Awakening is the proces of making that, the Source, the Creator, the Light that lies dormant within in your unconcious, Concious, alive.


It is breaking through the linear block of believes that forms the veil over your eyes to see, feel, hear and know your Source.


It is waking up layer by layer, uncovering truths in your conciousness, when you connect more and more to the infinite power and knowledge that lies within you.


It is a proces that is on going and never ending, expanding you on the path of life.


It is the turning point in your descending on the earth plane, after you realise you have a choice to take control over the steering wheel towards your highest good that is the ascension.


All along the power, the answers, the authority, the love, the creation, the Source, the God was there inside. It never left.


It is finding your self and your God force to merge in the moments when small awakenings click into the great awakening of you, me and us all together.


Enjoy the unraveling of your path in life and the growing ability of translating awakenings in the creation of your life.


Find balance in the inner and outer world perspectives.


Use your own guidance and your own inner guidance only. Your intuition is your soul whispering the word of God.


Don,t let anyone define you.

You carry the inate blueprint of your divinty and purpose inside you.

All else covered this blueprint up with layers of external definition.


It is up to you to uncover your true self by expanding your definition in the life lesson and challenges that the universe presents.


Enjoy your path

Find your self

Be the light

Be the Love

Wake up


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