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Having superimposed some spatial and other characteristics of the Crimean pyramids on the map of geophysical radiation of the Earth, scientists suggested that similar objects

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CIA has finally admitted to having military personal in Ukraine and training groups and soldiers and Ukraine Nazis for war against RUSSIA and for creating

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Return to 1776

Watch this video to understand the history of Russel Jay Gould, maritime law, human slavery and straw man fraude.   And what the world is

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James Comey

> HRC /Obama stooge< ex fbi director who helped set up Crossfire hurricane Operation to crucify Trump in the fake Russian collusion scandal, has a

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Prepare For Change  Ben F   No matter how hard you try to avoid reality, it eventually catches up to you. This is the lesson

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Behind the scenes;

BLACKROCK [ DS] ( Rockefellers , ROTHSCHILDs DAVID’S ECT)  controlling BIDEN. UN. NATO had used U.S. military special operations forces to Sabotage the Nord Stream

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