Inside ghettos like Chirac ( Chicago ghettos).. And other places in New York, California..

A major division is growing among gang members as more and more rappers start to rap about CURRENT issues pertaining to FALSE NARRATION of the MEDIA .. the PLANDEMIC


And other issues ….


Recently big names like Nas, Method man from Wutang clan


, Jadakiss , Rugged man and several others through the industry are beginning to bring TRUTH information into neighborhoods through hip hop EXPOSING world AGENDAs…. //)/


Through GERMANY, and Europe many Elite Rappers are EXPECTED To Join the TRUTH MOVEMENT and bring awareness and EXPOSURE through music to their fans///


Unfortunately. .. those who are still deep asleep on MOCKINGBIRD CIA dreams media /news/networks… In the Deep streets neighborhoods are in engaging in retaliation to those who are waking up….


A summer on




Deep State will start to conduct FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS to try and bring the Black community back to BLM [ DS] projects …


Large black/ African American communities are already separating from BLM… And beginning to see BIDEN as the enemy and digging deeper into what was thought to be conspiracy theories.




Other deep state artist like Beyonce , J-z , Eminem, branches of Jimmy Lovine ( created by CIA ) tentacles into The music industry and the musicians he has produced are expected to come out in support of DEEP STATE OPERATIONS… ( Most are still unaware of the PLANDEMIC and WORLD AGENDAs/ great reset and CABAL controlling music industries)////


A great fight is silently erupting inside the industry and through the Ghettos and black community that is grown…..

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