Excerpt from the Phoenix Journal 09 – SATAN’S DRUMMERS



SUN., NOV. 12, 1989 10:30 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 088

SUN., NOV. 12, 1989

Sananda present to continue. Let us consider what is, most unfortunately, a rather typical case of entrapment into Satanic underground activities without the willingness of the participant. More than you can imagine, children are abused from birth and sold into the pornographic activities which are pre-association with Satanism or are actually an offspring directly from Satanism.

Here is where you have the involvement of your child-care centers for there–take a deep breath–is a worldwide computer network where international arrangements can be made for the services of children. Either sex can be rented, or both, any age of preference and, for a few cents more, death of the child while engaged in activities are willingly arranged — by telephone. I will, however, allow one woman by the name of Lauren Stratford, to tell her own story in very brief format herein. I ask that you get her book called SATAN’S UNDERGROUND for it is most extraordinary–mostly, in the fact that she escaped. It can be located either in your bookstores or through Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon 97402.


This is a story which is exactly that which the Satanists love. It is so vile that no-one will believe the horrors and tortures from infancy on into the years of adulthood. Further, who would believe a child who is telling such horrendous tales about “good” people that it defies being truth. Well, that is exactly what the Satanists count on–disbelief and discounting.

I urge you not to follow your instincts and simply discard this information for the circumstances are spreading like a dread contagious disease to all parts of your world. They no longer involve just the small minority of crazy people–it is happening all around you.

Victims across your country are telling stories very much like Lauren’s. In virtually every city and town ones are coming forth in weeping, frightened whispers of rituals, abuse and human sacrifice. Hundreds upon hundreds of children in preschools and kindergartens across your country are talking about grown-ups, teachers and baby tenders in robes and using funny pretend names, chanting in a strange guttural language while they perform dark ceremonies that include sexual abuse. They tell about watching animals and little babies being tortured and killed with knives called funny names.

The stories these children tell are so inconceivably horrifying that few individuals in the court system believe them. But then again, it was only a few short years ago that you had a problem in believing that incest was rampant in your family society.

Well, you have parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, ministers and other “pillars of the community” who are involved in Satan worship and ritual abuse of children. Law-enforcement officers and detectives are often involved but those who are not, and witness these events, are stunned by the brutality and the total inability of proving anything.

Satan’s cults cover their evil tracks in perfection. In dealing with children it is even more easily covered for the child can be told anything and made to believe it. The child is therefore discounted before even an examination of the child is performed. The truth is finally coming forth to you in the public by ones who have managed to break away and live in terror every day of their lives. Give honor to these brave few.

At less than four years of age Lauren first stumbled into her parents’ basement for a basket of laundry only to be apprehended by the newly hired “handy-man”. He threw her to the bed and raped her. She cried out for her mother and no-one came to help.

This continued through ensuing years of torment–her parents gave her to these men in exchange for their services.

Lauren was birthed into evil, conceived illegitimately and given away at birth. She was never allowed to forget it. She was called a bastard, a no-good, an unwanted and a product of a bad-seed. She was forced to repeat these words while standing naked in front of a mirror until she totally believed them. The mother had plans for this little child.

This child, through her young years, tried every possible way to get help–her school counselor and even her church minister. Always she was disbelieved for her mother was a devout and practicing church member in a Christian church. When returned to the home following an attempt to tell, she was more brutally tortured than the time before. Boiling water from a douche syringe into the rectum was a most befitting reward given by her mother.

She was finally so terrified that even at school she dared not communicate and became all but a total recluse and yet no-one helped.

She was then sold into the practice of going with “men” to places where she had to do their calling from relationships with dogs to all manner of debasing things with both men, women and other children. All these things were done while being photographed. All these things she wanted to believe her mother could not know–until she found magazines under her mother’s bed which featured her on the front covers in oral relationship with men.

She finally ran away, but with no-one to go to and no-where to go she was forced to go to the police department of a nearby town where she convinced the officers that she dared not go home. She was then turned over to the custody of her father who had separated from her mother some few years prior.

Things were fairly good for her for a year or so and she began college. Then, her mother located her and it became obvious the father had been privy to the activities all along.

Men again began to pick her up, now at her father’s house, and take her various places to be photographed. She had become zombie-like in appearance but the affront went on and on. She was decorated with makeup and the scenes worsened.

She then was made a part of a “group” which “belonged” to a creature she referred to as Victor. He offered services to all types of porno movies, child pornography and catered to the expensive select city politicians, police department officers and notable town’s men. Every deviant manner of sexual perversion was utilized and handsomely paid for–but the child received nothing.

She finally ended up becoming Victor’s favorite slave and the situation finally became an even worse nightmare. Victor was often completely bored with his perversion or witnessing perversion and hit upon Satanism.

The only thing Lauren had to hold to as her truth was her belief that somehow Jesus would finally rescue her. To participate in such horrendous anti-Jesus activities was beyond her acceptance. This infuriated Victor and there followed a hell in the years ahead. He forced her to participate and finally to the most heinous act of all–the sacrificing of a baby by her own hand. I will let her tell you about it and let us see if you have the stomach left to continue.

The night came when Victor said he was giving me to Satan. He pulled me up to the altar, and two coven members lifted me onto the slab of stone. My clothes were removed and I was positioned and held down so that my private parts were on top of ‘the circle with the upside down star’.

I screamed and begged the men to let me go. But the more I screamed, the more excited they seemed. ‘Louder. Louder. Satan is pleased,’ they chanted. Then the abuse began. One after another, members of the coven brutally abused me sexually on the altar. After each one was through, he drank from the bowl of urine and blood mixed with wine and announced, ‘Satan is pleased.’ With each vulgar act, my will to resist lessened. I felt myself weakening physically, as though I would pass out. As each man climbed on me, I felt truly as if Satan himself, were assaulting.

Finally, after the last man had taken his turn, the high priest picked up the bowl, took a drink from it, then flung the remainder of it over my body. With that he threw his head back and laughingly mocked, ‘Satan has had you!’

The entire coven picked up the chant. ‘Satan has had you. Satan has had you. Satan has had you.’ My spirit was crushed, I was too weak to even move, too bruised and ashamed to desire to live–I was more humiliated and degraded than in all of my previous vile life.

Victor had to literally carry me from the place and in an insane voice he mocked me: ‘Now we both belong to Satan.’

Silently my heart spoke for me that I would never belong to Satan no matter what they would do to me. Little could I imagine it could become so much worse that my mind would not even comprehend the horror.”


Nudity and sexual lewdness and perversion are commonplace at rituals. It does not matter if the female is willing or unwilling. In fact, it is believed to bring more pleasure to Satan if she is unwilling. Most certainly it brings more power and pleasure to the men involved.

The female ‘sacrifice’ is put on the altar, which is commonly draped with a red velvet cloth (red being the satanic color for anything of a sexual nature). She is raped, often-times brutally, by any of the male members who wish to have her. They are so often drugged by heroin, coke, or some other drug, or so bombed-out on alcohol, that the rape becomes pure sexual torture that can go on for hours. To satisfy their own perverse cravings and do what they think will bestow upon them stronger satanic powers, the male members perform crude sexual acts, often of a bestial-like nature. Sometimes the female is seriously injured physically. Sometimes she is even slain during the act for it is deemed more powerful if the woman is killed at the same time as the male reaches his climax. This type of ritual is usually photographed and later sold as “snuff” material. The ones who are simply abused are next made the victims of summoning upon demonic spirits to do something of such a diabolical nature that she will be frightened into silence. She might well be frightened for this is not only an evil threat–the spirits are real. The victims are not allowed to ever reach the police to reveal the story.


I witnessed the ultimate sacrifice of a baby–skinned while still alive. I heard its screams which must have reached to the heavens. But even God seemed to turn a deaf ear. I often wondered why He allowed the hideous torture of a helpless, innocent little child.

Victor told me that the purest sacrifice, the sacrifice that pleases Satan most, is none other than an infant or young child. Because children represent purity and innocence, they belong to God. Animals are offered to Satan. Adults, willingly or unwillingly, are offered to Satan. But Satan revels in the most macabre, inhuman, and bestial evil he can conceive in the diabolical machinations of his mind. There is no evil more perverse than the murder of a little one whose life has been robbed from God and sacrificed to Satan.

Where do they get the children? That is a most valid question. I’m sure it is difficult for people to believe that children can be used for sacrifices, especially in this country. If I had not witnessed this atrocity, I would ask the same question. Believe me, I would like to deny it, or at least doubt it. But I cannot–I learned the answer in an even harder and more personal way.

Let me simply tell you of one incident so that you can understand where some of these babies come from. Victor had a pregnant girl being cared for in the pretense that he was finding a home for the baby. He and his friend, Tom, decided to get a teenage boy and girl off the street and bring them to the coven meeting. They would then take the pregnant girl and deliver the baby. Then they would require the boy and girl to sanctify their marriage union by having sexual relations with each other on the altar. Then the teenagers and the baby would be sexually abused by the coven members.

The grand finale would be the sacrifice of the baby. The other children would be held or released depending on the whim of the grand high priest–who was now Victor.

I pray people hear this next for it is truth. Tom and Victor, and occasionally some coven members, discussed where and how they would get babies. I learned that there are fraudulent people who represent themselves as caseworkers of adoption agencies or heads of placement homes. They carried so-called ‘legitimate’ identification papers, but they were either satanists or were acting as go-betweens. Their purpose was to get the unsuspecting and well-intentioned unwed mother to sign her baby away and give it over for assumed adoption. Ads were even run in the paper and responses would simply flow in. The satanic cult can arrange for babies at specific intervals throughout the year.

On other occasions some coven members would sit around and talk about their breeders. The word ‘breeder’ was new to me. One of the members explained that breeders were women who were born, marked, and raised for the sole purpose of having babies that would be used by satanists–either to be raised in satanism or used in ritualistic sacrifices. Since there was never any published record of their births, they were never missed when they were abused or killed.

I finally thought I had heard it all until a high priestess approached Victor after a ritual as he and I were about to leave. She informed him that she had completed the assignment given her: ‘I convinced Judy (a new female coven member who was eight months pregnant) to assume the highest honor. She agreed to give her baby by C-section while lying on a purified altar.’

A licensed doctor was brought in from another coven, since Victor’s was at the time without a physician. I thought that what took place in that basement of death was as bad as anything could ever be–but I was wrong for little did I know that the next ritual I would be forced to attend would take me into the pit of hell itself.


A few weekends later, Victor was boasting to me that he had received it all from Satan–power–real power, everything. Then he continued by telling me it was time for me to take an active part. So far I had only been forced to attend the meetings–now he was determined to have total control and power over me. He had always known of my Christian belief and I screamed that I would never participate in any of their evil upon another. Victor simply shouted, ‘You will do it. You will!’

How could this man have gained such control over me? From the four year old and the dirty men, the cameras, the degradation–finally I had nothing left–I had become nothing. But I still somehow felt I could hold on to my allegiance to Jesus Christ, not Satan, no matter what they made me witness. Victor was equally determined to break my will and destroy me and then he would be finished with me for I would no longer be of any value to him as a toy.

He came into the room where I was kept waiting and said to me, ‘The father has chosen you to present your purest offering to him. Not only will you present that offering, but you will lay that offering on the altar and sacrifice it to the father, who will be pleased to accept it.’

Horror seized my mind. Terror froze my heart. The purest sacrifice, the most pleasing sacrifice–the one sacrifice I could never make unless my mind and will were completely broken–was the sacrifice of a child to Satan.

It was murder. I would not do it–they could not make me do it. But they were not through with me. I even reasoned with myself that God would never hear me. I finally started to pray to Satan as I had witnessed the others do. At some point in my terror I felt a warmth surround me and a soft voice speak to me, ‘My child, I am with you. I have never left you, nor have I forsaken you. Your darkest hour is upon you, but I will be with you in it, and I will bring you out from it.’ My God had finally heard and answered me. I felt I could now stand against the evil which had pervaded my existence.

My joy abruptly ended when Victor jerked open the door and yelled, ‘You will make a sacrifice to Satan–you will do so now!’”


I refused and the next few weeks were uncommonly quiet and I lived and waited in terror. Life seemed totally hopeless. I couldn’t think of anything to do except to somehow endure until I couldn’t endure any longer. Then what? Would I simply go completely crazy?

It was four weeks when hell began. Victor had a particularly horrible man who always did his bidding, by the name of John–I was turned into the hands of John.

John stripped me naked and pushed me into a large box. There I sat in a cramped position, naked and in total darkness. After what seemed an eternity I felt something slithering over my body. And another. There were snakes in the box with me. I froze, afraid to move or even breathe.

After another eternity, the box was opened. As soon as John released me from the box, he asked, ‘Will you willingly make a sacrifice to Satan?’

Instantly I thought of the words, ‘Your darkest hour is upon you, but I will be with you in it and I will bring you out.’ With the reassurance I felt courage and said, ‘No! I will not make a sacrifice to Satan.’

Time ceased to exist as this went on for days, perhaps weeks in that dark basement within that box. All basic essentials of life were taken away and then I became so weakened that I could hardly sit but I was kept awake hour after hour and required to sit straight and silently. There would be intermittent times in the total darkness and then hours with a spotlight in my face. I lost all contact with life itself. Then suddenly I was simply left alone in the box. Then the horror of the words–‘For every week you refuse to make a sacrifice to Satan, we will sacrifice a baby for you in your name. You had better understand me for this is what we will do!’

This was repeated to me over and over. I continued to sit in the box day after long day.

The next Saturday night I was abruptly awakened by the horrible screams of a baby being sacrificed. The sounds were coming from a tape recorder that John had put beside me. He shot at me–‘number one and next week number two.’

I held on for I thought they were just trying to trick me and still the days passed into the inability to count.


It had again come to a Saturday night. Sometime around midnight, I was awakened. Before me was a large barrel, like an oil drum. I was lifted from the box and up and dropped into the barrel. A lid was closed over my head. It didn’t seem to matter for without lighting the basement was totally void of light. The darkness was total and so was the silence.

A few minutes later, the lid was opened and something was dropped on top of me. As it slid down my skin, another something was dropped on me . . . and another . . . maybe three or four. The last object was positioned directly in front of me, on top of my stomach. Then the lid was slammed shut. Again, there was only darkness . . . and silence.

There was a smell. A horrible smell. What could it be? With so little room in my small prison, I slowly maneuvered my arms and hands above my knees so I could grasp the last object that was put in.

There is no right way to tell this. There are no right words to choose. However, this experience is so crucial to your understanding of my decision–the impossible choice between the yes and no–that I must include it.

Slowly, fearfully, I touched the object that was pressing against my stomach. It took only a few seconds to realize it was a small body. A baby’s body. It was lifeless, but not stiff. It had probably been sacrificed just that evening, just a short time before.

Something within me wanted to cradle the baby in my arms. But fear gripped me. I knew what they did to babies in their sacrificial rituals. Mutilation. Skinned alive. I could not bear to explore any further.

I thought I had known fear. I thought I had known rage. I thought I had experienced every emotion possible. But at that moment I felt emotions that I could not put into words. For I realized that the objects Victor and John had dropped into the barrel were bodies of sacrificed babies. Three or four weeks had gone by since I had first said ‘No.’ There were three or four objects in that barrel with me.

I tried to scrunch myself into a tiny ball so the bodies wouldn’t touch me. It was useless. Even in the darkness with my eyes closed as tight as possible, vivid images of the bodies of these babies flooded my mind. I could not take it anymore. I began to scream in torment and anguish. No words–just screams.

Suddenly the darkness turned to light. The lid of the barrel was taken off. One by one the bodies were removed. I shut my eyes. I refused to see. Ever so slowly I heard Victor say ‘number one’ and John, ‘number two’. They took turns counting the bodies as they removed them. With each number I felt another sentence of guilt descend on me. I began to scream again in a vain effort to block out their pronouncements of ‘Guilty!’

They made me sit on a chair facing the babies and forced me to look at them–it was over. I was broken . . .

It was Halloween night, one of the most important dates on the satanic calendar–THE CELEBRATION OF DEATH! I was dragged into a waiting car and driven somewhere–to a church. Victor laughed at me and said, ‘Yes a church. A church is just the right place for someone who worships God, don’t you think?’

The car rolled to a stop in a dark corner of a parking lot behind the church where it could not be seen from the roadway. Victor knew he could destroy me further by the mere knowing that the leader of the church, himself, was of the group. The darkness was suffocating as we entered the building and moved to the room prepared for the ritual.

Candles were lit, all the trappings of a satanic ritual slowly came into view: the goat’s head, the upside-down cross, the velvet cloth on a table, the crucible. Hooded robes were donned by the handful of members in attendance while I was seated in a corner. Victor occasionally glanced at me as he whispered comments to someone I couldn’t recognize. It was obvious that I was the center of attraction for that evening. I wanted to disappear. I wanted to wake up and find that this was just a dream. I almost felt that if I held my breath, the whole scene would vanish. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift.

Victor’s voice aroused me from my desperate thoughts. ‘Come forth. Satan’s time is upon you.’ I had been totally unaware of the proceedings of the ritual up to this point, though it obviously had been going on for some period of time. I slowly, agonizingly, was pulled to an opening in the circle that the members had made around the altar. My gaze was directed toward an object on the table, impossible to distinguish in the flickering candlelight.

Was this my sacrifice? I gasped and froze in my tracks. ‘Come forth!’ Victor commanded.

My feet would not move. I felt the arms of the hooded members on either side of me push me forward toward the altar. My feet began to move, taking me closer to the inevitable moment. There it was. The sacrifice. My sacrifice. Hidden under a piece of cloth. What it was? I didn’t know. I did not want to know.

‘Pick up the knife!’ a voice commanded from the head of the altar. ‘Offer your sacrifice to Satan as you have promised!’

Again, I could not move. It seemed as if my arms weighed a thousand pounds. My mind could not force them to move. I could not even look at the knife lying on the altar. My eyes were riveted on the object, the sacrifice now immediately in front of me under the covering.

I heard Victor whisper, ‘We’ll have to put the knife in her hand. She’s in too much of a daze to act on her own.’ He had given me more drugs than usual to keep me from resisting further. He was wrong. It was surely not due to drugs that I was incapable of following his commands. I was simply paralyzed with horror.

As I stood there unable to move–unable to even take a breath–I felt someone grab my right hand and pry open the tightly clenched fingers. The knife was placed in the palm of my hand and my fingers closed around it. I wanted to release the knife but my fingers were cramped shut.

Then as the hand pulled mine up, something snapped within me. The numbness left. The fear fled. In their place, I saw the faces of all the people who had ever used me, abused me, and tortured me. I saw that each face was laughing cruelly at me. Then I began to hear the laughter. Louder and louder it swelled, like the roar of an ocean.

I felt as if my body was going to burst with an overpowering and uncontrollable rage. The fury grew as the laughter of my tormenters pounded in my ears. I felt my arms being raised, or raising themselves, the knife was now firmly in both hands. I began to scream, a scream that reached beyond the present and echoed back through all the years of my tortured life. To my mother. To every bum who had assaulted me in the basement of my home. To every single coven member. And to Victor himself. I was screaming at them. They had destroyed my life and now they would destroy my spirit as well. But they were wrong. They could never have my spirit. Never!

Down came the knife with all the force of my strength. Up, down. Up, down. Up, down. Until the faces no longer laughed at me. They were gone, every one. In my mind, the knife had impaled each one of them.

It was over. They thought they would finish me. But I fooled them. I had finished them. I had won! The knife slipped out of my hands. I crumpled to the floor in total physical and mental exhaustion.


How long I was unconscious, I do not know. The next thing I remember was my being led through a wire gate into a cemetery. Stumbling over the rough hillside, two of the members took hold of my arms and led me to the bottom of a ravine. We stopped at the base of a tree.

A deep, oppressive stillness hung in the air. The cries of the little ones were silent that night. The sobs of teenage and adult victims were silent that night. Even the overpowering grief that was exploding within me could not shatter the stillness of that night. I understood why. It was the stillness of death.

The ending of a ritualistic sacrifice was usually an occasion of jubilee, of making merriment and indulgence in every conceivable lust of sexual perversion. But tonight was different. The mood was a total antithesis to the usual reveling. There was no jubilation and no merriment–no sexual orgies.

The small group of coven members who had followed the high priest into the cemetery silently formed a circle around a small plot of ground near the tree. Even as they began their usual humming and chanting, they did so in such hushed voices that I could barely hear them. I couldn’t put my finger on the reason why, but something was different.

My body, still supported by two others, stood in the circle. But my mind had mercifully turned itself off. I was in a confused state of mental and emotional shock. Mental comprehension was impossible. I could only obey orders mechanically, not mentally.

Victor, the high priest, raised his arm. The chanting ended in obedience to this signal. Not a sound was to be heard. I began to tremble uncontrollably. Even though I felt very cold, beads of perspiration rolled down my face.

At that moment, light from the candles revealed the outline of a shovel that a coven member was holding in his hands. Victor motioned for two of the men to do something with the shovel. Carefully they placed their lighted candles upright in the dirt where they had been standing. It was crucial to the burial ritual the circle remain unbroken.

As they dug, the chanting started. ‘Dust to dust. Earth to earth. Back to Satan whence it came. Dust to dust. Earth to earth. Back to Satan whence it came.’

Though the words were chanted in hushed voices, the words seemed to reverberate throughout the ravine and grow, as though they would surround every hillside, mountaintop, valley, and city across the country. Nausea swept over me, and those on either side strengthened their grip, bearing more of my weight for I could no longer stand alone.

Just as suddenly as the chant of death began, it ended. Once again a shroud of deadly silence settled on the group of evildoers like a cloak of dense fog. The two coven members had finished digging a shallow hole. They returned to their places in the circle, being careful to pick up their candles without putting out the flame. The flame must not go out just as the circle must not be broken.

Then I saw the object. It was covered with a cloth, lying in the center of a pentagram that had been drawn on the ground with chalk.

I heard Victor call and I saw the evil in his eyes. He raised his right arm, the two gems in his ring focused my attention. Those gems represented the eyes of Satan. I was ordered to step from the support of the ones on either side of me and as I stepped forward the chanting began again.

Suddenly I thought, ‘Oh my God, they’re going to bury me alive!’ I can’t say that I became more terrified, for I was already as terrified as one could get. But I felt a sudden panic to run as fast as I could. I realized however, that I would never be able to break through the coven’s circle. I stumbled as my foot touched something, freeing my eyes from the spell of Victor’s ring. I looked down to see what my foot had touched.

There it was again–at my feet.

Instantly my thoughts returned to the church altar. Bits and pieces of the ritual flashed across my mind. The altar . . . the faces of my tormenters . . . the knife . . . the rage . . . screaming . . . Round and round the memories flashed in a frenzied whirl. Waves of nausea swept over me but there was nothing left within to vomit forth. I felt myself beginning to faint.

Victor’s strong and stern voice jolted my thoughts back to the graveyard. ‘Your sacrifice.’ He was pointing at the object on the ground in front of me. ‘Dust to dust. Earth to earth . . .’

Obviously, I was expected to pick up the sacrifice. I let out a scream that should have wakened the very dead. NO!’

I’m certain that my involuntary scream spared me from having to touch the object. Victor must have realized that I was beyond my limit of endurance and that I was in danger of risking their safety. Victor bent down and laid the object in the shallow hole. He hurriedly ushered the coven members away from the graveside. I looked back only one time–to get a glimpse of a coven member who remained behind to disguise the grave or move the object to another place which would never be found again–or probably to utilize the object in some future manner. I was never given to know what became of the object.

Satanists rarely leave a sacrifice buried. It is too dangerous. But also, the parts of the sacrifice, especially if it is human, are too sacred to abandon. The few parts that are not used for another ritualistic purpose are cremated to destroy all remaining evidence of the sacrifice.

I had seen enough. I looked away from the grave site, unable to think any more about what had just taken place. A heavy grief consumed me. I wasn’t certain what had taken place. I knew only one thing . . . it was over. It was finally over! It was the last time I ever participated in a satanic ritual.

* * *

This could not be? You refuse to believe? Oh, my precious children, heed well these lessons lest you be forced to learn through the pain of harder lessons. It is true, beloved ones, it is true and mine own heart weeps for you who must face the truth of it. Nay, I am not yet finished for ye must know the scope of it. Ye must know that evil is real and Satan beats the drum. Ye must be in the knowing of it.

Dharma, we must have a break, chela. I grant unto you objectivity as ye print the words for ye cannot carry of the load. Peace be unto you beloved ones who carry this burden of truth unto your brothers.


REC. #1

MON., NOV. 13, 1989 7:00 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY

MON., NOV. 13, 1989

Sananda in light, that we might resume our journal. Greetings on this wondrous day within Creation. Let it be a most beauteous celebration of life. Blessings be in the truth of our words that we might touch the heart places of our brothers and lift the lamp of knowledge that freedom might abound.


You have a heavy load in the past several pages, therefore, let us turn to the beginnings of sacrifice. As long as the Christians utilize rituals which are the same as the Satanists, you shall have this horrendous practice continued. When the Christians become Christians who celebrate life instead of death, so shall your peoples.

Satanic cults are most careful about calling attention to themselves. Your law enforcement officials and others have come upon physical evidence of their activities, however. The most commonly found evidence is mutilated animals, ritual sites, and robbed graves. This is “hard” evidence, dear friends–not something you call UFO demons from cosmic sectors.

Where UFOs actually do enter the picture is that your government realized that soon they would have to confront the cosmic alien cover-ups and presence. A mass attempt was made to play on the Satanic influence to bring panic and fear into an already anxious community of people. What you miss is that that which is perpetrated by the Satanic humans is so much more terrifying than anything you conjure that you simply do not understand the problem. Brothers from the heavens would not have need of leaving residue or “bodies” lying about. I will say, however, that there have been many craft landings for the purpose of studying the practice of mutilations. There is great anxiety in the cosmic councils that your earth problem is all but out of hand as to control and I am sorry, but you are not a species which the cosmic people desire as integrated neighbors. You have been under most careful attention and monitoring. Remember, to correct a problem, the problem must be identified and your cosmic friends and relatives do not understand your fascination with either drugs or your brother’s blood–leastly do they understand your fascination with a Christ’s blood and flesh and intaking thereof. They see little difference in the practice of those who are of anti-Christ proclamation. Quite frankly, neither do we of the Lighted brothers. The Christ of 2,000 years past came to show you truth and prove there is no death and you have partaken of a great lie from onset. I and the hordes of heaven come again to repeat the declaration and tend the cycling of a planet. So be it.

Let us look at facts–historical facts– regarding animals for cult use. You must remember the definition of “cult” which simply means sect, family, band, group, congregation, members, flock, etc. Do not single out Satanists and mystics as cults for you will be missing the point. Any Christian unit under a given doctrine is a cult; no more and no less.

During your 1970’s is an excellent place to begin this portion because mutilations sightings became most epidemic, most especially in your country’s midwestern geographic location.

Usually the victims were dairy cows, but horses and beef cattle were also found dismembered. The theories flew; everything from UFO’s to natural predators such as wolves, to pranksters doing it just to drive the local sheriff crazy. Part of the mystery was that in many cases footprints of the perpetrators were never found. In other cases, the animals were found miles from where they belonged.

Some things, however, must be quite clear in retrospect. The animals were killed and mutilated in a deliberate and skillful manner. Judging by what was done to the animals–what body parts were taken, the fact that blood was drained–Satanic cults must surely have played a major roll. The proper sized organs to be utilized in cult rituals would of necessity be from your larger animals. A penis, for instance, from a small cat would not be proper for the ceremonies.

You will find that mutilations of animals hardly are considered news in this present time although they continue today in great numbers. To put this in perspective, I must name some names for your ability to research.

Near Elkhart, Indiana, a farmer lost five head of cattle; someone had gone in and cut the vaginas out. He had one cow left, and he was guarding that cow with a shotgun.

Why would anyone cut out the sex organs? In Satanic religion, the sex organs are supposed to contain power. Satanism is a religion based on the hedonism and the belief that the release of sexual energy is one way for you to reach a higher consciousness. You want anything that can add power to your rituals. By taking the sexual organs of an animal, you have some of that energy for your own use.

After understanding what evidence to seek out, the local enforcement officers set about an intense search of the scene. They were able to build up indicators that there was a traditional occult group in the area. As it turned out in this instance, the animal mutilations occurred a couple of days before an important cult holiday.


Autopsy reports from the mutilated animals and informers reports give the following picture. The occultists will stun the animal on his back with an high powered electric probe which incapacitates the animal. Then they will spray freon on the animal’s throat. The animal is living, but unable to respond. The heart continues to function. They then use an embalming tool (pump) to get the blood out. It is fast and most efficient. Often a farmer can make it to the scene within a few minutes for there is often noise and cries from the animals. Within a matter of some three minutes a body can be evacuated of blood.

Do not be quick to consider UFO’s for you will be incorrect in your conclusions. Neither is the actual mutilation predominantly the work of Satanists. It is most often deliberate in nature perpetrated by very human entities for a specific purpose.

Consider a report made to Sheriff Carl Stobaugh on 8-14-79 from Sheriff Gus Anglin (Van Buren Co.) Arkansas, chief investigator, Jerry Bradley (Falkner co.), Sgt. King (ASP), and this officer, Ray Coffin, Chief Investigator, met with and interviewed a 23-year-old W/F whose identity must remain confidential for safety reasons, in reference to recent cattle mutilations in the area. The following story was related to the officers:

That for five years she was a higher echelon member of a Satanic worshipping cult which was headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During her five years there she was involved numerous times in trips to outlying remote areas where cattle were killed and the blood drawn out by use of an old embalming machine, which they had converted to battery power. They also removed the cow’s eyes, tongue, sex organs and sometimes the udder.

She related the cult she belonged to was quite wealthy and had a helicopter and several van type trucks which were used in obtaining the organs and blood needed from the cows to be used in their rituals. She also stated that doctors, lawyers, veterinarians and other prominent persons belonged to this cult and were all taught by doctors and vets how to precisely cut the parts needed and exactly where to stick the needle to draw out the blood.

The blood was put into gallon jugs and kept cool for baptizing new cult members. They were baptized in the same manner in which most churches do except the baptismal vat would be filled with blood which had been extracted from the animals. The eyes taken were boiled and eaten by the cult members at rituals. The sex organs were used in the rituals, also, because the cult believes in free sex to everyone.

When using the helicopter they sometimes picked up the cow by using a home made belt type sling and one man would go down and fasten it around the cow, and they would move it and drop it further down from where the mutilations occurred. This would account for there being no footprints or tracks.

When using the van trucks they would also have a telescoping lift which was about 200 feet in length mounted outside the truck and would use that to extend a man out to the cow, and he would mutilate it from a board platform on the end of the boom and would never touch the ground. The apparatus would telescope back into the vehicle much as a wheelchair lift and not be noticed.

She stated that they love the publicity that surrounds the mutilations, and as long as the publicity is in one area they will keep returning because they like to baffle law enforcement.

She stated that they would repeatedly go back to one farm if there were a number of roads coming into the area which would be accessible for a quick get-away route. If not, they usually hit one time and then move on to another location. They sometimes do three or four cows a night.

The cult usually prefers the dairy cattle but will mutilate any type of cow when no dairy herds are easily found. They will also mutilate cattle which have died if they are still fresh and haven’t started to deteriorate. They have mutilated bulls, horses, and dogs to get blood for their rituals. She left the cult about a year prior because one couple sacrificed their 15-month-old baby. They placed the little girl on a table at one of the rituals and placed oil on her body and cut her up with a large knife to prove their love for Satan. She said that after seeing this she realized that the cult was not for love and left. She was beaten by some cult members a few months later who located her and was apparently left for dead.

She has agreed to cooperate in any way she can as long as her identity is kept a secret, because she fears for her life.

* * *


Locating an actual site used in Satanic rituals is not easy. First, sites are well hidden in out-of-the-way places. Second, if Satanists believe they have been discovered they will destroy the site and move to another area. This is especially true of buildings that have been utilized for rituals. Some Satanists will move their sites on a regular basis. Third, many of the more prosperous Satanic cults ensure that their actions will not be detected by using private lands owned by members.

Many law enforcement agencies don’t report Satanic sites in such a way that the information can be accumulated. If the site is in a park, for instance, it may be recorded as “vandalism” or “destruction of public property.” Also, because not all police officers know what a site looks like, they may simply describe it as an area where people congregate.

The following is a direct quote from one officer, Tim Boyle:

We run across a great number of sites because we patrol the parks. The most impressive site we’ve run across was in 1985 off Little Falls Parkway (Montgomery County, Maryland). One of our officers stumbled upon it. Very often our officers get out and walk around. They’re encouraged to do that. He saw warning signs and walked in a little farther and found this circled area where the trees had been cut out. He just stopped there. He didn’t want to deal with it. We tell our officers, now, if your don’t want to deal with it, you don’t have to. Cordon off the area like a crime scene, and call someone who can deal with it.

We don’t want to interfere with any police officer’s religious beliefs, but you don’t screw up a crime scene because of your beliefs.

We don’t believe this area was compromised. I asked the officer if he checked the ashes and he said, ‘I got the hell out of there.’ He got back and filed his report. (published herein).




TUES. 12-31-85, 1013 HOURS


On 12-31-85 at about 1013 hours Lewis on routine patrol observed a worn foot path leading up a steep hill from the B&O railroad tracks (see area map). At the top of the hill, Lewis observed where suspect(s) unknown had cut about twenty sapling trees, value $10 each ($200 total) dug a pit about five feet by five feet by four feet, covered the pit with wood and metal and had spray painted numerous messages and warnings. Some of the messages were “beware” “Go Back” “You’re next” “DEATH 2 YOU” “BURN IN HELL” “SAC RELM RULES.” (Investigators don’t know what this phrase means.) There were numerous references to demonic and satanic matters such as “LUCIFER,” “666,” inverted crucifixes and a five pointed star in a circle. There is also indication of burning and cages for animals.

Lewis left the scene as it was; there was evidence of suspect(s) being there within a few days (Jan. issue of Open University catalog) and no maintenance order has yet been submitted, pending development of suspect(s).

* * *

Officer Boyle went and investigated the scene. “They had cleared the trees. They had two fire pits and warnings all along the outside to keep people away. There was a stone altar with candle wax on it, pentagrams and “666” written on it. It had a perfectly done circle, exactly nine feet across. It was done by the book. A lot of work had gone into it. There were cages that were the right size to hold small animals. There were nooses off the trees. (Nooses are often found at Satanic sites because they contribute to the macabre ambience. They are not necessarily used to hang anything.) It was a good way in the woods off some railroad tracks.

It was two miles from Secretary of State Shultz’s house in an affluent area of Montgomery County. There was a large public outcry. People wanted to know what was going on. People called on us for the answers, and quite frankly we didn’t have all the answers.

At the time I said, ‘Gentlemen, we don’t know what we’re doing. I know we have something serious, but I don’t know exactly what, so let’s handle it like a regular crime scene.’ That’s what we did. We dug it out; we used metal detectors.

We called some priests, but they didn’t want to talk. They said to call the archdiocese, because they weren’t permitted to talk about it.

We’re very fortunate that we had a good administration. The chief is former U.S. Park Police. He worked in Washington, Boston, and New York. He was well traveled and understood that there was an upswing in this kind of crime. Although these aren’t his exact words, he basically said that if we wanted to find out about it we should get our ass in gear and find out about it. We were very fortunate that we had him. Our previous chief would have said, ‘Screw it. I don’t want to hear about that devil shit.’

There was evidence that people had been there recently, but we didn’t find any trace of bones, human or otherwise, in the pits. The site was fairly new.

We now hold classes on occult crimes. We tell our officers that we have information from agencies in other states that people have been murdered in these kinds of areas so don’t screw it up. We tell our officers that when they’re investigating a site, especially one that’s being used, be careful of radio communications. They sometimes put guards on the outside of the site who are supposed to have powers to know when the police are coming. We call the power ‘Radio Shack scanner’. We have special procedures for radio communications when handling these incidents.

We’re not overwhelmed by Satanic activity, just like Montgomery County isn’t overwhelmed with a lot of murders either, but you have to know how to investigate them.

We did finally work up a suspect who has since moved out of the area. We believe he’s practicing his religion elsewhere.”


Why am I requiring all of this information? Because you must know what it is you look for. You have grown beyond the allowance of calling it childhood vandalism. If you do not know of that which to seek you will continue to believe that cosmic brothers or nasty little children are playing games and tricks. YOU ARE DEALING WITH SATAN, SATAN’S DRUMMERS AND SATAN’S CHILDREN. OPEN YOUR EYES AND LEARN ALL YOU CAN–INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR TOOL–LIGHT IS YOUR WEAPON FOR SATAN MUST WORK HIS “MAGIC” IN DARK PLACES. NO, DHARMA, WE WILL STOP WHEN WE ARE FINISHED AND NOT UNTIL ALL OF OUR POINTS ARE MADE IN FULL. IT IS DISTASTEFUL BUT YOU ONES MUST STOP HIDING AND COME FORTH AND FACE TRUTH. LET US CONTINUE, PLEASE. BLESSINGS AND OBJECTIVITY UNTO YOU, CHELA–WE MUST GO ON.

I will not do too much more quoting but I will name names for you ones must know it is an Earth matter and stop dreaming fantasies of fairies and goblins. These are very real human beings and most dangerous indeed. There is nothing too horrendous to prevent their activities. Be most cautious if you find evidence–most cautious indeed–and NEVER go into any area of action without a group of well-armed persons. They will not hesitate one moment to kill and destroy all evidence–ALL. A person will simply have vanished with all traces wiped away–it happens many times EVERY DAY.


Police officers from the Richmond station, which takes in some of the Golden Gate Park, received a report of a woman screaming at Julius Kahn playground. This park sits at the edge of the Presidio (you should have chills about now!). When they responded they didn’t find anything at first. They saw a gardener’s shed that had a light on, and they could hear music coming from inside. There was nobody inside, but they found a pentagram on the floor with a circle perfectly drawn around it and another circle around that. There was also some foreign writing in the circle. There was nothing else that would have suggested anything occult except this circle that was obviously used for some workings.

Later the gardener was queried and was most cooperative–he claimed to be a “hippie” which was most unusual since this incident took place in the 1980s. The gardener claimed to have no knowledge of any activities.

Pay careful attention to what your Park Rangers report for they are the ones in a perfect position to see results of Satanic activities. Some will even be on patrol while actual rituals are underway or at the breaking up of such ritual services. One such officer encountered a group just leaving the park and later found where they had gathered around a fire, candles were all around and a pentagram was cut into the ground. All participants vanished and were never located.

By the Pasadena Freeway there are drainage ditches that drain into the arroyo. If you walk there, be most careful indeed, you’ll see Satanic graffiti, evidence of red and black candle wax as well as the usual white. You will almost always find evidence of sacrificial offerings. There will be bones of animals about the area.

Use your intelligence and think where you would go to honor the devil. You would go where you can either be as he or where you can more heinously desecrate. So you would most surely hold your services in places that are moldy, slimy and that stink of rottenness and dung. Or you would work your way somehow within a group that can function within a given “house or temple of God”. You would certainly go nowhere to honor the beauty of God, only to desecrate.

This activity is most wondrous to kids who are bored and out for a lark; therefore, information is often obtained from them regarding these meetings.

A couple of kids were picked up for shoplifting (Thou shalt not steal!), and one told all about a site where he and his friends would hold rituals. This was right in the middle of things in California.

The site was about a quarter of a mile into the woods right off a main avenue. There was a clearing where there had once been a building for there was a large cement slab. There was a pentagram inside a circle of exactly nine feet in size, painted in white; therefore, someone knew the rules. There was a brick wall that was used as an altar. You could tell because there was candle wax all over everything. Officers investigating these places are following these incidents because they have had to face the unbelievable “stuff” the kids are into.

In the Golden Gate National Recreation Area a case incident record shows that there was observed a place set up for devil worship in an open bunker area. The area had a figurine painted on the floor. Someone had also drilled holes in the ceiling and plugged them with wooden dowels which had ropes attached which appeared to be for restraining people. There were also numerous candles, athames and other artifacts. This particular place also had bedding in an adjacent room.

Many instances are reported on Mount Lemmon and Saguaro National Monument West. Mostly the sites are crude with inverted crosses and fire pits, but other ritual objects are carefully removed.

Reports at Saquaro national Monument West are constant. Due to the heavy cactus growth and more lenient entrance requirements, local witches find it is a good place to have ceremonies. Further, it becomes most difficult for monitoring because some native American groups have ceremonies there also.

One site was found which had cremated bones. However, according to a local pathologist, they appeared like commercial cremation remains.



Now let me point out something most important to you who desire to honor things such as that which you called “Harmonic Convergence”. In the above named park, following the gatherings to hold hands and chant beauteous words of love, there were found many areas containing cremation remains. It becomes most difficult for the dedicated officers to discern which is in love and which is placed there in destructive hate.

Making it most difficult for the native Americans is an incident which I will relay to you now.

Mount Lemmon is a prominent landmark. In 1988, for instance, a group of middle-teenagers from Catalina City just north of Tucson gathered at that place. There was a professor at the university who teaches religious studies, and he had built a full scale Sioux sweat lodge. They located that and thought it would be a good place to have their meetings. They ended up sacrificing a few goats and some chickens at the least. No one will admit to anything and no one will even reveal whether or not there were adult advisors present. Do you see how painful this is to the native American who is practicing his honor to God?


Cemetery thefts and desecrations are considered one of the most heinous crimes by your society. Often, youngsters who want to express their anger in the most destructive and provocative way will vandalize cemeteries and mausoleums. Sometimes the destruction is done for a different reason, however, by adults as well as teenagers for the express purpose of obtaining human remains–especially skulls–for ritual use.

In the Hollywood Mausoleum, where your revered Rudolph Valentino is buried, and after causing over $6,500 worth of damage, someone crawled two hundred feet down a dark, damp corridor to steal a head. Now why wouldn’t the cemetery report such? Obviously, it would ruin business wouldn’t it?

Every Saturday the 14th, all poorly guarded cemeteries are looted and vandalized. There will always be found opened graves, often with the left hand missing from the corpse. The left hand in Satanic circles is called “the hand of glory”. In your old days a part of the rituals included the taking of the left hand, dry it and then light the fingers on an altar. This is supposed to pay homage to the devil, because the left hand is the path of the devil and the right hand is the path of righteousness. This supposedly gave the devil absolute domain. This represents “His” light. This is exactly what these people are doing these days.

Dharma, you will note that the baby is on its way now, so I will release you to attend Dalene at the hospital–I suggest you move in a rapid but safe manner. So be it for we shall be there in great force. Blessings and love unto you that all may be in perfections. Adonai


I request that these things of the writings be withdrawn from your attention. So be it.

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