring health. And the article, which was published in the Cleveland Clinic’s own magazine, fails to boast or even mention that any people were helped by any of this expensive extravagance. That’s because the product of this factory is not health at all.

So when you go to the doctor, you’re seen not as a person who needs help with his or her health, but as a potential market for the medical factory’s products.

[H: By the way, for you who are curious and wonder what is or has been done to “Jay” of whom we spoke the other day as to “treatment”. I must tell you that Jay departed your plane a few days past. He had almost everything from waist to hips invaded and insulted with colostomy and the whole works. When he was totally terminal, they started chemotherapy after which he succumbed very, very quickly. At least the beloved friend can rest in peace. I suggest Kathy speak with her friend who has lymph cancer diagnosis and is undergoing “healing radiation and chemotherapy”; you see the radiation is often hidden in the chemicals in the lesser therapy; consider carefully that which is being done TO HER. She has a horrendously stressful personal experience going on and when she attends what’s eating her, it won’t matter much what she is eating! She can heal herself but I promise you–Modern Medicine will kill her!]

If you’re pregnant, you go to the doctor and he treats you as if you’re sick. Childbirth is a nine-month disease which must be “treated”, so you’re sold on intravenous fluid bags, fetal monitors, a host of drugs, the totally unnecessary episiotomy (which usually presents itself prior to the doctor’s quick witted slicing), and–the top of the line product–the wondrous “Caesarean delivery”!

If you make the mistake of going to the doctor with a cold or the flu, he’s liable to give you antibiotics, which are not only powerless against colds and flu but which leave you more likely to come down with worse problems.

If your child is a little too peppy for his teacher to handle, your doctor may go too far and turn him into a drug dependent.

If your new baby goes off his or her feed for a day and doesn’t gain weight as fast as the doctor’s manual says, he might barrage your breast-feeding with drugs to halt the natural process and make room in the baby’s tummy for man-made formula, which is dangerous.

If you’re foolish enough to make that yearly visit for a routine examination, the receptionist’s petulance, the other patients’ cigarette smoke, or the doctor’s very presence could raise your blood pressure enough so that you won’t go home empty-handed. Another life “saved” by antihypertensive drugs. Another sex life down the drain, [H: And another marriage down the tubes as well.] since more impotence is caused by drug therapy than by psychological problems.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be near a hospital when your last days on earth approach, your doctor will make sure your $500-a-day (or worse) deathbed has all the latest electronic gear with a staff of strangers to hear your last words. But, since those strangers are paid to keep your family away from you, you won’t have anything to say. Your last sounds will be the electronic whistle on the cardiogram. Your relatives will participate; they’ll pay the bill.

No wonder children are afraid of doctors. They know! Their instincts for real danger are uncorrupted. Fear seldom actually disappears. Adults are afraid, too, but they can’t admit it, even to themselves. What happens is we become afraid of something else. We learn to fear not the doctor but what brings us to the doctor in the first place: our body and its natural processes.

When you fear something, you avoid it. You ignore it. You shy away from it. You pretend it doesn’t exist. You let someone else worry about it. This is how the doctor takes over. We let him. We say: I don’t want to have anything to do with this, my body and its problems, doc. You take care of it, doc. Do what you have to do.

So the doctor does!

When doctors are criticized for not telling their patients about the side effects of the drugs they prescribe, they defend themselves on the grounds that the doctor-patient relationship would suffer from such honesty. That defense implies that the doctor-patient relationship is based on something other than knowledge. It’s based on faith.

We don’t say we know our doctors are good; we say we have faith in them. We trust them.

Don’t think doctors aren’t aware of the difference. And don’t believe for a minute that they don’t play it for all it’s worth. Because what’s at stake is the whole ball game, the whole ninety percent or more of Modern Medicine that we don’t need, that, as a matter of fact, is out to kill us.

Modern Medicine can’t survive without our faith, because Modern Medicine is neither an art nor a science. It’s a religion.

One definition of religion identifies it as any organized effort to deal with puzzling or mysterious things we see going on in and around us. The Church of Modern Medicine deals with the most puzzling phenomena: birth, death, and all the tricks our bodies play on us–and we on them–in between. In THE GOLDEN BOUGH, religion is defined as the attempt to gain the favor of “powers superior to man, which are believed to direct and control the course of nature and of human life”.

If people don’t spend billions of dollars on the Church of Modern Medicine in order to gain favor with the powers that direct and control human life, what do they spend it on?

Common to all religions is the claim that reality is not limited to or dependent upon what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled. You can easily test modern medical religion on this characteristic by simply asking your doctor WHY? enough times. Why are you prescribing this drug? Why is this operation going to do me any good? Why do I have to do that? Why do you have to do that to me?

Just ask WHY? enough times and sooner or later you’ll reach the Chasm of Faith. Your doctor will retreat into the fact that you have no way of knowing or understanding all the wonders he has at his command. Just trust me.

You’ve just had your first lesson in medical heresy. Lesson Number Two is that if a doctor ever wants to do something to you that you’re afraid of and you ask why? enough times until he says, “Just Trust Me”. What you’re to do is turn around and put as much distance between you and him as you can, as fast as your condition will allow.

Unfortunately, very few people do that. They submit. They allow their fear of the witch doctor’s mask, the unknown spirit behind it, and the mystery of what is happening and of what will happen, to change into respectful awe of the whole show.

But you don’t have to let the witch doctor have his way. You can liberate yourself from Modern Medicine–and it doesn’t mean you’ll have to take chances with your health. In fact you’ll be taking less of a chance with your health, because there’s no more dangerous activity than walking into a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital unprepared. And by prepared I don’t mean having your insurance forms filled out. I mean you have to get in and out alive and accomplish your mission. For that, you need appropriate tools, skills, and cunning.

The first tool you must have is knowledge of the enemy. Once you understand Modern Medicine as a religion, you can fight it and defend yourself much more effectively than when you think you’re fighting an art or a science. Of course, the Church of Modern Medicine never calls itself a church. You’ll never see a medical building dedicated to the religion of medicine, always the medical arts, or medical science.

Modern Medicine relies on faith to survive. All religions do. So heavily does the Church of Modern Medicine rely on faith that if everyone somehow simply forgot to believe in it for just one day, the whole system would collapse. For how else could any institution get people to do the things Modern Medicine gets people to do, without inducing a profound suspension of doubt? Would people allow themselves to be artificially put to sleep and then cut to pieces in a process they couldn’t have the slightest notion about–if they didn’t have faith? Would people swallow the thousands of tons of pills every year–again without the slightest knowledge of what these chemicals are going to do–if they didn’t have faith?

If Modern Medicine had to validate its procedures objectively, this book wouldn’t be necessary. That’s why I’m going to demonstrate how Modern Medicine is not a church you want to have faith in.

Some doctors are worried about scaring their patients. While you’re reading this book, you are, in a sense, my patient. I think you should be scared. You’re supposed to be scared when your well-being and freedom are threatened. And you are, right now, being threatened.

If you’re ready to learn some of the shocking things your doctor knows but won’t tell you; if you’re ready to find out if your doctor is dangerous; if you’re ready to learn how to protect yourself from your doctor; you should keep reading, because that’s what this book is about.



I think it most interesting that Mendelsohn ends his book with an Epilog on getting a new doctor. Mullins ends his on the subject of the drug trust and the Rockefeller Syndicate. It is hard for me to evaluate which is more important in revelation material. I do make note that in both volumes, the IMMUNIZATION program as practiced is the most dangerous one program ever foisted off on mankind and babies. Once inoculated, the body carries the damaging invasion substance for the remainder of the life of the body in point. This is also one of the biggest money-makers in Modern Medicine and chemical “warfare” against the human species. If you continue to allow the system to trap you, you are to blame for your own misfortune. Remember–you have (had, at least) a Constitution which was to protect your unalienable rights. I suggest you get back to work, put healing back into the Medical Profession and remove “religion”. Spiritual healing is what is important–not religion.

This is why I dedicate this volume to every holistic and alternative healing practitioner. You can assist a body to heal–you cannot CURE it, only the person with the ailment can cure the dis-ease whatever it might be. This differs not from Spiritual Godness–no other can make your journey FOR you–not your spouse, your family, your friend, or Christ–YOU WILL DO IT!

Please be patient if you finish one chapter only to find on the following page a dissertation of Bush’s trip to Japan. Again, we are writing “JOURNALS” (Captain’s Logs, if you will) and Life is what happens while you are making other plans!

May I honor Charlie Knight, Ute “Medicine Man” from Colorado?:

“Everyone’s got to find the right path. You can’t see it so it’s hard to find. No one can show you. Each person’s got to find the path by himself….. …. God gives us each a song. That’s how we know who we are. Our song tells us who we are.”


Gyeorgos C. Hatonn

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