Was created by the DEMOCRATICS [DS] to control the voting rights of the Nation and created laws that suppressed Organizations that supported freedom of speech, voting and any government departments looking into pro- Jim Crow officials who helped push the law forward through Embezzlement , Money laundering , blackmailing of high officials .. The Jim Crow laws protected the Democratic parties and gave them a sure avenue to staying in Power…


:Jim Crow law 2.0>

Today House Democrats passed the NASA BILL

( Hidden in the Bill is HR-1 and HR-4 bill which gives the power to the Democratic parties to manipulate the Elections once again through NO voter ID rights…. These Bills put together in the NASA BILL allows the DEMOCRATIC PARTY to stay in power through various ILLEGITIMATE laws< )///



Do not fret .. PATRIOTS

>>> All these [DS] planned_EVENTS are meant to take place (They are ALL part of EVENTS connected future TRIBUNALS<Full EXPOSER>//////

Even now… COURTS are taking place in Gitmo,

Cheyenne MNt. For the highest CLASSIFIED cases<[ ]


All_EVENTS are connected<>MAXWELL, Elections> UN< Russia, > oil lines < UKRAINE>Kazakhstan> Centralized Banks>

The virus’s, BIG PHARMA, big Tech, health industries & world corps., CIA, human trafficking, FBI corruption>five eyes< VATICAN, the UK Majesty, ect ECT ECT ECT……….


We are coming close to 1776 EVENT



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