_Hungarian forces start to Seal 250 mile border along the south region to SERBIA…/// As SERBIA secretly runs military exercises and place Artillery and munitions in the north and west Territories with them Air defense missile systems delivered by China in summer.

_Large Scale military DRILLS/FULL EXERCISES on the North and East coast of UK taking place with U.S. military and NATO >500 mile long Wall of Fleets line the East coast of UK

_German Military Defense Exercise in north Region of Deutschland on both side of the oceans taking place with Air support Systems and readiness Operations

_Kaliningrad activates ULD33 DANGER AREA ACTIVATED with Russian Subs in vicinity in area. As Poland , NATO Ships create a barrier near Gdynia Poland

_Romanian Forces run military DRILLS and creates military wall with hundreds of tanks and fighter jets on the east regions…. This military Wall front is connected to Hungary military Wall front.

_RUSSIA increases military troops along RUSSIAN border with Ukraine and creates a 700 mile Military Front Wall as more Squadrons arrive from middle and East RUSSIA
It’s getting heavy friends and Germanys super inflation is headed to record levels. As a simple street food Donars ( European burrito) double it’s prices and shops increase prices on all products drastically. ..

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