I AM Esu Jesus Sananda. I have come in service to Holy God of Light, the Infinite ONE. I am a spiritual guardian, in charge of spiritual “graduation” of your human species upon Earth Shan. I come with the HOSTS of God to reclaim His Kingdom and His lost lambs.


I dedicate this book of lessons to all of the CHILDREN of the world who bring the joy and hope of the triumph of Godliness over the darkness of evil domain. Your children are the treasures of your species, and therefore not ONE child must be given into careless hands if your species is to move from its primitive spiritual darkness into the light of KNOWLEDGE.


Young children naturally carry “the light” within, until and unless it (the light) is temporarily extinguished by the harshness and ignorance of the child’s “guardians”. Even so, the flicker always remains for the will of the child to again allow to shine brightly. How do you encourage a child? How do you discourage a child? What “sins” do you carry like a weight around thy shoulders from your “guardians” waiting to pass on to your children?






I AM ATON. It is with a “Father’s Pride” that I introduce this beloved JOURNAL of lessons from the loving working team, Esu Sananda and Druthea. Each one offers of self in order to complete the whole and the balance of love and compassion, patience, discipline, hope and insight offered and presented is an inspiration to all who will partake of this glorious banquet. The name of this JOURNAL shall be, PRE-FLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PHOENIX, Volume I. This volume contains many lessons for assisting you each in achieving balanced transmutation of Self which, when successfully achieved, will enable you to “pass” your final “exams” for “graduation” into higher spiritual dimensions.


The working partnership between a Master teacher and scribe must become synergistic in order to create the masterpiece of love which creates the desired effects of the balanced WORD. This is only achieved with great care, patience and nurturing of a fledgling scribe by the teacher. Be aware, precious chelas, that the work of this pair did not begin just two years ago when PHOENIX OPERATOR OWNER MANUAL was birthed. The training began well before this life stream of Druthea.


Sananda has been a most careful, watchful and even paternalistic teacher for this one. Druthea herself believes it is nothing short of a miracle that she is able to “receive” and “write” in this way. Her “pitfalls” and “testing” seemed extra difficult to her and there have been a few moments when it seemed she would not rise to her service. Alas she has ALWAYS asked for help when the going got very tough for her and her burden was instantly lifted just enough for her to breathe and work out her problem. This is a reminder to all of you of Mine chelas, it is never too late to ask for help. Just remember to LISTEN for your instructions and then ACT upon them.


I wish to share with you all a MOST precious letter which made Druthea cry to read it. The maturity and love of this child is an inspiration to ALL adults who sometimes wonder if the effort is worth it to bring balance back unto a sick and dying planet and people.


April 3, 1992


Dear George,


I’m glad I got to talk with you on the phone.


As you know, I am eleven years old. I have two older sisters named Chesa and Choli. I also have Your brothers: Chase, Chalen, Chait and Chance. We are all home schooled. Us older kids read the Journals and the Liberator. I am just about finished with “I AM SANANDA”.


It really hurts us when people say untrue and hurtful things about you and your wife and Commander Hatonn and the Phoenix Material. Please know how much my family appreciates being able to learn the truth and bring ourselves into balance with God.


About four and a half years ago, we were led out of the Mormon Church. My Mom and Dad followed the directions of the God within and left the Church, took us Kids out of public school, left our home, our friends, and my Dads job. We moved to Utah and stayed there a year before moving to Montana. We have been having a wonderful journey as we learn to listen to the God within us.


I want to share with you an experience I had the other night while listening to the clearing tapes from “E.T. Phone Home”. I had a vision that I was in a meadow and a bright light appeared. I then realized that it was a Starship. Out of the star ship stepped a man who said, “I am Sananda,” and took me by my hand and led me into the Star ship. We went up in the sky and then came back down. He said “Good bye”. I had such a wonderful feeling. His eyes were like His picture but His hair was short and He didn’t have a beard and He was dressed different. I never had such a wonderful experience before.


My Mom and Dad are planning two of your seminars for Montana in August. We all want to do all we can to help others and we’ll do still more. We all love you and pray for god and the light to win.


We love watching all the neat star ships in our sky at night. Love, Channing


Well, precious Channing, your letter has given such JOY to Druthea that she wished to print it here with humble appreciation so that other people could be uplifted in spirit as well. Thank you, little sparrow, for sharing of yourself. You and your entire family are indeed blessed and precious children of Mine who rest safely within My shield.


This volume contains many of your PRE-FLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS for boarding THE PHOENIX Star Ship. I AM pleased to introduce it to you of Mine children for it is soon that I will gather you ALL onto my wings that you may soar into GLORY and RADIANCE once again. And there is more to come…Perhaps you hear YOUR instructions already? Fear not if you yet hear not, for as surely as night follows day, you each WHO SO DESIRE to give and serve shall see and hear THE LIGHT within you and you will KNOW what you must DO. I await your decision so that I may open the door for you to walk through in HONOR of loving service. So be it.






THU., APRIL 9, 1992 7:51 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 237




“Man does not live by bread alone!” and “…then let them eat cake.” It appears, chelas, that you have eaten far too much cake and forgotten the staff of life–most especially that which nourishes the soul.


Where is God? Is He out there somewhere? Is He in the local church house? No. He is within self where you can reach Him through the silence wherein all is heard and spoken through the soul which IS that which you are for your body is only a housing for the convenience of that wondrous spiritual expression upon the places physical.


God is ALSO “over there”, “out there”, “down there” and “up there “–everywhere unto the farthest reaches of the universe and as close as each individual cell within thine being. YOU are the very thought of God in expression.


If this all be so then why is it that the doctrined churches set forth by Men, wherein you gain your instructions of spirit, do not tell you so? Obviously because Man then loses control OF YOU. He cannot cause you to tithe unto his churches’ building funds and rectory, candles or bulletins. Those are not things of God–they are physical things done by and for MAN.


So what will get you into the Kingdom of God? Obviously, it shall be nothing from the realms of physical. In the physical can only come the “expression” of intent. It is only through the “intent” of Spirit within which shall be the measure of man–along with the actions presented as a result of that “intent”.


Why does minister after minister come forth and denounce the Phoenix WORD? Because it comes from God and needs no input from HIM (PREACHER). There is no binding upon you–no fear nor force to coerce you into His way and you are thereby in freedom through wisdom and Truth. If his way be THE way, he would have no fear of your studying IT ALL for in the seeing of IT ALL you would perceive and discern WISDOM. That means that you would choose GOD and not MAN’S CHURCH DOCTRINE LAID FORTH BY MAN.


God is total love but He has created you in ability to make your own choices–that, dear ones, is the measure and testing: what choices shall ye make? God gave forth Laws for the human upon His place of experience so that there would be total balance within his world IF he would but follow those guides and remain within the circle of instruction of the Laws. Man has come forth from onset and “voted-in” rules and acceptable regulations which can have nothing to do with the Truth of the Laws.


“Voted-in” laws simply mean the accepting of actions voted-in by the largest number of “other” humans and self. For instance, murder–it seems quite suitable to execute a brother if enough “other” and you vote for his execution. But what of the one being executed? Where are his rights within God?


What are church “doctrines”? Nothing but voted-in rules for a group who would attend that particular “order” or “club” and have nothing to do with God’s Commandments. The Methodist “cult” is nothing different from the Satanic “cult” if you are explicit in definition. Both are “groups” gathered for a common purpose.


God gave forth unto His Man creation the most wondrous gift of all creatures–the ability to reason, think and act through his own free-will choices. Do you follow the rules of another Man or do you follow Truth with which every individual physical human expression is birthed just as he is birthed with the ability to breathe? WHAT DO YOU DO IN DARKNESS AND SECRET? IS THAT WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD? LOOK CAREFULLY, FOR UPON THE RESPONSE IN ACTION RESTS YOUR INFINITE JOURNEY.


Extraterrestrials? You must be scared and decide whether or not you believe in extraterrestrials? Why? Who said? If you believe in God you also believe in extraterrestrials! You are locked onto a planet just as surely as a prisoner is locked into a cell at San Quentin. You, further, claim to worship someone “out there somewhere”. God in the form of Man ascended to somewhere out there–“to prepare a place for you”–well, which is it? Fundamentalists not only say that God went forth to prepare a place for you but that He shall come again to reclaim you. Which is it? Both? How so?


Why do you grovel in the unknown mysticism of some magical act by some invisible God? Do you consider yourself so unworthy that you cannot KNOW GOD? How can you discern which of the more than 300 translations (in English alone) of the Holy Bible in which to believe “every word”? What makes those more worthy than this direct communication from the very Hosts of God come forth in preparation for that wondrous return of your leader and great Teacher?


If the one coming (this wondrous Prince of Peace and Salvation) is “coming”, then from whence shall He come? IS THAT NOT EXTRATERRESTRIAL??? And, ye of physical expression–how be ye to stay in the physical if your trip be only a short trip to the clouds in rapture? Where are you going FROM THERE? Would this God of Life leave you to perish in some clouds but a few feet from the surface which shall likely be filled with radiation? Dear ones, there are no clouds as such, in space. WHERE ARE YOU GOING AND HOW WILL YOU GET THERE? Miracle? God provides the way and the instructions–YOU PROVIDE THE MIRACLES! You ARE the miracle. Each cell of all that forms your body–EVERY ONE–holds the blueprint of the whole which is YOU. Is that not a miracle? How can this be and how can you function? Because God gives unto you the MIRACLE of creation so that you can recreate self in the wondrous perfection which you are, and that is the perfection which shall come again within God in His Kingdom.






Now, how would an extraterrestrial communicate with you? He would speak to you in signals so that you might have the WORD. How would St. Peter or John Doe be capable of writing the WORD more than these ones who receive and translate directly? How does your “preacher” claim to receive Truth pass on to you in his congregation? I thought so. Well, brother and sister, God speaks through every creation upon and within the universe and He silently speaks to you from your very soul being which is directly connected to creator. Man turns from God–God never turns from man for man is His directly-created fragment of HIMSELF. This is not to supersede God of Lighted “Whole” but to experience in the wondrous expressions presented unto MAN by his Creator.


It is fully and totally up to EACH INDIVIDUAL Man as to how and what he will believe his journey to be but the Laws of God are unchangeable for each environment of experience and Laws of Creation are unchangeable in any expression anywhere. Just as you can foresee the dangers and pitfalls awaiting your toddler who may wish to play in the middle of a freeway–God has laid guidelines which will guide your being in safety until maturity of wisdomholder. If you simply allow the child to play in the freeway, shall he not be in danger of being run upon? Ah, but the child grows into a so-called adult and now what have ye? You have a functioning human who, if not taught correctly the laws of safety–will go forth and get run upon because he will know no better. If, however, one comes as messenger and teacher and teaches the individual the rules of safety, would it not behoove the individual to listen? If he chooses to not listen then it is his “right” but is he still not in danger of being run upon? And, if the vehicle bearing down on him is an 18-wheel truck instead of a convoy of butterflies–IS HE NOT APT TO PERISH IN HIS FOOLISHNESS?


The WORD is given forth for your use or denial–but I think were I YOU, I would think carefully as to the validity of that which is offered for there will be no coercion or threat as to your reading or accepting of same. God neither coerces nor forces; HOWEVER, according to your actions within HIS Laws shall ye find your place prepared for you–WILL IT BE GLORY OR MORE OF THE SAME ENDLESS RESTLESSNESS? IT IS SOLELY UP TO YOU. I AM PREPARED TO WELCOME YOU ABOARD OR WAVE GOODBYE FOR IT IS NOT YOUR OPTION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT I BRING YOU INTO ANYWHERE–THAT IS DECIDED BY YOUR INTENT TO LIVE WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD WHO HAS COME TO BRING YOU INTO SAFETY. IT IS NOT UP TO A VOTE OF THE MAJORITY OF HUMAN OF THE SPECIES–IT IS UP TO GOD AND I SERVE ONLY GOD–OF DIVINE CREATION. NO EVIL SHALL BE BROUGHT ABOARD THE WINGED SHIPS OF GOD NOR ENTERED WITHIN THE HOUSES OF GOD.


May the wisdom of insight and understanding be allowed within your awakening that you may see and hear AND ACT for the hourglass is empty and time is run out–it is the time of final choosing of direction and you are either for God or against Him–there is no fence to sit upon for if you turn FROM God you have automatically chosen the evil imprisonment of physical perceptions and on that spiraling cycle shall ye remain.


If another compels you to cast aside this WORD then he has just told you the truth of it all. God is open and asks that ye study all so that you can find Truth. If a person denies you, through fear of retaliation or any kind, the free and open study of the WORD AS RENDERED UNTO YOU–then he has just told you that he KNOWS you will find Truth in this work and he can no longer hold control over your being. There is no FEAR in the places or Truth of God.


I give My deepest love and gratitude as My child, Druthea, grows and accepts that which she has committed to serve–God and the returning Christed One who has come again to show you the way and lead you home. The LIGHT and KNOWING shall be thine reward for you rest in the hollow of My hand that none shall harm you who serve with Me.


May thine hearts be opened so that you might cast off your bindings and raise up your wondrousness in that which you are. Salu.


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn




APRIL 9, 1991



I am Sananda. I come in service of Our Holy Divine Father Aton and in service to you, my brethren. The subject matter I will discuss is that of TESTING. Each of you ones have lessons and each create the tests of spiritual fortitude and integrity yourselves. God/Aton will and does guide if asked, but ultimately the choices and decisions one makes are his own to account for. Each fragment is held responsible for every choice and every decision he is presented with. This places accountability (cause and effect) with each one. Soon ones begin to Recognize their own consequences of thoughts, actions and behaviors. This recognition of personal responsibility begins the path home to understanding ONENESS and what is termed The Law of One.


For example, it seems that many ones who read of The Laws of God and the Creation given forth in The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual find exception to various aspects of the laws. You may choose to DO whatever YOU like, but please understand this carefully, precious chelas, these instructions given forth are YOUR ticket to graduation to a higher level of awareness most of you have not had access to on your plane. It is completely up to each to come to terms with those thoughts actions and behaviors which keep you bound to the material 3rd dimensional plane. You simply have no conception of the EXTREME limitation you have become accustomed and attached to on your plane. God and we of His Hosts come to bring you the lessons which will allow those WHO CHOOSE to move onward in their path toward ONENESS, to make that choice. Do you see? Your free-will is not infringed upon, (except by the Anti-Christ) and you are given to see a more LIGHTED path than the one you have dwelled within. How does the Anti-Christ infringe upon your free-will? By seducing you into the lies and deceptions of limitation; by encouraging you to defy THE LAWS of Balance for the sake of selfish pleasure and by tricking you to believe in its illusion of separation from your Creator God/Aton. Remember as you journey earnestly toward ONENESS, you will find that the only TRUE and WISE free-will you have is GOD’S WILL entirely.


I and my Father Aton have seen the chagrin of ones when they read of the laws regarding “sexual” behaviors. Most all seem to wish to find exception in their own circumstance of relationship situation. How many times and ways can we say it? You ones are PROGRAMMED into ADDICTION to sexual behaviors. It may seem like a wonderful way to express LOVE, but very simply, physical sexual pleasure has NOTHING to do with what is LOVE. Until you ones can grasp the limitation of this addiction upon your spirit, you will feel “deprived” of something you BELIEVE is necessary for your health and happiness. By your response to The Laws, you will be presented with the areas of “attachment” you have, and where you must work with God/Aton for clarification, understanding and ultimately DE-tachment from the physical, material world. It seems many of you have attachment to physical sexual practices, even those of you who truly have harmonious, loving relationships with your mates. Many of you wonder HOW you will express your feelings of intimacy and closeness with the ONE whom you love. Some of you even wonder what will “replace” sexual “pleasure” sharing.


Nothing will be REPLACED, for your sexual behaviors as now practiced are not “natural” or “necessary” to the SPIRIT WITHIN. What will occur, is that as you release attachment to sexual desire, the BLOCK to your spiritual CREATIVE potential of GODLINESS will be lifted from you as if it were a great weight of rocks tied about you…and then released.


What you, precious ones must understand completely is that you cannot hang onto the “luggage” of physical density and “lighten” up your vibration to reach 4th dimension or higher. You will perhaps tease yourself with “glimpses” of what HIGHER awareness is and what it FEELS like, but it cannot be YOURS until you’ve truly 100% DETACHED from all things of physical 3rd dimensional frequency, THAT includes emotional, sexual attachments, chelas.


Will it help you when we tell you that YOU take GOD wherever your thoughts are, whatever you DO, and wherever you take your body? Are you happy with and proud of your thoughts, words and deeds which you present to GOD/ATON your Creator?


This is why the TESTING is great for ALL who aspire to reach God’s Holy Kingdom of ONENESS. It has been said, “The roughest seas are given unto the toughest navigators” and so it is. YOU will be testing YOURSELVES throughout your unfoldment, and either the lesson is learned and the test is “passed” or the lesson is repeated until such time as understanding is reached and released. The testing represents the CHALLENGE of GOD for knowing, accepting and, therefore, adhering to The Laws of Balance of God and The Creation. So welcome the tests, chelas, you are “honing” your spiritual perfection through recognition of TRUTH and understanding YOUR personal responsibility. The perceived “inconveniences” and “frustrations” are a part of your growing “pains” of your own doing. Recognize you are the hardest on yourself, especially when you become impatient with the flow of life in relationship to your personal understanding of your lessons. ASK our FATHER God/Aton WITHIN you for illumination and clarification about any given circumstance. You WILL receive instructions and understanding if you have asked in true intent of same. God hears you…do YOU hear Him?


Bless you, precious brothers and sisters of mine for searching and asking for clarification. Thank you, little sister Dru, for receiving this message for our brethren. Our Father holds thee ever closely within His wings of Love, Protection and Guidance. So be it.


I AM Sananda. Salu.




APRIL 12, 1991



I AM Sananda. I come in service to our Holy Father of LIGHT, God/Aton and to you, my brethren. Greetings little sister Druthea. Druthea has asked Our Father to please bring understanding and clarification on what is THE CREATION. Our Father God/Aton of Light has sent me to answer this challenge.


I call this a challenge because your language of communication has not the “words” for describing this concept of Creation. So in order not to put upon you, my precious chelas, MORE limitation, I will ask that you close your eyes, call forth THE GREAT SPIRIT OF ONE WITHIN YOU, “listen” and continue reading with The Presence of The Holy Divine ONE WITHIN.


Now imagine a GREAT CIRCLE OF INFINITY, with no ending and no beginning in front of you. This will “represent” The Creation. Now imagine that this circle is a great movie film without ending and without beginning, but moving ever creatively on, constantly unfolding the unlimited potential of the creative “will”. What we will do now is PAUSE a frame in the sequence of this ongoing “film” of no-time and no-space, no-ending and no-beginning…


The Creation represents fulfilled and yet unfulfilled Creative Potential. Creation is the Totality of ALL THAT IS; which in your human perspective is ALL THAT HAS BEEN and ALL THAT IS TO BE. Now, keep in mind, the Laws of Balance, of Nature, of God and of The Creation are THE SAME Universal Laws of Order and Logic.


So then HOW is the Creative Potential REALIZED and FULFILLED? Through the Great Spiritually Perfected Being, God/Aton, who is the Great MIND and INTELLIGENCE which brings THE POTENTIAL of that which represents The Creation into coalescence of matter, such as planets, stars, animals, plants and minerals. Now, you have ONE GREAT SPIRITUALLY PERFECTED BEING which is THE MIND INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR GALAXY…that ONE which we call OUR FATHER/MOTHER CREATOR GOD/ATON. The reason that WE are ONE with, and therefore, called the “children” of God/Aton is that this Great Being has FRAGMENTED Himself, His Great Spirit, to allow HIS UNFOLDING CREATIVE POTENTIAL UNLIMITED varieties of experience. Thus each human, each Angel, each BEING which is created and fragmented of HIM, is a unique creative-potential filled reflection or aspect of THE ONE GREAT MIND INTELLIGENCE, GOD/ATON.


So, we have The Creation, which represents the Great Sacred Circle of Infinity, without end or beginning, which holds the fulfilled and unfulfilled Creative Potential of the Totality of ALL that is. Then we have God/Aton, which represents the MIND INTELLIGENCE OF THE CREATION FOR THIS GALAXY. God/Aton is as much a PART of The Creation as WE EACH are a PART of God/Aton. Hence the truth…WE ARE ALL ONE.


I, Sananda, have now reached my state of ONENESS with Our Father, which is the meaning of my name, “One With God”. What does this mean to you, my brethren? This means that I am in the state of Grace of ONE WILL, that of My Father, God/Aton’s will. I am sent now, along with His Hosts of Light, of Our Father to reclaim YOU of his fragments who choose to move into higher realms of Creative Spiritual Awareness. Eventually, many of YOU ones will EARN, as have I, the state of Grace, of Oneness with Our Father of Light/Life Aton. I, and my Brothers of Light come to show the WAY toward ONENESS, which is the Love, the Peace, the Balance, and the Harmony of THE TOTALITY OF ALL THAT IS; THE CREATION. Why come we? Because we, the Hosts of God of Light, LOVE you as our brothers who are also precious beings created of Our Father. Since my will is HIS WILL, it is HIS WILL to bring you HOME and I am come to show you the way.


Now what does it mean to be “Sananda”, One With God? Much Responsibility, chelas! Only, it is quite a JOYFUL responsibility in that I am AWARE of my Co-Creation with Our Father. I recognize that even the word “responsibility” makes many of you a bit uncomfortable inside, mostly because it is a symbol of discipline, and seriousness and ones even perceive it as “limiting” to their perceived “enjoyment” of life. Eventually, precious ones, “responsibility” will not pose a “threat” to you because you will have developed the INTEGRITY of YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN to the point that you will WELCOME the creative challenges of SELF-Responsibility.


You see, since most of you (especially those of you who have believed various HUMAN doctrines in your “religious” institutions) have been “programmed” to be dependent and not take responsibility; and since you have also been programmed that you are somehow separate from your Creator, learning to take Personal Responsibility seems “unnatural” and “frightening” to you. WHY? Well, when you recognize the truth that YOU have created ALL within this manifested “illusion”, it can be a bit overwhelming to your consciousness to realize that you have also contributed to the DIS-ease upon your plane and upon yourselves. There is NO ONE else to blame anymore.


Personal Responsibility means taking action to balance the unbalance, to bring love where there is hatred, to bring harmony where there is chaos, to bring discipline where there is disorder and to bring peace where there is war. Each ONE of you will open your own door to the SPIRITUAL POWER OF LOVE WITHIN YOU WHEN you start taking Responsibility for ALL of your manifested reality, including your thoughts, words and deeds. Each ONE who harmonizes and balances within brings the LIGHT of Balance and Harmony to your “pool” of mass consciousness, so that it eventually will no longer be the “cesspool” of darkness and despair which it is now.


Ah well, our subject is The Creation and ITS relationship to God/Aton and to YOU. Please recognize, please remember, my precious ones, YOU each represent WITHIN YOU GOD/ATON’S MIND INTELLIGENCE for UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POTENTIAL. THERE IS SO MUCH JOY TO BE A PART OF. LET GO of your ILLUSIONS of separation from THE ONE and attachment to the physical” and “emotional” aspects of this LIMITED plane. BE responsible for what is YOUR JOB of clean-up before you, SPREAD THE WORD OF TRUTH written in The Journals about your Earthly circumstances and spread the JOY that GOD WINS in this final confrontation with evil. Will you JOIN GOD, MINESELF and MINE Brothers of LIGHT in this confrontation of evil? OR, will you remain ignorant and apathetic, and therefore, a PART OF THE EVIL ENERGY DESTRUCTIVE “WILL” upon this plane? In Love and Peace, I humbly request that YOU take MINE hand to the path of GOD and ONENESS…the ONLY logical choice is the choice of GOD’S WILL, and MAY GOD’S WILL BE DONE! So Be It.


I AM Sananda, One With God, in service to HIS HOLY PRESENCE, ATON and THE CREATION. Peace be with you. Salu.


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