What Happens When You Open Your Third Eye?

Awakening, enlightenment, implosion, explosion, break down, break through, arrival. These are often ways people will describe their third eye awakening experience. The truth is, you will arrive at a deeper truth than you were once aware of and living from.

In this essay, spiritual coach Carrie Suwal explores what happens when you open your third eye in meditation or other spiritual practices.

What Happens When You Open Your Third Eye

The third eye is our intuitive center, it is the binding structure of our higher self and our conscious self. The part of us that is all knowing, and the part of us that is only aware of our experiences, emotions and body.

To open your third eye demolishes your systems of belief and education. Once those walls have shattered, you arrive at the foundation of truth. To shatter your comforting systems can be overwhelming and is often the greatest obstacle gripping your ankle like a lead ball and chain, hindering your ability to move into awakening. Once we release the fear of “What will happen to me? What will I become aware of? Who will I become?,” we can drift into the field of compassionate contentment that our intuition is always directing us towards.

It is through the process of surrender. Surrendering our controlled and limited version of how our life will unfold. So that we can arrive at the greater truth of what is. What we are at the level of existence and non-existence. We can then wrap ourselves in this warm blanket of assurance and ease that all is well.

4 Realizations & Benefits Of Opening The Third Eye

So what really happens to us when we open our third eye?

  • We become aware of the field of energy.
  • We realize we are not just our bodies, minds, and emotions.
  • We can access planes of higher consciousness.
  • We discover that peace, love and joy are not found outside of us.

1. We Become Aware Of The Field Of Energy

This is a fun and playful side effect of opening our third eye. The intuitive center can perceive the subtle fields of energy that our physical eyes often can not sense. This field of energy is a vibratory field charged by thoughts, intentions and emotions. Not only do people have a vibratory field, but so do plants, animals and inanimate objects. Once we can see and sense this field, we understand that we are connected on an energetic level and that we can in turn affect our own energy and the energy of others.

2. We Realize We Are Not Just Our Bodies, Minds, And Emotions

This is a deeper realization that rises gently to the surface through an extra sensory perception called inner knowing. This state can also be achieved through deep meditation. Our intuition is an expressway to this realization. If we are not just our physical body, our feelings or our thoughts, then what are we? It becomes crystal clear through your intuitive senses that you are awareness itself, not only experience, but the witness of experiences. The witness of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. This awareness of our own awareness allows us to become equanimous with our experiences and in turn suffering is stifled.

3. We Can Access Planes Of Higher Consciousness

Guardian angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, deities, Buddha, Jesus – all the above become directly accessible and perceivable. Intuition is an eye that opens to the world of spirit and Universal wisdom. And when used with simple intention (where our intention goes, energy flows), we can connect with these guides and helpers to assist us on our path. Whether that is through divination (asking for guidance), or receiving healing and support (energy transference from these compassionate beings).

4. We Discover That Love, Peace And Joy Are Not Found Outside Of Us

Although we may be on the path of seeking external sources to bring us more experiences of joy, peace and love, our intuition guides us away from these temporary springs. It guides us towards the infinite supply of love, joy and peace that is always accessible and found within. Pulling us away from the constant desires of wanting more and suffering when we are not having/don’t have enough. And gently nudges us to the bottomless well of love, peace and joy found within us.

Surrender To The Depth Within You

These are the beautiful ways that our intuitive awakenings benefit us immediately after opening our third eye. We can access parts of ourselves that once may have seemed unreachable.

There can be fear around opening our third eye, but that is only created through the fear itself. As your energy is directed by your thoughts, if you are afraid and feel you will have a negative experience through your awakening, then that is what you are creating. If you are trusting and surrendering to a beautiful loving depth within you, that is what you will access and experience. You move as fast as your conscious and subconscious allow you to on your path of awakening. The more you surrender and trust, the more powerfully you will connect.

Source: insighttimer.com

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